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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by sidespin, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Everyone in this thread should know better than this and is being made an example of.
  2. sidespin


    other sites & archive rummaging

    ahh, so they are indeed down. yeah, i wonder who they get to make some of these websites. i wonder if any of the webmasters get a hometown discount or something. all the sites seem to have different styles, so my guess is there must be a bunch that do it for various AMPs and providers.

    the pics aren't that appealing at all.

    On another side note. anyone notice how you can backlog old pics that might not "appear" on the website, but the link still remains in the index?

    treasure-nyc, orientalutopia, and even WP before they shutdown the site, were like this. just think of common AMP names, ie - Cece, Bebe, Hana, Jenny, Diggler, and you can look at some of their archives. j/k - about Dirk. then, I started to rattle of all the girl names i could think of to amuse myself and see other pics. it was interesting to see what talent there was. unfortunately, i haven't seen most of these girls, but the fact they were out there was some food for thought.
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    i heard from one that they may reopen next mo. but that is just a flimsy rumor at the moment.
  4. mumsamumsa


    blast off..

    I see a nice business oppty for asp and/or java programmers that can build these websites. I thought suzi pics are ok. the others did not motivate me to dial the phone number.

    i would welcome some competition. maybe the prices will come down. $200 is a little high. it was nice when $120 covered the door and the girls fee.
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    maybe slink can reopen the vip/b1 thread so we can keep them in business and more to chat about :)
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  6. sidespin


    Is it just me or is the internet really providing a great means for new AMP's to surface? Anyone familiar with this one?

    I don't think i'm breaking any rules as i came across the website from CL. web addy is

    girls look pretty ordinary to me. i know b1/VIP is in the private members section thread, but has it reopened, or is it permanently closed. I still have the mamasan's #, but the past few times i called, i got no answer. the one response i got back in Feb. on a saturday was that they were busy, when they re-opened temporarily. i haven't found a place to my liking as much as B1 yet. probably never will, unless i go to asia or somewhere outside the area.

    anyways, here's a new place if no one is familiar with it. or maybe they just retagged as another place that's been existing.

    i'd appreciate any news on b1 though. hmm. i just re-read this.

    Originally Posted by UG Staff
    You know, this is a good idea. they've made untold $ off of here. I think the answer is no more posting about VIP in the public section.

    reading is rewarding. doh!
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