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Discussion in 'New York' started by ny_dc_bl, Oct 15, 2001.

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  1. That depends...

    on what you want. Julie's is a value at $1.4 to $$, depending on the length of time. It's a house, so you will have a choice of girls. Julie prides herself in a quality experience, and her girls have a good rep for delivering the goods. If BBBJ is a make or break, go with Julie's as Ana is a covered girl. Julie's place is very clean and attractive, a relaxed atmosphere and a well-above-average experience. She strives for GFE and often succeeds.

    Ana, on the other hand, is a trip. Don't go there if you want a mechanical session. (I know that sounds negative, maybe predictable is a better word.) There's a rhythm to it, but it involves more "getting to know you". She's a conversationalist, so don't go in there trying to be shy guy. The decor is a bit goth, and she is into her work. I'm pretty sure her mid-day rate is $$.5, but it may be $$$. I love her, others give her mediocre reviews. She is definitely attractive -- that's an empirical thing -- and I find her to be passionate and wild -- no 2 sessions have been the same, and I've had more than a dozen. If you don't like cats and skeletons, she may not be the right one for you.

    But if it was up to me I'd do both. Come to think of it, I have! Good luck!
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    Thanks OH.

    But, NOW people are talking about Ana... What to do, what to do ?!?!?!
  3. Nooners

    Love 'em. B2C is a great way to start the day, I agree.

    I'm an aficianado and addict of the nooner. The urge usually strikes by 10:30 or 11 a.m. Breaks up the day nicely, and stops me from being distracted for the whole damned afternoon. Plus, it's really the only way to fit things in when you've got an active home life.

    Tops in my book for the lunchtime value is Ana. Finger-lickin' good! Don't you guys go booking too often, though. It might make my life difficult, as I'm an impulse buyer.

    ny_dc_bl: Julie's screening's pretty easy. Went through it meself a few months ago. They want a listed phone number if I recall correctly. Piece of advice: if you have a hard time getting through the phone girl, email Julie directly and make the case. She's a reasonable -- and might I add extremely good looking-- businesswoman...

    Good luck!
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    Getting in...

    From reading some of the posts on here, it looks like there is a screening process to get in. How does it work?
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    Real Food

    Try the Cajun Grill at 48th and 9th... great popcorn crawfish!!!
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    prime time

    mid-morning to mid afternoon ... so noon +/- a couple of hours!

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    ...guess those are the joys/perks of working from home. I can get out whenever and don't have to worry about getting back..actually, not true. Need to get back before the little lady does.

    And B2See is a great nooner. Man, those are some memories....may need to schedule soon...
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    Nooners are best when you can plan on not rushing to be back at work. Otherwise I like it just after work.

    Gotta admit tho, there's nothing like taking an extended lunchbreak...
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    A Box lunch is the best. Nooners break the day up just right especially when you can go back to the office, close the door and take a snooze.
    It is too bad that I made a career choice 5 years ago to leave the city and work on an oasis on Longiland. Nooners are impossible here.
    The best nooner in NYC is B2S rumor has it that she likes nooners as well.
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    Nooners on occaission

    I've been known to sneak out and grab a nooner once in a while. Have found a few favorites that always seem to be working the early shift and have made appointments with them. I find that it's much easier than getting out at night to enjoy the evening festivities. Amandas NYC Angels has people working, as done Nicole's and NY-Dolls.
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    Back to the subject at hand: how many of you engage in a little lunchtime delight? I never seem to have the time. More to the point, I don't take lunch at the same time every day, so it would be difficult to set up an appointment.

    Obviously someone is. Otherwise places like Julies wouldn't open at 10am! But I'm more curious about our UG community.

    Also, to the goils, do you book many lunchtime appointments?
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    Right after Sept 11, there was a huge slow down in the business in ALL Middle Eastern restuarants. Many were just dead empty for days on end.
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    Technically he didn't "say" it . :D
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    Tell me he did not just say that! :D
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    then again...

    You can always get a quick bite at the afghan kebab house around the corner......... I bet there would be no lines either...

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    and, for an added lunch-hour treat, one of the best hot dog stands in the city is right nearby.
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    Thanks, Paladin

    Looking forward to a hearty lunch.
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    Lunchtime is usually pretty good. Julie's opens around 10:00 and there are usually several girls working the early shift. Give Bev a call. She'll tell you honestly whether they're busy or not. Also, be sure to let her know of your likes and dislikes. She'll tell you which day would be best for hooking up with the right girl.

    A great $$ value. You won't regret it. ;)
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    Lunch-Time at Julies

    What is the selection like around noon? How busy are they?
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    And I'll add it will most likely be the best nooner one can wish for.