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Discussion in 'New York' started by heffer123, Oct 29, 2001.

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  1. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    other options

    For the 2 and a half you may as well go with wings of desire... have a good selection and you get the full hour... have a couple of new young hard bodies... also impulse and CLP offer great providers in the area.
  2. jeffc126



    I had an appointment for yesterday with lisa but when i called the girl was tina parker who does alot of bait and switch,she asked the same stuff she did before ,like she will always ask if there is any way you can come to commack or there is one motel in medford she dosnt like cause it has no phones so she'll mention the gaslight on 112, maybe she will send that girl lisa who looks great but at 250 an hour I wasn't going to have the same fate as I did with lisa parker ,she is also that girl nichole.
  3. heffer123


    does anyone know of her ? She is advertised on eros under L.I. woman