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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by hacknsackman, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. hacknsackman


    Lilliana from PC - Back Again!

    Alright, I started this thread way back when and I have been using PC and seeing Lilliana (and a couple of others - Hi Daisy! Hi Lana!) on and off. I have been remiss in posting reviews because who the hell has time. But, today I couldn't stop thinking about my last visit with Lilliana and I saw this posting and figured I would put in my 2 cents. She is definitely my all time fave. All this jive about her being robotic and that she has a routine is again from the old saying YMMV. When I see her, she not only remembers me and remembers my likes and dislikes, but she is real and down to earth. I usually take an hour session with her and believe me it is not long enough. The last time I saw her, not only did we do the DATY thing (she is the cleanest and tastiest by far), but she did her oral magic like only Lilly can do and then finished doggie (and what a view from behind! - her body is just about perfect). But, the best part was talking and cuddling with her in the bed after we were done. She is a really warm and genuine person and I just love the feel of her body. She is extremely intelligent and we have talked about business, family, and life in general. I am just so tired of these gals that just screw you and say goodbye and that's it. With Lilly, I really feel attracted to her as a person and a sexual partner that is in tune with my needs and wants. Tito, if you read this, can you make sure to ***** me and let me know every time Lilliana is working? Thanks dogg! Hey, where the hell is Tyra and Michelle? I digg them too.
  2. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Do some research. Go to their site and go to the best gfe website and read. After a little reading, you'll know what she does and doesn't and where she's available.
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  3. frankmoo



    These posts about Lillianna sound great can you tell me if she does greek and where she is located. I'm new to the game and have only had one encounter so far. I'm overly concerned about 5-O.
  4. DaveNJ


    Lilliana - She's so fine

    I decided to take the plunge the other night, and see if the good things I heard about Lilliana were for real.

    Turns out they are.

    I had a 1 hr. appt. scheduled, but was running late so I had to go for the 1/2 hr. since she had an appointment lined up right after mine (her schedule fills up pretty quick).

    When I got there, I was greeted at the door by this beautiful, exotic looking creature. Great body, face, and surprisingly, a warm, friendly personality. I took care of business and was told to get comfortable. From the get-go she told me that our time was all about me and making me happy. She wanted me to relax, let go and just enjoy. Couldn't argue with that so I did.

    She started off by laying me back on the bed, kissing my body all over, slowly working her way down to Mr. Happy who was very happy by the time she got there. She then proceeded to give me one of the most slow, sensual BBBJ (not tc) I have ever had. Starting at my balls and working her way ever so slowly up the shaft, it was the most exquisite form of torture I've been subjected to in a long time. This girl is truly talented and understands the merits of a long, slow BJ. I was a little concerned that she was moving too slow, as I only had the 1/2 hr and I planned on mounting this lovely lady before our time was up. But, I figured she knew what she was doing and how much time we had so I just let it go. Besides it felt so good who was I to interrupt an artist busy at work.

    After what seemed like forever she puts the cover on (so as not to break the mood when we move on to FS). Then, she walks around to the other side of the bed, leans over my head (the big one), and slides her body over mine, ever so slowly and we enjoyed some 69. At this point I couldn't take it anymore (plus I knew the clock was ticking) so I got up, grabbed her from behind, and started plowing her doggie style. She felt so good and took every inch of me with pleasure. Even though I was pretty worked up from the BJ, I still lasted a while. In the middle of me pounding her, her phone rings and her agency is telling her the time is up. I tell her she cannot send me home like this so we finish up and I leave a happy man.

    Overall, a great experience. I'll definitely see this girl again.
  5. DaveNJ


    Are we looking at the same pics? They look real good to me. Just curious. I don't see any stretch marks at all.
  6. funnj07052


    My experience with Liliana

    I would like to tell you my story of my visit with Lilliana from PC Escorts. Yesterday afternoon called on short notice to see who was available in the parsippany area. Was told Lilliana would be available in a half hour, so I made the appoinment. Went to the motel and called for the room number. Got to the room and was nicely surprised at the beauty that stood before me. I could not remember her pictures when I made the appointment. She helped me off with my coat and told me to get comfortable while she checked in. Once that was done she had me sit on the bed and welcomed me to her "island". Proceeded to clean the important areas first then started a little teasing with hands, nails and then toungue. Got Mr. Happy nice and ready then put on the cover, got into a little 69 then onto RCG. She rode until the "Volcano" erupted. Cleaned me up, cuddled a little then it was time to go. I will definitely repeat with her and probably will try this agency again.
    I know I don't have a lot of posts or a long history here but this is a true review.
  7. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Seeing the same review on another board is not unusual. Hobbyists post their reviews on multiple boards to get the word out. That doesn't make it wrong or a self-post.

    From everything I've read on other review sites (***, BigDog, etc) hacknsackman review is consistent with what others have experienced.

    I haven't sampled the goods myself (although I've sampled many other goodies from the same agency), but have talked with her handlers and it sounds like his experience is right on. She's not quite GFE, but a good time will be had with her.
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  8. conoworld


    Hey how do we know it's not lilly giving a great review of a hobbyist who turned her world upside down for an hour!!!!!!!! got her so confused she ment to write it about him and she wrote it about herself instead.
  9. afrosty50


    Same on another board

    Saw the same EXACT review from same guy/girl on another board. Probably just a coincidence though. Yeah right.
  10. wheninvegas2005


    Real or not...not a good picture in my opinion. Are those stretch marks on her ass?
  11. vegaslover


    Would love to hear from someone (anyone? else with a LOT of posts or some kind of history on this board to substantiate what hack' has said (reviewed),anyone out there?? (re.Llilliana)
  12. rollin



    Waaaa...........Waaaa..........Waaaa.............. 1st post a glowing review............Yeah now go read the rules for newbie's and stop crying about about the speculation of your report by the other members

  13. hacknsackman


    No self post here!

    Yo, I resent that you guys think I "self posted" That really sucks. I truly tried to share my good time with you all and look what it got me. Thanks for your support.
    I have no interest in PC or Lilliana and no interest in self posting.
  14. mellowyellow008


    I agree. Self posting sux.


  16. SlickWilly


    That would be my impression, too. Those perfect sessions always amaze me.
  17. donquixote04


    I'll help. The right words are "self-post".
  18. ShadowLurker


    ....words fail me.....
  19. hacknsackman


    I saw an ad on CL today for Lilliana. Damn, she looked good in the pic. So, I decided to check her out. I gave my man Tito a call and he hooked me up. Usual 2 call system.
    When I got there, she opened the door and I was amazed at what I saw - WOW! What a rack! And, she has the sweetest sexiest voice I ever heard. She made me feel so comfortable. She helped me off with my clothes and my roaming hands helped her off with her little outfit until we were both in the buff. we laid on the bed cuddling with her rubbing that great body of hers all over mine. Then she started giving the little man some attention and boy was he immediately happy. She has such a light sensual touch - I almost blew it right there from her just touching me. But, being the trooper that I am I managed to hold on until the real treats came. She started licking my nipples and eased her way downtown to meet little man and the boys head on. This girl licked and teased all around and drove me into a wild state of ecstacy. Then when she felt it was getting close to explosion time, she took out a cover and finished me with a CBJ. But, let me tell you, what she did might have well have been a BBBJ. She only used the cover for the last and final moments and (she told me afterward) that the covers she uses are super duper thin ones from France that seem to enhance the experience. This girl really knows her stuff!
    After I exploded, Lilliana cleaned me up and we rested a few minutes cuddling and holding each other on the bed. Then came the DATY Which I could tell she also enjoyed by the sounds coming out of her mouth. Oh man, I will be fantasizing about that for awhile. She tasted great! Then before I knew it, I was ready for my second cup. I asked her for a little more oral attention to get things moving along again and she gladly obliged. Finally, I was ready and I got her in a doggie position and let little man ram her from behind. We finished off in a mish and bam - I was completely satisfied.
    Yo, this girl is a keeper. I would definitely see her again and suggest that my fellow hobbyists check her out.
    Thanks again Lilly. And, thanks to Tito for hooking me up.