Leanni Lei

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  1. vbnyc


    that webmaster said that escorting is immoral? lol So tell me again what's the diff between escorting and getting paid for being in porn.
    Hope she doesn't go and get siliconed.
  2. happyslappy


    wow that's too bad. I really feel bad for her family....hey you think she offers BBBJ? what? at least I said the nice stuff first
  3. flabbergasted


    Yeah, how much and does she do greek?
  4. scoochamenz1


    damn, any contact info?
  5. ShadowLurker


    A while back I joined this Leanni Lee forum. Yeah, I know, you can stop laughing now, what can I say, I was a fan. Be that as it may, On Jan. 1, I received the following ***** from the "administrator" of the forum. Just wanted to run this by the UGers and see what you guys thought...and of course to see if anyone knows if it's true...

    The following is an ***** sent to you by an administrator of
    "myleanni.com". If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you
    find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the
    following address:


    Include this full ***** (particularly the headers).

    Message sent to you follows:

    Leanni Lei has left her Loving husband (some of you know as djspoz)
    and two step-children to become a fulltime ESCORT. It makes me sick that
    she has returned to this life. I thought it was over. It started after
    some financial troubles. And now it's all she wants. She has destroyed
    our family. We will never be the same. We Love her and hope she is
    safe. There is a side of Leanni you don't know. She is (was?) a great Mom
    and a perfect wife. But we have lost her to the immoral world again. She
    is so much more than what she is doing. All I can say is why?
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