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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by oilman, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. NowAndZen


    angela is good

    i had a taste test once. Went back a month later and she pushed my hand away from pulling her pants down. Might have been the time of the month. Havent gone since.. i dont need the disappointment of being denied. HR is very sensual with a twist.
  2. ahandshake


    Angela was my favorite

    I haven't been to WGS in quite some time (over a year now) but when I was a customer, Angela was my absolute favorite. Of course, I've never seen this other Latino woman (Anna, I think).

    Anyway, I loved Angela so much because she was so open to roaming. Before I tried her, I got roaming above about 75% of the time, but little (about 25% of the time) access for the mouth and always with resistance, and never anything below the waist.

    After the flip on my first time with Angela, she stood at the head of the table and massaged my chest bent over low so I could easily lift up the shirt and bra and just start sucking like a little baby. Even when she was ready to move on to the HR, she asked me if that was enough or if I wanted more.

    During the HR itself, she allowed easy access to the top and also did not resist at all when I unzipped her pants, pulled them down, and just roamed around, fingers in (both holes ;-) and all.

    She would be a sure thing for me if I ever went back to WGS, but if everything I hear about the tighter restrictions on roaming are true, it just wouldn't be worth it anymore.
  3. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    Getting 2 cups...

    A couple people mentioned getting 2 cups at WGS. Every time I have been it's been massage first and then 1 cup.

    I never tried for anything else, but what do you do to get 2nd cup? Insist on starting on your back?

    Do you tip more for it?
  4. Eugene


    Unlike the wives, the more girlfriends we have the better...
  5. oilman


    need a better suggestion kid.....the oil's already got a girlfriend and a wife... I guess some of us just need to dip the stick more often.......
  6. petehanse



    Bottom line, maybe I'm missing something here.........but have you "Oiled" any notches at WGS?
  7. kidcloud


    OILMAN, I hate to say this, but .. You Need a Girlfriend!
  8. oilman


    yeah, I've read good things redgarding Nana and actually made an appointment to see her but then reconsidered and had Lily instead..... not a dissapointment cause she's really a sweetie but reminds me of a "nice" girlfriend as oppossed to someone you lust after as you fall asleep.... sometimes you need a gal that will do or say something (even a small thing) that gets the pulse racing..... I see potential with Connie, though not the best looking, as when she disrobed me, she held the big guy for a second and smiled........dirty....nice.......heard good roaming stories on her.....any Nana roaming to speak of ? Also read good roaming stories on Kay @ wgs

  9. Duckman

    Duckman Moderator


    Been going to WGS off and on for while...

    This week had a session with Nana. Very petite, very nice in a dirty sort of way. Nothing spectacular in terms of extras, but she had a certain sensuality that left me very refreshed.

  10. oilman


    I tried Angela, and I liked her and she gave a nice full top access and two cups but somehow Anna just seems sexier.....In a perfect world I could see her doling out some seriously whispered dirty talkin' while giving a killer hr... did she give you multiple cups ? I like the latin girls....they just radiate heat...


  11. lord vban

    lord vban


    yes, i have. she used to be my regular for over a year and a half. she is friendly but the more you get to know her, she will allow touching but never with the finger inside her if you know what i mean. but she got comfy after my 3rd time with her and she started to unhook the bra for me to feel my way. from that day, i was in love. i never had anything beyond a good feel. no extras or anything like that. just a dam good massage and a great HR. i would recommend her if you into the latinas like i am.

    angela is great too. i tried her a few times when anna was off. angela gave a great massage and a even better prostate massage. i heard she isn't there no more but that is all hear sakes. i haven't been there for months since the overcrowding and the rowdy jerks that go there now.

    so, i recommend the latinas if that is your cup of tea.
  12. oilman


    just returned from the classic Lily/wgs experience......if you are looking for a sweet experience with a super skillfull masseuse......this is it....two cups come standard as does a nice smile etc......still, sometimes the oil man has evil thoughts......maybe too sweet, a little sugary, honey on white toast.....afterwards, I realized much to my chagrin that I was now very relaxed and primed for something with a little touch of dirt....something that will fire up my guilt quotient a started when Anna, smiled and said "goodbye baby" in the wgs locker room as she was putting on lipstick in the mirror (the showers etc are still down by the way.....bfd).....nice spanish accent made me think of her saying "ooh pappy" and I immediately considered doing a session on the spot.....the big guy down below certainly was showing interest but then I felt this insane sense of betrayal in regard to she might somehow feel slighted or something......I left and as I hit the cold wind I realized that Nu Look was 8 blocks or so away.....I keep hearing about Sue(zie) and her beautiful breasts which she exposes for suckling as a matter of course.....(I was there once before, had JoJo.....bbbj, asian....nice but she was dumpy and beat the hell out of me during massage)
    I'm on my way and I figure if she is there I'm in....long story short.....she was in session and not due out for 45 minutes.....reality kicked in....I split.....but maybe in the future that would be a super double....Lily at WGS for massage.... pour a couple of cups, get all relaxed up and then head north for a little caressing and suckling of large, soft the way anyone know if NuLook Sue lets you caress the pussy....? how is her massage ? oh, and if anyone has had a session with WGS Anna, how is it ? Is she kinda dirty ?