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Discussion in 'New York' started by amaxxx, May 1, 2001.

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    Living Dolls scammed me once

    I saw an ad for Living Dolls in New York Sex Guide early last year and decided to call. They said the girls spoke Greek and described a girl who could handle a "deep" conversation about a "wide" range of topics. I set up an appointment for the next day. I called them about 2 hours before and they said the girl was there. I called from across the street and was told the girl was there. When I got up to the run-down apartment, they said the girl I wanted wasn't there and I'd have to choose between the 2 girls who were there. I chose a cutie named Jeanne who was tanned and had a nice figure. I reminded her of how big I was and she said she'd be able to speak Greek. She covered me and put some vaseline and said she was ready. With my "thick accent", we couldn't speak deeply at all, and she gave up trying to do it after about 5 minutes. She then gave covered French, then I got on top. It seemed like I was impaling her and she said she couldn't take anymore and shewanted to finish the job by hand. The whole session lasted less than 30 minutes and she was ending it. As I was leaving, the same girl was encouraging me to stay for another session with her! What a ripoff!
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    anyone have any experience with the "Living Dolls" agency? They seem to offer some very compeitive pricing ($120 1/2 hr morning special, 2 grl $200). Wondering what the service is actually like....any past takers?