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    As I look back now, I guess I was very lucky of the way I was brought up. I learned how to keep my comments and questions to myself <aka keeping ones mouth shut>. I am still being pursued by that media person and now have learned that 2 other media channels have emailed another certain well known provider in which she deleted immediately. They will move to everyone else now, and we must stick together and remain calm and collected smiling. Screen well and we have no problems. Do not give out anything!!!!

    What I had said is that I was booked till june and am not taking on any new clients at this time.

    My point is just to say to other providers as I feel pretty safe in speaking on this forum is to follow the same path. Please don't play hero/devils advocate/whatever and give any presence to the current situation as they will destroy you after! They do give a sh*t bout anything you are or do, or why you do it. they want their story and will walk right over you to get it should you allow them to.

    There was a provider in the carolina's Lacy who use to get screened by the same people as I did as we were both starting out. Unfortunely, somehow a reporter weaseled his way thru that screening and, did in fact set her up. She is such a nice provider thus changing her name after her family disowned her, due to this cruel anxious slut`reporter who lied to her and filmed everything she said thus putting it on the news.

    Thats what most of them are like, perhaps its what their business demands. Took Lacy a heck of a long time to recover and feel good about herself to move in a positive direction again in all aspects of her life.

    Please be aware of what is going on and pray it blows over.