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Discussion in 'New York' started by Samanthofny, Feb 19, 2003.

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  1. Samanthofny


    Some of you may remember before I took my hiatus that I was doing "road trips" to NJ, LI, NYC. I've decided to get organized again and start this up again as soon as the roads clear up.
    For those of you who may not remember what I do is ask you to ****** me and in the subject line put the area your interested in. When I'm going to be in your area I will send you an ****** and if your interested then you contact me. I never contact anyone unless I'm first contacted. So if you'd like to be added to my own personal mailing list (I NEVER send bulk mail, each one only has your address not everyone I'm sending mail to) . So you cN PUT "MAILING LIST" in the subject line if you's like to be made aware of anywhere I'm at since many of you travel.
    What I usually do is rent a nice hotel 3 or 4 stars, usually its for 3 days (weekdays). I got my pics done now I need to work on my site, a new one without all the homestead crap, besides they are very slow! I have extensive reviews from last Summer when I really started being "known" on the circuit. What I will need to set up an appointment is: a- where you found me. B- a contact number. C- a name. Very simple and to the point no hoops to jump through, BUT I do NOT discuss $ or services on the phone.
    So help me get organized and anyone interested in knowing about what my whereabouts will be and when I'll be in your area e'mail me with your request for your area in the subject line, to know all my trips just put mailing list. I promise you will only be recieving something from me periodically, not spam.
    My info and contact info is in the ad section under Samantha Summers.