Las Vegas Review: Kelli Does Vegas

Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by mongerdeux, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. mongerdeux


    Went back to see Kelli yesterday for a very quick BBBJTCNQNS and to check out her new boobies.

    They're very big (D or DD) and still fairly new -- meaning they're not as soft as they're going to probably be. But they were soft enough, and did fall down and to the sides a bit when she laid down -- so they weren't like giant round balloons sticking straight up out of her chest. Phew!

    Anyway, her technique was as good as ever -- incl. lots of deep throat.
  2. mongerdeux


    1) Contact info
    Posts on CL, has a Web site here:

    2) How you found out about her services.

    3) Description of escort (also, does she match her pictures?)
    She looks like her pictures -- but note that they're taken from very good angles for her. She's older (upper 30s) and has lots of tattoos. She had small B breasts when I've seen her, but she said she was going in for implants and lypo (which she needed), so not sure what she looks like now or how good the boob job is.

    4) Description of location
    See the first Jessica review -- she stays at a different Budget Suites.

    5) Description of your expectations
    I was expecting another in-and-out quickie service -- paying the $200 rate for an hour, but not really staying an hour. I was also expecting VERY GOOD BBBJ service.

    6) Description of services provided
    I've seen her twice -- once one-on-one, and once w/another guy.
    Showed up, and she was already half naked. Her place was more strewn w/stuff than Jessica's place, but it still was clean overall. She had some drug paraphanalia out, but didn't seem high (including for if you demand only drug-free escorts). I had her keep her lingerie top on, just pulling out her boobs over the top of them. Her stomach was kinda sloppy, but I wasn't there to stare at a model (unlike most other escorts I see). I had heard about her great BBBJ skillz, and wanted to see what she could do on me.

    So I quickly undressed and laid on my back. She hungrily went down there and started sucking away with every ounce of energy she had. She did it all -- teasing the head w/tongue, licking up and down, licking/sucking balls, deep throat, slow, fast, with hands, without hands ... then without my asking she went straight in to toss my salad! Then went back and forth between the two areas for at least a half hour.

    Again, I'm not into DATY, so I bypassed that option and went straight into doggy. Pounded her hard from behind, and it really seemed like she came -- hard (thought she might have been faking, but after the second visit don't think she did). Flipped her over and nailed her mish, and finished on her tits/lingerie.

    Very much a pure "fuck me and fuck me now and fuck me hard" type encounter -- the opposite of the Jessica Rabbit encounter.

    So, I posted an ad on CL saying that I needed another guy and a girl for a 3-some -- and that they didn't have to be a couple. So I got quite a few responses, and one of them was from Kelli. I knew that she would be down and dirty enough to handle what 2 guys could give her, and she would probably dig it.

    So, I showed up at the same Budget Suites and he was already in bed w/a towel wrapped around him & her sucking him off. But this time, she had a stack of anal pornos on the floor and a projector pointed at the bedroom ceiling w/an anal gonzo porno going on. Nice visual while getting sucked off!

    So then I undressed and went by the bed, where she gave us BBBJs for at least 20 mins -- going back and forth. No salad tossing, but that was ok. Then I went behind her and doggied her pussy (Cfs) while he got sucked off. Then we switched, her licking her juices off the tent then ripping it off to bbbj some more.

    Then I stayed laying down on the bed while she rode cowgirl, and blew him while he was standing up. Then he got reverse cowgirl and I got the same cbj/bbbj deal.

    Then she got off him, looked at me and said "someone better fucking stick a dick in my ass soon." Not one to hesitate, I threw on another tent, lubed her up, and slammed it in -- HARD. I think the scream is still bouncing off the walls. She definitely came while fingering herself, sucking him off and getting greeked. Then I alternated between the 2nd and 3rd inputs, then after about 5 mins of that she put the whole thing in her mouth and he went back there.

    About an hour and a half later (at least), very sweaty and tired, she finished me off in her mouth, then I left them to finish up.

    She worked incredibly hard, was incredibly into the sex, and it was the down-and-dirtiest experience I've had w/a provider.

    All for $100 (!!!)

    7) Fees and tips given
    $150 the first visit, $100 the second

    8) Whether this was your first experience with this agency/escort and if you plan on seeing again
    Don't really plan on seeing her again -- it's a been there/done that sort of thing. But would recommend if you love bbbj and you don't mind getting one from a non-model type.

    9) Whether your expectations were met