Laura - Suburban Housewife (New Jersey)

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by eaglenose, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. eaglenose


    more details re: Laura

    Actually, she gave a pretty good CBJ. Also the massage was pretty good as well. She also offered to give a prostate massage but I'm not into that.

    Missionary -- I didn't enjoy it with her cause I wasn't attracted to her. I'm not into Greek. She doesn't allow fingers because she's afraid of infection.

    If you're not into looks or sexual appeal, she may be just what you're looking for. :).

    If anyone has had a good experience with her please post to this thread. It's best to be as fair to her and her business as possible. My opinion is only one man's opinion and it's possible that maybe I missed some positives that someone else may have discovered about her.

    Cheers. :).
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  2. ustraveler


    Thanks Eagle. Is this the woman that posts bodyrubs only?
  3. Chaz Palmentary

    Chaz Palmentary

    Eagle -
    Where is she located? was it pretty private surroundings? and lastly, was she at least good? CBJ, BBBJ, GB, Mish? Greek? Gotta give us the juicy details.
    Happy Mongering,
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  4. RoosterC74



    Thanks for sharing. Amazing that some of these middle aged, dumpy ladies are asking $200. For that price you can get much more tender meat.
  5. eaglenose


    I was expecting a hot MILF but she turned out to be a dumpy, slightly attractive , middle aged woman. There's a very good reason why she doesn't post pictures of herself on craigslist with her ads.

    She doesn't have an attractive figure. She's a bit stout.

    I was pretty turned off, but didn't want to hurt her feelings, cause she's a nice lady. By the way, she does have a really sexy phone voice and nice boobs.

    Cost was $200 for the hour.