Discussion in 'New York' started by Carl M, Feb 2, 2001.

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  1. Ozzy


    she claims to be 26........

    so lets be fair..... she only missed by about 8 or 9 years.
  2. fletch

    fletch Voice of Reason

    At the risk of pissing off certain FHs around here, I think it would be unfair to let this go. She definitely is within 10 years of her advertised age and is more than likely within 5 years.
  3. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Things are still fluid- they are in the process of resolving several issues, but they are at the moment currently independent of one another. So if you want to see one or the other just email each one!
  4. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    sort of like Dubya, huh?

    could this mean that SB will be running against wsb for who gets the use and enjoyment of the cigar collection in the Oval Office?
  5. Ozzy


    i see saturday night with slink is gonna be fun.
  6. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator


    There are tons of features of teh board software which are not "turned on" here. Part of the problem is that with each feature that gets turned on, it apperas that the site gets less secure. I leave the final decseions on such things up to the tech guys, so you may be better off asking them. And don't be so sure about the stuff whhich I can do. This place is like a fucking bank - they give a fancy title so they don't have to give you any real power or money. :eek:
  7. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator


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  8. jester




    I noticed that we can look up your info by clicking on your name at the top of the main forum page. Is there a way to look up the profile of anyone else? Obviously the APM can do it, but it might be interesting or useful if this feature were available when you read someone's post.

    Or is this available and I just can't figure out how to do it?

  9. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    You're not even 2/3 of the way there yet.
  10. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts


    You're absolutely right...

    If we wanted to hear bitching and complaining - we'd stay home !!!

    YEAH - What he said !!!!! TFH !!

    As to thorozine, how 90's......

    It's just the result of having a golf ball lodged for too long and depriving me of oxygen (damn, i miss her)....
  11. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts


    my point.....

    re: JAG

    There have been countless posts and threads as to why JAG should be a boyz-only club.....

    There have been many discussions on how there are women lurking about......

    There have been first-handed sightings of women on JAG...

    There have been allegations that there are ladies self-posting about themselves and more.....

    All of these comes down to - Nobody wants another episode in the whore-wars trilogy - It's enough that it's on or imploding on tbd

    Anyway, my point was, although after re-reading it and i didn't see it, that JAG is not ALL-boys

    I was also trying to be a little humorous (but, it didn't come across) - My point was comparing JAG as boys is like saying that TBD doesn;'t have favorites or that the Certificates of Authenticity on NY_exotics are real too...

    Anyway, I WELCOME ALL !!!

    WOMEN, MEN, boys and girls.......

    Just behave as adults & let's have some fun and laughs ...

    MrNY - who is still itchin' for that Silver Membership
  12. Ozzy


    alot of you guys are always saying that you "pay them to leave" (charlie sheens famous quote).

    but you're also paying for what you don't already have at home.
  13. Ozzy



    adriana my sweet, have you been tapping onto AY's thorozine bottle today?

    talk about shot out of a cannon. but you're right. i posted the same thing (telling them to act like ladies)once on tbd except i told him where to shove his board after yelling at his bunch of bims.

    theres nothing more of a turn off than watching all these beautiful girls act like *OUR* jealous wives and girlfriends.
  14. wsb


    MrNY --

    I was actually standing up at my desk and applauding your last post, and the I came to the part about JAG and that confused me. At any rate - well stated!

  15. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    while I'm at it......

    these boards (especially tbd), now work with me on this, remind me of the Star or the National Enquirer...

    It's really odd that you constantly see THE SAME people over and over and over in these rags (sorry APM).

    Why ?

    Because they want to be SEEN !!!!!

    Oh, they took a crotch-shot of me, oh, there's a picture of me about to eat a white castle burger; oh, my they saw me at a club; goddam, i have no privacy they took pictures of me a t a club with so and so.....

    Give me a break !

    It's so funny, that when these "bims" post rebuttals, self-posts, nasty comments and satire - they always seem to include a link to their/her (that was intentional) website... Why? DUH ???

    Another the other hand, we KNOW that there are LADIES who frequent these boards (and, are reading this right now), who are WAY ABOVE all of this.....

    These ladies are the creme-d'le-creme (pardon the spelling) of what this is all about... An occasional hello, or hey, top by my new website, or happy holidays or (only) if something REALLY hits them do you ever hear from them......

    Why ? They're SMART !!! And, frankly 10,000x more attractive (and, i'm not just talking facially/bodily) - I'm talking about the whole package...

    We never hear any trash about and/or from them - NEVER..

    By the way, it's those few "bims" that wrecked the boards - That's why so many wanted jag to be men-only (yeah, that'll happen - that's more likely than tbd not having favorites and/or the ny-exotics seals of certification being real...

    It's a crude anology, but it works (for me)

    and, i'm done babbling now.........

    MrNY - who's still lookin' for a nice girl vit no baggage...
  16. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    for you gentlemen that have seen her.....

    I have no problem with anyone (even frog) having an opinion - and, you are certainly entitled to it.....

    But, does anyone else but me see a VERY scary side of her ??

    Another side, that is REALLY ugly when scorn......

    It reminds me of the summer of '2000 with the whore-wars - that was really ugly and produced nothing but a lot of guys questioning wether they wanted to see any of these girls - win/lose/draw

    And, it caused a lot of carnage in its wake - I know for a fact, that we lost at least 3-4 of the best (and, they're still defecting (A1N, Sam, Bisous-girl, Brenda, now Shauna.....)

    I say (and this could be a new quote of the month) - What we need is our escorts to stopping acting (publicly) like whores and be more lady-like...
  17. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    Okay....... then what's BYOT ???

    inquiring minds wanna know.......
  18. jmcurry

    jmcurry The Insider

    I have seen Alyssa and can attest to her total professionalism and skills. She has haunting, erotic, green eyes, and a wonderful body and excellent disposition. She provides an ideal experience, and she never watches the infamous clock. You need to separate her role as provider from her posted opinions on any of these boards. We all tend to be more critical in our writing, while we are much more real in our actual encounters.
  19. Ozzy



    kinda reminds me of the the woman on sally jessie screaming.....

    "i takes care of my kids"

    well woopie, do something not expected of you.
  20. ishcabible


    I have never visited with Alyssa or Dawn, but I am (was) seriously thinking about visiting with Alyssa the next time she offers NYC incall. From her posts on TBD and her pics (even though I doubt she's within 10 years of her advertised age), she caught my attention. That was, until I read the posting on this board today...

    Pls enlighten me regarding the issue regarding Alyssa and Dawn on TBD. As I'm sure you're aware, controversial threads regarding "favorites" have a habit of disappearing on that board.

    From what I can discern by reading that board once/twice a week, Alyssa likes to provider assistance to new providers (consultant?). A couple of months ago, Nicole Rio (I've seen her and several of her collegues - excellent value for the $) was the recepitient of her positive feedback. Next came Dawn. I'm curious as to Alyssa's true motives.