Losing weight the right way.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kimmie, May 14, 2006.

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  1. girlygirl


    Starving is not good

    the almighty dollar is right once your body reaches the point of losing weight from not eating you've done more damage then you realize (internally). You can eat fruits & vegetables, get some of the nutrition you need & not gain weight or damage your organs.
  2. Actually, eating is the best way to lose weight. When you deny your body food, it goes into hibernation mode and actually slows down your metabolism to counter act the starvation. So, eating reasonable, healthy meals and getting consistent exercise is the best way to lose weight.
  3. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker

    As Goddess as my witness!!

    I will never touch another piece of food from Mickey D's!!!!!!

    Iwas bored a couple of nights ago and decided to finally watch the documentary Super Size Me.

    All I will say is.. Never again.. will I ever again touch another item from that place, or any other fast food.

    I would rather starve....

    Speaking of which, starving is the only,most effective way to lose weight.
  4. genius


    Good going Almighty!
    Just a couple of items that may make it easier:
    1. The reason you are hungry "about 10:30" is (I assume from "I do not eat rolls or any bread after lunch" that you may eat bread or rolls or other refined cereals for breakfast That and the fruit smoothy can cause a blood sugar spike then a blood sugar crash in mid-morning. Try and switch (check those calories!) to whole wheat or whole grain or eggs w/veggy sausage for breakfast and see what happens.
    2. The pickup basketball is going to get even more fun as your weight drops and you get around the court easier and faster. The risk here (at your weight) is injury. Keep ice packs around. The instant ones should always be in your car and/or gym bag - they are cheap and if you do injure yourself can greatly reduce further injury from swelling. Ibuprophen (advil, motrin, etc), asprin are also good anti-Inflamatory. Try a little cross training on days you don't play that dont us the same parts of the body (specifically knees and ankles). Some weight bearing exercise such as yoga or mild weight lifting is an excellent off day exercise, (heavy weight lift will not build muscle effectively during a weight loss period).

    Good luck and keep on posting your results!
  5. Just to update. I actually peaked at 290 before I got serious about this. Here we are at the end of January and I have lost 12 lbs. How, you ask? I play pick up basketball 3 times a week, I have replaced beef in my diet with chicken and fish (Tilapia, mmmm). I do not eat rolls or any bread after lunch. I have a fruit smoothy every morning. I have cut out chips, fries, chocolate, etc. Hunger-wise, I start to feel it about 10:30 and a tall glass of water or 2 usually snuffs it out. I wake up ravenous, but my smoothy and coffee tends to satisfy me to noon. So far, so good. My snoring has subsided to almost nothing. I sleep deeper, longer. The random erections have come back (my wife likes this). So, I am 278 and my goals is to be 255 by April 14.
  6. I am about to enter my annual "purge the junk" diet. Every year I tend to get in some sort of eating/lack of exercise rut. This year, the birth of my first child in April did me in. My wife needed my help a lot at the beginning, so the last thing I had the energy for was exercise. Then, to top it off, I didn't eat the best. My wife has now lost 50 lbs since April. I am at my typically high weight of 280 (I'm 6'6" tall). My quest to get back into the 250's has just begu.
  7. cluser


    American food is to blame

    Everything is so highly processed with too much oil, sugar and fat without you even knowing it. Ever tried Asian food (the real Asian food), very flavorful without much grease or sugar. Even the desserts you get in Chinatown are much less sweet than the canoli or cheesecake you get at a typical American place. Also the portions are f'ing out rageous. Our bodies are designed by nature to desire more food (or nutrients therein) than you really need. By taking the scarcity of food out of the equation, it's very hard to keep this balance. Even the poorest bastards can still afford to eat buckets of fried chicken. So much for my venting.

    Remember, the food does make a difference. Work out is great, but the problem with working out is you can run like a madman on that friggin treadmill for an hour and only burn one tiny cookie that you can swallow in less than half a second. How come GM never learned from such efficient use of energy?
  8. Hobbyist00


    Care to explain monodiet?

    One thing though with all diets (i think they all work). Just like gym routines, it all depends where you're at. But some of them are truly not healthy for you...just like working out tooooo much.

    Like some overweight man should not get hung up on details of how to do repeats/and interval training and VO2 Max...he should just get started and try finishing a mile first without walking...

    Whatever works, the most important thing is the WILL to do it...

    Oh and girls....dont be afraid to do squats and lunges, goodmornings, deadlifts, they'll do wonders for the posterior chain....(goes for guys too)
  9. bangbroads


    It was Harvey Diamond and the concept is Macrobiotics. If you are obese and need to really shed the poundage, I suggest a mono diet. It works wonders but you have to stay focused. You can do it for days or weeks and then come off.
  10. falou


    It was by an author named Diamond, co-written with his wife. I tried it then and went on to lose like 40 lbs. Since it is kind of difficult to not mix carbohydrates with proteins, I gained it back later. Age could also have been a factor though.
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  11. Hobbyist00


    Actually i've heard great things about "Fit for Life" as well.
  12. bangbroads


    Read a book called Fit for Life from the 80's. Works everytime. Tony Robbins endorsed it after he got thin and became a speaker.

    It takes discipline mentally at first but the results are mind blowing. Energy all day and need to sleep cut in half.

    Diet food is a joke. I did the protocol and can eat junk if I want but rarely have the calling. I thought it was a joke but tried it and got healthy.
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  13. Hobbyist00


    sex by the way is great exercise...

    i have dislocated my shoulder once, cramped god knows how many times during the romp....and of course i love hearing the "im so sore from two nights ago" from girls i've been with....and i know they obviously werent talking about the damage my 2" wang did to them....active sex = fun....i hate dead fish.
  14. Hobbyist00


    Ephedra , stacker 2 and all of that crap was basically like being on cocaine. funny how they can ban that so quick, but not cigarettes.

    anyway... technically ephedra is banned for dietary supplements. it can still be found elsewhere in other forms.

    You can create your own stack with Ephendrine, Yohimbe and caffeine...more on this if you're interested....keeps energy up, helps the fat/muscle energy partitioning, and the most important thing about ephedrine was it's ability to curb your appetite.. (note nicotine does this too, so buy nic. gum)
  15. Hobbyist00


    like crisco said,

    i think it's more about fitness than weight...i remember once my doctor told me i was slightly overweight...yet i had a great heart, a six pack, cut arms/legs/back.... needless to say, i'd rather be overweight and "hunky" than ideal weight and flabby.

    that's also how i like my girls...i've been with a bunch of girls who were skinny, but flabby....i'd take a nice tight body girl anyday...

    A good way to gai weight humsuplo - very simple, eat more, lift more...the line we used a lot was "eat big, sleep big, lift big, get big"...dont eat crap though...very high protein foods, try to get ~ 1g/lean lb mass of your body...lift the major groups and compound exercises e.g. squats, deadlifts, rows, bench.

    fast food tends to make you fat, not big.
  16. benisbig


    Gaining weight and losing weight in a healthy manner is the same. Eat and exercise. Don't go for the fatty foods, eat a lean balanced diet and exercise. The idea is to build muscle not fat. Don't think gaining weight is about eating 2 double whoppers and a super sized coke.

    Lots of people think they want to lose weight but the idea is to lose fat. It's ok to gain weight but get trimmer.
  17. humsuplo


    This may be a weird question but I've always been a skinny person my entire life. What are good ways to gain weight without going crazy on fast foods?
  18. jomama


    ephedra was the BEST thing to ever have come out no joke.
    too bad its off the market.
    excersice is needed of course, but the ephed is just awsome.
  19. celtic knight

    celtic knight

    I lost 65 lbs five years ago by using desert plates for lunch and dinner and filling them just once. It took a year and a half. Since then I have kept it off by returning to the one small plate regime when I gain 7 or 8 pounds. My only exercise besides mongering is brisk walks with two pound weights for each of my hands.
  20. Mr.Vargas


    Advice for Kimmie

    I agree Diet and Exercise is the best way to lose weight

    As a provider the best way to get Exercise is ....

    need i say more....

    P.S. As i monger i would be more than willing to help you get that exercise if you know what i mean ....

    P.P.S. If you are interested leave a message in my thread: the 2006 Summer Streetwalker guide