Lovely Asian NYC / Jasmine - Monster Slayer

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  1. kingotis


    After too many days without getting laid I reach my boiling point and pick up the phone and start dialing, picking a Korean place at random because I think it's the closest to where I happen to be sitting. I am a horny bastard and I need to fuck someone. A junkie on the prowl for a fix, I pick a place a couple blocks away and tell them I will be there in 10 minutes. She starts to tell me about how she'll give me "the best" but I don't even remotely give a shit, I am a hard on with legs. All I need is a well-lubricated hole.

    I dare you to call me a nice guy, fuck that, I'm a prick just like you, motherfucker. I call from outside and am directed through an asian-themed lobby to the elevator and then up to an apartment style layout with a bunch of rooms off a long hall.

    I take my shit off and hang it up and drop 200 bucks on the little table. I am consumed by a monster and 200 should be enough to tame it for an hour.

    A cute little thing enters the room in a blue dress. Her head's a little big for her body or, I should say, her body looks a little anorexic in relation to her head. Her face is a mask, a flawless sheen of makeup. Her breasts are clearly enhanced but not excessively so. She's cute, she has a cute smile and cutely admires my tattoos. None of this really matters...she meets my current requirements in that I can fuck her eight ways til Sunday.

    Down the hall for the table shower, she giggles a few times and then starts fumbling like she's nervous. I misread her physical cues and then apologize and she says "No say sorry" and I take it to heart and I feel profoundly unapologetic for wanting to fuck the taste out of her mouth.

    Back to the room, she fumbles again and apologizes and now I say "no say sorry" and she giggles again and smiles a thousand watt smile. It's time. She starts licking and kissing my ugly white back and my ass. It feels great and gets me hard and I turn right over.

    In an instant she is between my legs, licking my balls and my taint before slipping the condom on me and delivering an industrial strength covered blowjob. She is outstanding at this task and I lay back and enjoy it and then she squats over my fat hard cock and impales herself on it. She rocks back and forth a little and makes some nice noises and I fuck her this way for a while. After several days off I should be ready to pop, but the condom restrains me and I sit up and tell her to get on all fours and I enter her from behind. I start to fuck her hard and fast this way and I can feel I'm getting closer. She is making cute little sounds and I am fucking and fucking and fucking and then I pull out.

    She looks back at me, I can see her eyes looking through me. She's a woman, not a fuck doll. I lay down again and I pull her over my face and put her hand on my cock. She comprehends the Royal Otis and starts jacking me off as I eat her clean pussy with its cute little landing strip.

    She's getting into it. She starts jacking me off good and hard and grinding her pussy onto my mouth. I get a little crazy and start licking her fast and hard and she starts making loud sounds and bouncing up and down and I come hard as she catches herself making crazy loud noises and the turns and smiles at me sheepishly.
    She lays down on top of me and it feels good. She's a little flushed and still breathing heavily. Laying with her is nice. The monster inside me's been slain for now.

    I look at the clock and it's time for me to go. She is in no hurry to get me out of there but I've got somewhere else to be. She gets up to get a hot towel and she smiles that nice little smile again and says "you stay here and marry me" and for a millisecond I consider it.

    As I dress I ask her what her name is and she says "Jasmine" and she steps back from me and poses adorably and we both laugh. She tries my hat on and giggles at her own reflection. She tells me to come back and see her soon. "Sure baby" I lie, "soon" but I know three things. I know I won't be back soon, I know the monster inside me craves variety more than anything else and I know that by the time the sun rises tomorrow I will have forgotten this hour and moved on to another.