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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by teps, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. billyS


    So much for Sunday being a safe day to go.
  2. Yellodog


    782 Hempstead Tpk is up and running less than 24 hrs after being raided. I don't think this is a sting as they gave the press release that they had busted the place. I think that the boss just filled the place with new girls and it is business as usual.
  3. Draconus


    Gee, so much for WB. They've only been open a few weeks I think. Scratch them off my list of to dos.
  4. MetroJay1


    I guess Nassau Police are bored. I just saw this in this morning's paper:,0,7578065.story

    Cops shut 3 unlicensed massage parlorsBY JOSEPH MALLIA |
    9:17 AM EDT, October 13, 2008
    Vice squad detectives raided three unlicensed massage parlors and made six arrests Sunday after a weeklong investigation in Nassau County, police said.

    The investigation began Oct. 6, resulting in the arrests between 2:30 p.m. and 3:25 p.m. Sunday. It resulted in the shutdown of massage parlors in Westbury, West Hempstead and Franklin Square.

    A police report said, "the Narcotics/Vice Bureau closed down three unlicensed massage parlors where prostitution was occurring."

    The parlors were at 100 Shames Dr., Westbury; 507A Hempstead Tpke., West Hempstead; and 782 Hempstead Tpke., Franklin Square.

    Arrested in Westbury were two Flushing women, 37 and 41, and another woman, 41, whose address was unknown.

    Arrested in West Hempstead was a Brooklyn woman, 43.

    Arrested in the Franklin Square raid were two Flushing women, ages 41 and 52.

    All were charged with unauthorized practice of massage. They will be arraigned Monday in First District Court, Hempstead.
  5. ExLS

    ExLS banned

    sw busts

    6th pct used one of the wsw as a snitch for drug dealers. She is in rehab out east.
    As for residence area, had to be on the south side of 25. It is a main drag there. The decoy stands out! Also election time is very soon, this is a yearly thing.
    One time I saw a neon pink wearing wsw with a blue jean skirt. As I passed by, a marked car came out of the parking lot across the street of the laundromat and went over curbs.
    Use your bigger head(shut up!)
  6. Happyhiney


    as to my gf I don't want to cover her face, as to my amp girls?? you gave me something to think about? but.. I think they are ok too! In retrospect you can never get tired of a good thing!
  7. genius


    Are you serious - have you ever seen the way those women handle chopsticks! The could poke a cops eye out - thats why they needed 10 cops.
  8. RuffToy


    Shock and awe!!

    Ever watch "To Catch A Predator"? The guy leaves the house, police yell freeze, guy stands still with hands in the air....and 6 cops tackle him. Wasn't necessary but made a good TV segment.

    And how many of those schmucks are found with drugs or illegal paraphernalia in the trunks of their car. Going down for child sex crimes is enough, why not add drug charges while you're at it.
  9. paperpusher



    If they were they there scoping the place out for a month, they would have known that the most people they had were three middle age asian women. Why do they need 10 officers to bust them?
  10. dunndogg



    If you are going trolling for ladies, don't commit more serious offenses while doing it. Simple solicitation is an appearance ticket. Drugs, DWI, driving on a suspended license, etc get you a night in the jail and a possible criminal record (misdemeanor as opposed to a violation).

    Be smart and stay safe.

    I would also be overly cautious and warn that it is quite possible that LE are also members of this, and many others.
  11. genius


    "resident’s concerns" - read this as complaints by the locals to the PD about the SW's, guys cruising looking for them and perhaps locals finding "evidence" of encounters lying around on the ground.

    Besides being stupid for trying to pick up a decoy, some of these guys also violated genius' rule of only breaking one law at a time.
  12. lightweight

    lightweight Moderator

    That's crazy. It is bound to happen. I wonder what she will have to say.
  13. fuckingahole


    Oh my god!!! I know the wife of one of those guys!!
  14. teps


    Here's the SCPD press release on the bust:

    Incident: Six Men Arrested in “John Sting”
    Location: Coram
    Date/Time: Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Suffolk County Police today arrested six men after conducting a “John sting” in Coram.

    Sixth Precinct Crime Section officers, in an effort to address resident’s concerns for quality of life offenses in the area, conducted a prostitution sting this evening utilizing a female police officer. The following were charged with Patronizing a Prostitute:

    · Joseph E. Houst, 27, of 850 Skyline Drive, Coram

    · Martin Rivera, 42, of 1700 Wave Ave. , Medford

    · Kenneth Peeters, 34, of 15 Swallow Lane, Brentwood

    · Michael Calvagno, 39, of 4 Minerva Lane , Centereach

    · Robert F. Button, 59, of 3001 Towne House Drive, Coram

    George Pekar, 49, of 2 Truman Drive, Farmingville, was charged with two counts of Patronizing a Prostitute.

    Additionally, Houst was charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana 5th Degree, a misdemeanor; Button was charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Peters was charged with Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance 3rd Degree, a class B Felony, for offering cocaine to the officer in exchange for a sexual act. Peeters and Button will be held overnight at the Seventh Precinct and arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on October 10. The other men were issued field appearance tickets.

    A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.
  15. lightweight

    lightweight Moderator

    I wonder if that was at the Home Depot parking lot.
  16. MetroJay1


  17. biohazard

    biohazard Moderator

    Try This!

    Try asking her to put on a mask or something? it October and there on sale too!
  18. altereg017


    Police Raid at Floral Pk Parlor

    This made the local paper this week...

    "Floral Park police staked aout the area around 300 jericho tpke. Every day for a month they watched as men on cell phones...entered a black iron gate and went...inside. When the men emerged police video taped them and took statements on the activities inside... armed with the statements and videos they obtained a search warrant. Undercover officer made appointment and was offered a variety of sexual services ranging in price from $80 to $200... made an excuse and left... He left, but returned two days later, on Sept. 24th, this time with 10 police officers. Both women were charged with Unlicensed Prostitution, a felony..."

    This place was too transparent for this local village PD and it was only time before this happened. I didn't know you could get a license to practice prostitution in Floral Park!
  19. desilove


    This is true for a sure fire safe and secure date but these "hot" times do not necc have to interfere with enjoying something new...there are many sites like Ug were I am sure if you do a little homework and cross checking you can still manage to satisfy your need for variety without TOFTT persay....I think this is something we should do regardless of whether LE is in high gear or not...may be more media attention but LI is hot regardless of elections or time of year.....just let your big head stay in control for a bit and then you can let the little head run rampant...xox
  20. biohazard

    biohazard Moderator

    Say cheese

    Its something i deal with, this way i don't have the thrill of my face in the paper !