Las Vegas Review: Jessica from CL

Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by mongerdeux, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. mongerdeux


    1) Contact info

    2) How you found out about her services.
    Multiple Craigslist postings.

    3) Description of escort
    She's close to what her pictures look like. Her hair isn't as reddish as she likes to think. She has a nice firm butt and tits (real, not really big, but ample). Stomach is nice and soft -- not a 6-pack, but not all flabby either.

    4) Description of location
    Many LV escorts stay at Budget Inns -- a no-frills long-stay motel/apartment. Furniture is standard, and the cleanliness level depends on how clean the provider is. I'd have no problems walking barefoot on Jessica's carpet (the real one, not her pussy).

    5) Description of your expectations
    At $150 for FS, just a wham-bam-thank-you-maam lunchtime quickie experience.

    6) Description of services provided
    So, the first time I saw her, $150 was for FS only, and it was another $50 for cbj. The next time I saw her, I asked for cbj only for $100, and she forgot that's all I wanted and hopped on the rod so I got both for half price. Sweet!

    So, I walked in and she was in a short mini skirt and a tight belly shirt w/bra and panties on. She's very straight-forward in her demeanor, and really gives a "no-frills" type of experience. If GFE means any kind of warmth or a feeling like you didn't just pay her to do what she's doing, she's not GFE. And don't believe her "no rushing" comment (I didn't before I went over there, see above). She's purely in this as a high turnover escort. I don't have a problem w/that, just don't expect anything else.

    So we quickly got nekkid and I laid down for the bj. Don't expect anything out of the ordinary -- it was very standard. Felt great, but nothing worth commenting on.

    Then she hopped on top and rode cowgirl. I asked her to turn around so I could see her tight ass bounce up and down on my cock. That was probably the best position. She also let me slap her ass, as many providers don't. After mish, I quickly finished up, got dressed and left. Again, a no-frills fuck. Felt a lot better afterwards, though.

    7) Fees and tips given
    $200 the first visit, $100 the second visit. Tell her that you only want a bj for $100, and she'll say ok. Then expect her to forget that's all you wanted.

    8) Whether this was your first experience with this agency/escort and if you plan on seeing again
    I've seen her twice. I only use this Jessica (there are at least 4 on CL) when I don't have a lot of time and need to get one out. There are better options out there if you really expect to spend an hour w/someone (she'll have you out in 20 mins).

    9) Whether your expectations were met
    They were met -- I wasn't expecting luxury or the best time I've ever had. It was a good, utilitarian screw.