Looking for a Democrat with a plan

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by oddfellow4870, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    Based upon your qualifications only (and ignoring whatever baggage may come with it):

    Joe Biden of Delaware.

    However if you go back to 2004's political analysis, senators/congressmen don't get elected president (generally speaking that is). Governors get elected. Look back from the beginning of the 20th century, especially last 50 yrs. The people prefer administrators, not professional politicians.

    So, who are the govenors strong on defense?
  2. Rokin


    I agree.
    I think the man has integrity and I beleive the world would respect him.
  3. oddfellow4870


    I think strong political skills and some vision are the essential skills. Having a token military background is just symbolism. I'd take FDR or JFK. But they aren't available.

    Hawk on terror (not Iraq), Liberal on social policy (NOT an evangelical), Fiscal conservative would be the ultimate combination. Frankly, Rudy fits that profile pretty well. So does McCain to some degree.

    Aren't there some good southern conservative democrats?
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  4. DaveNJ


    If he decides to run, Wesley Clark might be a good fit. I don't know enough about him to say I'd vote for him, but from what I do know he's got potential. I'd think a retired four star general could fight an effective war on terror.
  5. Well, John Edwards polls very strongly in Iowa for what it's worth. Hillary's negatives are across the board. Dems & Repubs hate her equally, it seems...
  6. argleby


    I think what you've described is what Hillary will try to portray herself as in the general election. Who knows if it will work. Besides that, I don't think the Dems have anybody. Lieberman is obviously out, Kerry's out, Gore has reinvented himself as an environmental moron...

    Who else is there? John Edwards?

    Personally, I'd put my money on McCain.
  7. eros701


    Lieberman is out. Hillary can't win and may be a liability. Forget Kerry. Gore? Maybe. He's doing a pretty good job 'reinventing' himself. I'm hoping for someone new, without the baggage the known candidates bring with them. As a party the dems need to present a united front and put aside the in-fighting and backbiting the party has become synonymous with.
  8. oddfellow4870


    My interpretation of the current national political scene and the war on terror leads me to the conclusion that what the country needs is a Democrat President that would be strong on defense and aggressive in pursuing the war on terror.

    Such a person might sound a bit more moderate during a campaign, but would govern as described. In my opinion, the press, academia and hollywood will NEVER accept a Republican hawk and because the war on terror is more important than politics, I am sincere in this contention. We cannot afford to continue undercutting the efforts of the CIC.

    So who's on the horizon that fits the bill? And does anyone know what this person's plan might be?

    I'd vote for Joe L., but looks like his own party is about to reject him.