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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Escort_King, Sep 26, 2002.

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  1. genius


    I used to think that too until once I gave a sweet young thing a ride and she asked me if I wanted to rent her mouth. I was concerned that it was daytime and she said "no problem, it is actually safer to hide in plan sight in a crowded parking lot than to be in an isolated spot during the night. The most important thing she said is the method - she pushed the passenger seat as far back as she could which allowed her to kneel on the floor in front of it. This allowed her to bob her head without the top of her head popping in and out of view from outside the car.
  2. We one

    We one

    Well I'm sure we can scratch off the 110 North Amityville strip for Erica and Brenda. The new developement is up with a 7 11 on the sitE of the old insurance office and a strip of stores and apartments. I'm sure the the Sayanara will see the bulldozer soon also. Good hunting boyz!
  3. n2deep


    re::Where of these is the best spot to find a SW during the day. I'm usually a night owl.
    id say sleeping..........
    high risk low reward during the day,just way too many eyes out there...........i see them allover bklyn during the day but wont nibble
  4. Mr. Wiggley

    Mr. Wiggley

    Just a thought. There's a thread here on an Asian Jasmine that says she is in...Brooklyn?? If you can arrange something with her she would blow you at a bus stop..lol. I believe another monger actually said he had a daylight car date with her.
  5. trigeek


    I presume most SW Hos are vampires. Doubt too many are out during the hot daylight times.
    Plus I bet if you get a good look at them you may start thing with the real brain not the one between your legs.
  6. confusedguy64


    Okay so I'm going to be traveling from one part of the island to the other today.
    Part of me wants to go to Queens as I promised myself and prowl Roosevelt Ave. Unless my usual spots Amityville/Bayshore/CI/Coram might have a better, closer and safer yield.
    Where of these is the best spot to find a SW during the day. I'm usually a night owl.
  7. confusedguy64


    Last night Bayshore. Near the dominos I saw a very well put together black girl. She was texting and I couldn't be sure if she was a SW so I passed her by.
    Now I'm dying to know if she was or wasn't. Another thought was she was too clean. Either not or possibly LEA.
    This is a tricky hobby mongering.
  8. sslamo


    Hempstead was crawling with white and black SWs this morning. At 7:45AM I spotted a BSW with a halter dress that looked like she could pop her puppies out at a moments notice. The WSWs were mostly druggies, with one looking like she was having the shakes from withdrawal. Nothing I would pick up.
  9. Mr. Happy

    Mr. Happy

    Thanks for the info man staysafe!
  10. n2deep


    I agree with the fact of a female undercover being put at risk..its basic "COPS' 101, just watch the reruns on tv...hempstead has a shots fired detect system set up to
    control the animals who fight wth guns rather than fists..some sad shit...
  11. JJ1517


    Bro I doubt she was with the police. In stings the police never have the person doing the set up get into the car...especially to drive as far a s you did without anything happening at first. At the very least they would have pulled you over much faster.

    Then again this is usually with female officers. But even in the rare cases where police make a deal with a hooker to set up a guy, they will still either have them come to their incall location or if an outcall have the girl stand outside and get her to convince you to come outside so they can catch you
  12. Bozak


    That's some scary stuff, with all the violence on LI the strolls are very, very risky business, the force is out there jacked and ready to pounce.

    I met Tee in CI last week, nothing happening on the stroll so I said F-it, called her and she did me right this time, decent car date, but she doesn't catch which was a surprise, a deal breaker for the quicky but I may call for more, she does have a great body.
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  13. jclyde


    driving down rt 25 in Coram this morning at 11:30 west of the old precinct. saw woman dark hair Italian looking black spandex and black tank top, looked ok she gave me the wave and look I only had 5 bucks in my pocket didn't stop wanted to real bad.There was a skinny older one but couldn't tell if she was working.
  14. Putzy1


    Oh shit... I'm sorry... So I drive away. I knew the girl was with the police. I did not turn back. I kept looking forward and drove home.
    So I'm back today working in Hempstead, Ingrid is out btw.... As I check my email today and see your responses to this, I see the girl, Jane, walking south on Jackson almost at 24 with a black dude. Same clothes. So, she's obviously a free woman. Did not recognize me at all. I saw her across the street from the Verizon building, west side of Jackson.
    The heat in Hempstead is from all the shootings going on. Shop elsewhere.... Not a good place to be now. Lol... As I'm pulled over, shoshanna cones walking over to say hi to me... She's a very nice girl. Has screwed me over with money many times, but that's what they do.... But she's really nice...
    Anyone seen Victoria? Btw- that's the girls name I was talking about in my last thread from s. Franklin. She got in my car and she just wanted to use my phone. That's all they want....
    There all just a big mess.
  15. Banacek

    Banacek Moderator

    But what happened to the girl? Did you take her to where she wanted to go? Did the cops take her? Did you leave her on the side of the road?
  16. asianmaster65


    Wow, glad your spidey scnses were working. I did realize they would let you drive away with her and wait that long to pull you over. I wonder what's the deal with the cops comment about all the heat? Definitely not the place right now for a happy meal.
  17. Putzy1


    hey fellas.... just an update. beware in Hempstead. eyes are all over the place.
    I was driving home from a friends in Franklin Square. came south on New Hyde Park rd, made a left onto 24 heading east. this was about 11:30pm. Along the way, the crave came over me. White Castle... i pull in and suddenly think about what happens after one eats the WC and decide against it. i make some sort of loopy spin around in the parking lot trying to get out and noticed a young thin blonde wearing shorts, flip flops and a tank top looking at me. it was the eye contact thing. so as im about to exit heading left out of the south west side of the parking lot, i hear someone yell "hey, help me!". It gets my attention and i stop and look and its her walk/running to my car. she comes up to the passenger side window and says "hi can you help me?" Now me working in and around Hempstead for many years and knowing the many girls that streetwalk for dollars for their fix said to myself, ive never seen her before and stupidly, thought that this girl actually needed some sort of help. i said whats the matter? she said my feet hurt from walking in these flipflops and i have to get to my friends house. i said ok, which way are you going? she pointed east, the direction i was headed and i said, ok, ill give you a lift. didnt seem like a junkie. a little sloppy, but not a total loss. cute young girl, mid twenties.
    she gets in and says my name is Jane. and were driving. her tits are falling out of her shirt. shes got her flips off and shes seated with her knees up and facing me. tells me im cute and asks what do i do for fun? i say- i fucking drive R/C airplanes for fun. now i know where she is headed. anywhere that gets her a few bucks. i say, so where do you have to go? now at this point the convo goes back and forth. she asks me if im police i ask her, we both say no, blah blah blah... i had no intention of getting a sexual fix last night.
    still heading east we are now almost at the hoftsra bridge. all the while, im looking in my rearview thinking, i never seen this girl, im not on the prowl tonight, this would suck if i get busted with a SW when im not out trolling.. i am usually very aware of my surroundings. head on a swivel. i saw NOBODY anywhere around me. no cars. driving the speed limit in the right hand lane. doing everything right. she starts suggesting maybe we could have some fun.... not once was anything like "want some head" or "for $20" or anything key code words said to have this happen but, i say, ya know, im kind of driving far from where i picked you up, where am i taking you?, suddenly, flashing red/blues undercover pulling me over.
    she starts with the stories. weve known each other, youre a friend of the family... im like, you dick.... saying it to me and her, to myself...... 2 UC cops come up to the car. the usual, L,R & I card please... i comply. they open her door, tell her to get out. the cop on my door says, "what are you doing....." in a demeaning kind of way... LOL.. told the truth. he checks my shit. i check out clean. i answered a few of his questions. told him she said her foot hurts. he says yeah because she just shot up in white castle. i start laughing because he asked me if i looked at her foot or if she dropped anything in the car. i said i didnt look at her foot and i dont think so. he goes to the passenger side, opens the door, lifts the mat. it checks clean. i told him what i do for work in hempstead, show ID for that and didnt recognize her as being a SW so i thought she was legit. showed him my FD ID as well. he looks at me and says, "so you should know there are eyes all over hempstead. Not a good place to be right now. have a good night and thank you for your service." i said thank you sir for this knowledge. have a nice night. i drove away a free man.
    thats all i got men...
  18. Cparty


    Okay thanks for the info.hope I get better luck.
  19. Li631


    Yes what wizzard says
    Home Depot and East on 25
  20. WizardOfAhhs


    I'm not a LI SW guy, but I know the roads you're taking, and you're in the wrong area. Next time you go north on 112 from Medford, go to Rte 25...Middle Country Rd....in Coram. Make a right, and along there for about 2 miles is the spot. Once you get to Rocky Point Rd...the Walmart is on your right...turn back around.