Las Vegas Review: Jessica Rabbit from CL

Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by mongerdeux, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. mongerdeux


    I went for a kiss a couple times. First time, she puckered up.

    Then, when I was sucking on her nipple, I held up up to her face for her to lick, and when she stuck her tongue out I started licking both her nipple and tongue, and it turned into a DFK. I think if you make it fun for her, she'll do it.
  2. dumpy


    was DFK or LFK on the menu?
  3. mongerdeux


    Yes, I have a thing for "Jessicas" on CL. Don't laugh. They multiply faster than rabbits.

    1) Contact info
    7033007097. jessica rabbit.

    This is *NOT* the girl who also says she's "bambi" in her ad. Both are black girls, but the one I saw uses the above phone # and says she's in green valley/henderson.

    2) How you found out about her services.
    Craigslist listings.

    3) Description of escort (also, does she match her pictures?)
    She actually looks better than her photos. Her ass shot looks kinda flabby, and it's not super-tight in real life, but it's more bubbly and firm than the picture. Her hair in the picture has to be a wig, or an old style. It's not red at all, and it falls back from her face -- much more flattering than in the pics. Plus, she looks a little less heavy overall in real life than in the pics. And, yes, I know that less than 1 in 1,000,000 girls look better in person than in their pics. But I thought she did. The boobs are accurate -- big, soft, natural. YUMMY!

    4) Description of location
    She does outcall or incall at various hotels for your first visit. I've only seen her once, and that was at the South Coast Casino. I think on your second visit, you go to her place, which is near the SCC.

    5) Description of your expectations
    For $250/hr, I was looking for something at a higher level than the previously-posted Jessica. For me, that means some conversation (not just a silent and machine-like experience), some inter-personal back-and-forth, maybe some teasing/playful things, taking things slowly at first (to make the hour last. I have a very difficult time popping twice in an hour, so while some guys might want to jump in quickly to get the first one out then get back at it for a second one, I need to slow things down to make the single one last) and just giving a very high level experience.

    6) Description of services provided
    You can't go up to the rooms there unless you have a key, so I met her by the general store by the elevators and waved to the security guy. She let me grab her ass and do a little PDA (public display affection) w/someone else in the elevator. We walked to the room and actually turned on the NBA Detroit Pistons game (they're my team, and she also loves bball). So we laid on the bed watching that for a bit, roaming our hands, making little jokes, laughing a bit, and taking off a piece of clothing at a time. Then after a while of that, we both got completely naked. Now, her body is very hot (for me) -- voluptous boobs, big bubble butt that's not too sloppy, nice soft velvety legs. Her pussy wasn't shaved or heavily trimmed like most escorts are ... not passing judgement on it, just saying to expect that. Also, I do not like to do DATY, so if that's your thing and you don't like hair down there, don't see this Jessica. But if you DO like to DATY and you DO like hair, then she's for you.

    So here's just something that makes me like a session a little more. I pull out my dick, and she's like "wow, that's big," which it probably is. So then she starts talking about how one of her guy friends says that old stereotype about how only black guys have big dicks and white guys have puny little ones. So, she pulls out her camera phone and snaps a couple pictures of it standing at attention to prove a point -- that white guys overall actually have bigger dicks (based on her experience). Thought that was kinda cool.

    So then she puts on a cover and gives a very deep throat bj from the side with her hair pulled back. Very sexy -- big boobs hangin down, access to play w/them and her ass.

    Then she hopped on, and her pussy was very tight. She pounded up and down doing cowgirl for a few minutes then I couldn't help but come. Laid there for a few mins afterwards, then I actually had to jump up to get somewhere else. But I could have extended the time w/her -- it was very non-rushed and she wasn't in a hurry to turn me around and bring in someone else.

    Also, if you like girls who like to show off in public, she's for you. We went to the window naked (overlooking the pool), and she was pressing her boobs up against the window, and showing off to anyone who happened to glance up. Plus the elevator thing. Plus, I asked if she'd be into going to a swing club and she said yeah.

    Overall, an accommodating girl who's fun to hang with and bang with. I'd say she's worth the $50 premium (my base for an hour of fs is $200) and I'd definitely see her again.

    7) Fees and tips given
    $250, no tip -- indy.

    8) Whether this was your first experience with this agency/escort and if you plan on seeing again
    First time seeing her, want to see her at her own place next time.

    9) Whether your expectations were met
    They were met -- she looked better in person than in the pics, had a great personality, put up with my crappy jokes, made me feel like I was sexy (at least pretended to like certain parts of my body) and performed in bed. Don't know if she speaks greek, but I'd love to take that trip.