Looking for Sunny 251-30 Northern Blvd 718-791-1468

Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by 69horndog, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Angriff


    I went here last month(sorry for late review) due to deathsreak's review was so good and I love a good table shower.

    I called before I came in, once you get to the door you ring a bell to get buzzed in. Met a older women maybe late 30's but not a bad body. She led me to the room and went through the "have you been here before" routine. I gave her .6 for the hour and table shower. She lead me to the shower and once she started I knew it was going to be good. She did pay attention to my ass and balls while I was facing down which got me hard on the flip, she acted surprised and gave it a kiss then soaped me up. When she was drying me off she squats down to dry my legs and licks the tip, at this point I was about to grab the back of her head...but I resisted. The massage was nothing to write home about, actually about 20mins in I just wanted to flip over and finish. The finish was great she let rub her clit through her tights and then she sat on my chest facing away as she finished the HJ. I'm going to go back soon and see if I can get some skin.
  2. deathsreak


    This place was my first AMP experience on Long Island. I started going to this joint in mid 2012 and have frequented it quite a few times.

    I never got the name of the girl I had there the first few times, but I can in all honesty say she was one of my favorites when it came to the actual deed.

    The actual place is shady AF. There is a well known Asian gang symbol on the door. It must be protected, by a group or "claimed". As for the deli owners and workers, they stand outside and chill by the side where the door is and grill people walking in and out.

    Inside, there are no doors, just 6 rooms with curtains.

    The specific girl I always got, was a short, late 30s early 40s with ears that pointed out.

    I paid 50 for the hr and got the table shower as well.

    In the table shower she always paid extra attention to my ass hole. She would clean and finger it with regularity. On the flip, she would give me a HJ and keep me as hard as possible. Her technique was excellent.

    Once in the massage room, she gave a pretty decent overall massage. I would give it a 8.

    Her award winning technique came with the soft touch. She would give a perfect ST. She would reach under my pelvis and grab my dick to get me to raise up and give her room to milk me. She would put me on all fours and begin to finger me and jerk me off at the same time.

    On the flip, she was an expert when it came to HJ.

    To be honest, I'm not into FS or BBBJ from "workers". I'm into CFNM, so I am really into just HJs from them.

    Her HJ technique was awesome. I lasted all of 5 minutes, until I blew my load all over her arms. She makes u feel awesome when that happens, constantly saying, "oooooo", "ahhhhhhh" "soooo nice" "ohhhhhh yahhhh"

    She drained my cock and continued to squeeze every last drop.

    I will always remember her!
  3. 69horndog


    Mod please change address to 251-30 Northern

    Moderator: I'm sorry for screwing up the address.
  4. 69horndog


    251-30 Northern Blvd

    Bighard, Your right, sorry address was 251-30 Northern Blvd.
  5. bighard20in


    I think your address is wrong! No such thing as 351-30 on northern blvd
  6. 69horndog


    Sorry guys, I'm taking a long shot to get info on my ATF Sunny worked at 351-30 Northern Blvd (above deli), maybe +6 months ago. Young chinese/korean early 30's with nice B's. YMMV performance with everything but f/s was available. Anyone lucky enough to get her number before she left. The place has totally gone down hill since she left. All the ladys seem to +40 yr and 5's on the AMP scale.