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    Lisa Marie

    After some extensive searching and over a hundred phone calls, I narrow down my list of prospective ladies. I called Lisa and she was very willing to talk about her services over the phone with me. Aside from her awesome pictures, her attitude was great. I told her about my preferences that 1) the lady have good lingerie to wear and 2) have a passionate attitude in bed. Well, Lisa went into details and I was convinced this would be a good time.

    Unfortunately, Lisa lived almost an hour from where I was, plus she wanted to spend some time getting ready for me. So, a few hours later she showed. . . three in the morning. When she arrived and I opened the door a ravishing woman in a tight fitting black dress entered. She gave me a warm kiss hello and that immediately led to some DFK. She told me to get undressed and relax in bed while she went and got ready. Five minutes later Lisa appeared dressed in some truly hot lingerie with a body suit, thigh high stockings, and high heels. I tried taking command of the situation and attacking, but she insisted I lay back and let her take control. OK.

    She propped up a few pillows for me and helped to make me comfortable. I laid back and watched the show. She started out by gyrating at the foot of the bed, playing with herself. She was a stripper in the past and this was evident. She then got on the bed, on her knees and continued the show. She moved on top of me and proceeded with some lovely LFK that turned into DFK. I got a hold of her ass in the process and she whispered to me to spank it. I gave it a little spank and she said harder. I spanked it harder, she then loudly said, “harder, like you mean it.” So, I gave it the wind up and the pitch. A deep moan ensued from her. She then lifted the twins and started from back there and worked her way forward, all the while keeping eye contact. Jesus, this girl gave an incredible BBBJ, has to be one of the best I ever had. No hands involved just incredible suction, tonguing, pumping, etc., etc. She also did this thing where she quickly went side to side within her mouth while at the same time up and down. Almost blew right there and then. But, I wanted to hold for more. I kept telling her I wanted to taste her, and she responded with, “when I’m done with you, you’ll get your chance.”

    Finally it was my turn to repay her for an awesome BBBJ. She told me she hasn’t gotten laid in over two weeks and that she was looking forward to an explosion and she had plans for exactly how she wanted it to occur (a woman wit a wicked plan). She told me she wanted me to eat her while she had her pocket rocket slightly inside of her just under her clit. She wanted me to lick and suck on the top of her clit. Did that for a while and she was screaming with joy. I was almost thinking about stuffing a sock in her mouth since it was now around 3:40 in the morning and I’m sure any of the neighboring rooms were getting an earful. While she was still on her back and the vibrator was still slightly inside her, she told me to get on my knees and very slowly insert Big Jim in while she works the vibrator to the outside. As I got deeper inside her the vibrator was outside her and I felt it as well. Within a dozen deep strokes, this chick had an incredible O. Each stroke during her O got even louder. Within seconds after that I exploded as well.

    Laid back and cuddled for a few. She got up and got a hot wash cloth to clean me off. I stayed in bed thinking about the time I had and at the same time she got dressed. She told me not to get up, go to sleep and she let herself out.

    Awesome time, the most unusual BBBJ ever. Very sexy woman that loves sex. Highly recommend.