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  1. MrJizz


    Please dont yell at me to read the previous posts - there are too many and go back 6 years - and nearly all good. But can somebody give me the quick rundown: age, build and donation etc? Assuming I can even get in to see her!
  2. Mikee290


    I got to see Mandy the other day at her location near the airport. I was waiting a while outside but this was not due to Mandy, it was because of another monger who was late! Please be punctual guys! Lol

    Anyway, this was my first time seeing her. She definitely knows how to break the ice and make you feel comfortable.

    She gave a heck of a bbj. On with the rubber and had her doggystyle to mish then cowgirl. I cant cum with rubbers on so i pulled it off and she played with the boys with her tongue till i jerked off to completion. Although it took me a while she was very patient.

    She definitely cares about her visitors and I now see why everyone keeps coming back!
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  3. kk630


    Run is so right, which I did Tuesday and yesterday (Friday).On Tuesday she had on a brand new summer dress, which she looked stunning in. It sure didn't stay on long as my right hand made it's way underneath it to undo her bra and softly getting my hands on those beautiful breasts of hers. As usual in the beginning of our time together she'll want to take charge. Well as we all know next is best BJ imaginable,been luck to have so many from her. Time for me to go down south, she loves every minute of it as I caress every bit of her with tongue. Now it's just time to pound away, harder and harder she moans as she comes twice. We finish up, at this point I'm on cloud 9,10 and 11. She absolutely looked stunning ! Yesterday/ Friday more of the GREAT things that sometimes many of us have come to enjoy so much, Something seemed to be bothering her , she said she's been so stressed lately. She feels sometimes extended sessions take place and a "short stay" price is expected. For her to mention this to me me that some people expect (some,not all) it,she must be stressing over it. Guys as we all know now we have a gem, diamond in the rough, for the few that may be stressing her out, lets not. Seeing this woman twice week sure made for an AMAZING week !
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  4. johnny188


    Arch man and nine lives you definetly need to run not walk to Mandy's nearest location and partake of this wonderful woman's sexual energy. I'm 20 years her junior and very fit and sometimes I can't keep up with her! Have her for the full hour only after you've been on an exercise program lol.

    Like joyboy said her body is amazing and her face is very pretty for a woman of that age. You can tell she takes care of herself, pretty well. I routinely date older women and I've never experienced the sexual energy from a woman like mandy save but one.

    Also joyboy pointed out the need to be patcient with her because sometimes family drama can side track your best laid (no pun intended....Or is it?) plans but she is worth the wait.

    Take me for example. She and I had been playing phone tag for awhile never being able to link up. Finally about a week ago j saw her in ronkonkoma and when she greeted me she gave me a huge hug as we hurried to her room. Listen I know all providers fake affection to a degree but with mandy u really feel like she is actually happy to see u. And once you build a relationship with her over the years I'm sure she is and that always feels nice.

    After the catching up part we peel each other out of our clothes and devour each others organs. Great thing about mandy is she remembers what u like and tends to focus on that. I'm a very oral type guy and so when she gives me a blowjob its always with a lot of hard suction and lots of tongue. She also knows I ADORE her booty, so she positions herself in such a way that I can play with her booty while she's sucking and it is heavenly.

    Normally I withstand this wonderful assault but not today and with barely enough time to warn her so as not to break rule no.2 (no CIM) I shoot my much neglected load all over neck and chest area. Now with most providers here is where they clean you up and usher you out, but this is mandy. She offers me time to rest so we can fuck doggystyle as its one of my and her favorite positions. I decline as I was well and truly spent and she playfully warns me that she will let me slide this time but not to make a habit out it.

    Clean up and more catching up before we give each other a heartfelt hug goodbye. It really is like meeting up and making out with an old flame you haven't seen in awhile. Joyboy is also correct when he says you will stagger out the door with her with some sessions, and that's exactly what I did.

    I have to say she is the best hands down. Yea it sucks with scheduling sometimes but she will more than make up for it. I've been seeing her for a few years now myself and never had anything, she prides herself on being drug and std free and her 3 rules help keep her that way. Like I told her I'll be seeing her till she won't see me anymore and hopefully that's a long time away. Few other woman compare.
  5. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    God knows I sure think so. Granted, I'm more than a decade her senior and have had over five years to get very comfortable with her, but from day one until I last saw her earlier in the week, Mandy remains, in my mind, a very, very sexy woman. If you're into mature women and MILFs, I think she's as sexy as it gets. Also, no one tries harder to please her clients than does this woman and she always succeeds at it with me.
    Mandy's about 5'4" with a nicely proportioned, tight little body, outstanding for a woman of her years and better than most in the industry of any age. Perhaps her face most betrays her years, with some of the lines that you might expect from someone in their early fifties but she has, nonetheless, a pretty face. This, of course, is one man's opinion and if much younger women are your taste, you might not agree. She would however, I believe, fulfill anyone's requirements for an ideal MILF. As far as DATY, she certainly does seem to enjoy it when I sink my face between those luscious thighs, but I don't think she'd penalize me if I didn't go down on her. In more than five years, I've never come down with anything indulging in DATY with her and she's always clean and fresh. It is, admittedly, a risk but this whole hobby presupposes some risks. As long as you respect her three NOs (NO anal, NO CIM, NO BBFS) she's very accommodating and will leave you with a big smile on your face when you walk (stagger?) out the door.
    Once you meet her you'll know why. She really is one of the sweetest women you'd ever find, in or out of the hobby.
  6. Mongercode


    I don't DATY providers and I've seen her many times and Indont think she holds back anything from me but I'm sure the session can be turned up an extra notch if your head is in her crotch and is top notch imho can't hurt only help.


    Is she really that sexy and pleasing?

    I love Milfy types. and her body type sounds like something I like too. I just wouldnt be into the DATY, and it seems almost all of you dine.....too risky in my honest opinion. Not insinuating anything she ok with not being pleased orally in a session?

    You guys all treat her so well and with kindness and unselfishness.....
  8. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    Curious post, ArchMan. First, although I admire your tenacity by wending your way through so many pages in this huge thread, out of the blue you choose part of a four year old post by ptalover to quote and comment on. And second, this is your third post since the end of last year that describes your intention to visit Mandy. Get off your ass and see the woman, man! She doesn’t bite (well, not unless you want her to)!

    After three weeks of missing her for one reason or another, things finally clicked and I saw Mandy the other day in her Ronkonkoma hotel. She was proud to reveal that she’d lost some weight and it shows. Earlier, she had complained to me that she wasn’t happy about the way she looked in a two piece bathing suit so she intended to begin one of her quick loss diets in time for summer at the beach. Not that she was ever fat, but her belly was getting a little prominent and now she’s back to nicely toned. One of her appointments cancelled, so I was lucky enough to spend a lot of extra time with her off the clock just chatting. There’s lots going on in her private life which explained a couple of her mysterious absences from the weeks before. It’s very frustrating sometimes when we set a date for the next day and then she suddenly vanishes. It was getting to the point where she was going from a strong buy to a sell in my portfolio, but once she gets me into her “office” and locks the door behind us, I’m transported to a place that I never want to leave and all is forgiven. When we finally got down to business, it was a typical blissful Mandy session: non-rushed passion and making out, me gently sucking on those cute little tits, orally assaulting her impeccable twat and ass, then her spectacular blowjob and rimming followed by a vigorous session of cowgirl. While you’re in that room with her, she makes you feel like you’re the only man in her life. What more can you ask of a truly talented companion?

    ArchMan (and any other new guys who would like to see her), start now by texting her in a proper, polite fashion, not asking lots of questions. It’s obvious that you’ve poked around this thread enough to know the answers to any questions you might have about Mandy. It will probably take several attempts but she’ll get back to you if she’s comfortable with your texts. Once she gives you the green light, she will make you the happiest man in the world and the only regret you’ll have is why you didn’t do this years before. The funny thing is, she tells me that lots of guys who first see her are practically shaking, intimidated by what they read about her here. She is the easiest woman in the world to get along with and she’ll make you comfortable the minute you meet her.

    So, ArchMan, I hope that the next post we read about Mandy from you is a review!
  9. ArchMan


  10. InvJim125



    I saw Mandy today at a hotel near the airport that she uses regularly in her rotation. Texted her in the morning, as is my usual custom with her, and set up for the afternoon. She was running a tad late due to a Dr appointment, so she let me know well in advance and we got together at the new time (just 30 minutes later than originally set – no big deal, she’s worth the wait). Mandy met me at the door to the hotel and took me inside. She was dressed in a ¾ length, slinky, navy blue dress with sandals. I hadn’t seen her in this dress before and told her that she looked great in it - as always, she loves a compliment (who doesn’t?). Once in the room we sat down and chatted a bit, each of us catching up on what we had been doing since our last get together and sharing some stories and easy laughs. She is a good listener and she’s also easy to listen to. As we chatted we hugged and kissed a bit, enjoying our preliminary time. As the kisses became more and more passionate we both got out of our clothes. Watching Mandy slip out of that dress was wonderful and I admired and commented how great she looked. To her credit and my benefit, time has been extremely kind to this woman and it’s fantastic to just take her in as it just builds the anticipation. We get comfy on the bed and Mandy goes into BBBJ, her warm, wet mouth engulfing me and her tongue massaging my head as her fingers play with the boys. The occasional lick up and down the underside of the shaft have me moaning appreciatively. I then offer to return the favor and she hops around and opens wide. DATY is one of my favorites and Mandy is always clean and fresh with just a little landing strip accentuating the promised land. I move down and start to slowly rub my moistened fingers over her mound, playing with the lips and putting some light pressure onto her clit. I then move my tongue to her and start to nibble, lick, suck and slurp as I enjoy her juices and gyrations. Her hands move to my head and pull me in tight while my hands reach up and play with her breasts (they must be handled gently). Now she tells me that she wants me inside her and we move into position for CG. She puts the cover on me, straddles me and slides me in. Her warm, wet pussy welcoming me like an old friend. She starts to ride me and I start to thrust into her matching her pace. My hands move back and forth from her waist up to her breasts. I feel her body tighten and she starts to come. It’s awesome to watch her face as she orgasms – a big smile as she concentrates on what is happening. She then tells me she wants me on top of her. We quickly change positions, she lies back and as I move towards her I pause to take the sight in – this beautiful woman, waiting for me to fuck her, her pussy glistening, her perky little tits at attention. Mandy’s eyes meet mine in anticipation and I move between her legs and slide inside her. She wraps her legs around me and hold me tight as I start to move in and out of her in long, deliberate strokes. She’s grinding underneath me and comes again and urges me to fuck her faster and harder. I quicken my pace and my balls are slapping against her. I can’t hold out any longer and explode into the bag. As my final spurts finish I lower my head to her and we hug and kiss and stay like that for a bit as we catch our breath. Reluctantly I move away and now it’s cleanup time. We go back into chat mode afterward as we dress and prepare to part ways – more laughing and enjoyment and I head out knowing full well I will be back as soon as I can to see her again. I always look forward to seeing her.
  11. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    I don't know about that. First of all, Dhiz22 said a whole lot of very positive things about Mandy. Second of all, as one of her biggest admirers and boosters, even I'll have to agree with some of his complaints and they've been documented before on these pages:

    1) "Made an appointment for 445 and got there ten minutes early. Mandy tells me she needs more time... I got a text around 5 o clock saying she's ready and met her at the side door of the hotel." I know it's a pain in the ass having to wait for her, but it's almost always the case and something you just have to deal with if you want to spend time with Mandy, especially later in the day when she gets backed up with her appointments. One of her big complaints is guys who show up late and then stay past their agreed upon times or who simply don't show, completely throwing off her schedule. I can always count on waiting 10 minutes, sometimes 20, but I was there the other day and had to wait half an hour past my scheduled time, which really pissed me off. She's always very apologetic and I know it's not her fault that she gets jammed up, but she has this disarming way of soothing you once you finally see her, so a minute after she locked the door behind us we were best friends once again. She will almost never get to you early and it's best to text her that you're there just before the time of your appointment unless you know you'll be late or have to cancel, in which case the earlier the better.

    2) "But because she was late seeing me, my appointment ran only 20 but cut into the next guys." It surprised me that she shorted you. That's certainly not typical of Mandy. The only time she did that to me was once when she warned me ahead of time our session would have to be abbreviated and I agreed to that. I expect that if you remind her of it the next time you set something up with her, she'll more than make it up to you.

    3) "Although she is hot she hasn't a pretty small rack which I'm not crazy about. Especially when I'm nailing them on their back I like to see their tits bounce." It's been pretty well documented that if you're a tit man, Mandy may leave you wanting. They're a good "B" size, firm and pretty cute, especially for her age, but she'll certainly never be mistaken for Deanna. The nice thing is they're not big enough to get saggy, if that's any consolation. As far as watching them bounce, try cowgirl. They do then and I've thoroughly enjoyed the show.

    4) "Also her pussy lips had a very dark shade to them almost black. I'm not familiar with older chicks maybe that's the norm as you get older. But kind of a turn off." They are a little darkly pigmented, but black? I've seen darker on many other girls that were younger than Mandy. I agree that personal preferences contribute to the whole experience, so I don't think anyone can fault Dhiz22 for finding them not quite to his liking. I'll only add that I just love looking at them, they feel great in my mouth and the way she reacts when my tongue glides over them really makes my day!

    So I can't speak for others, but no punishment for Dhiz22 from this monger. Nice review!
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  12. Cdoggy


    Uh-oh. You didn't say something positive about one of the boards pets. Be prepared to b punished
  13. Dhiz22


    Saw Mandy about a week ago at a decent hotel by the airport in Ronkonkoma. Made an appointment for 445 and got there ten minutes early. Mandy tells me she needs more time so I go across the street and enjoyed two vodka sodas. I got a text around 5 o clock saying she's ready and met her at the side door of the hotel.
    She was wearing a nice summer sun dress that really made her ass stand out. We sat on the couch for a while and chatted. She really does love to talk. I cut the chatting pretty quick. She eventually got down to business by stripping down naked leaving everything but her heels and glasses on at my request. Very hot. While I was standing she got down on her knees and gave a great bbbj. Her bj is just as good or better than I have read here. Great eye contact with her glasses on. Again very hot. I then had her lay on the bed with her head leaning off the bed and face fucked her. I told her let me know if I go too far and she proceeded to push my ass deeper. Very hot. Put a cover on Turned her around and nailed her doggy with me standing and her almost on her tummy which created a tightness that I enjoyed. Flipped her over with me still standing and her on her back and continued to nail her. It's now maybe 15 minutes into our session and Her phone rings three times. She tells me I have to hurry up because she has another appointment. Completely ruined the mood for me. I tell her I want to cum on her face so she turns around with her head hanging off the bed. Takes off the cover and jerks me off as I shoot a load on her glasses and face. Again very hot. I get her a towel and help clean her face up. She runs to call the persistent monger that killed my mood. I guess she was running late as I heard him on the phone say maybe another time. She did convince him with ease to stay and see her.
    Pros are the price at 150 for half hour. Very comfortable to be around. As a younger guy it's great to have the thought of nailing a milf or older wife. And as stated before she's very hot. Cons were the fact that she rushed me which was a big one for me. I had an original appointment of 445 and I guess the next had had 515. But because she was late seeing me, my appointment ran only 20 but cut into the next guys. Oh well. Although she is hot she hasn't a pretty small rack which I'm not crazy about. Especially when I'm nailing them on their back I like to see their tits bounce. This was not feasible with mandy. Also her pussy lips had a very dark shade to them almost black. I'm not familiar with older chicks maybe that's the norm as you get older. But kind of a turn off. Overall excellent experience and I would repeat hopefully next time won't be as rushed.
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  14. kk630


    For all regulars of "The Greatest of All Time", get your appointments in while you can. Newbies are definitely in the mix. Glad I got my hour in today! Sorry guys got to be at work earlier than usual tomorrow. I'll have a review tomorrow for ya.
  15. Mr. Wiggley

    Mr. Wiggley

    Mandy and Brandy, the anus queens.
  16. kk630


    Nice review JB,as always .... it's so true , you get caught up in doing so many things that sometimes while enjoying EVERYTHING that's going on ya may have left something out. Happened to me on one of my recent visits, while in my car driving after I left.... and after the amazing sex, awesome BBBJ, I realized that I never went down on her, talk about getting caught up in the moment. Needless to say I made up for it a couple of days later.
  17. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy


    I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Mandy just the other day. She was staying at one of her regular spots, a nice hotel in Ronkonkoma by the airport. She met me at the side door with a few kisses and a beautiful, seductive smile. Mandy was dressed all in black in one of her signature bare shouldered tops complete with plunging neckline revealing a tempting cleavage, enhanced to great effect by the miracle of Wonderbra. The stretch pants she wore showed off her wonderful curves and her dainty feet were clad in a pair of wedge-soled strappy sandals. As I followed her, the bulge in my pants was growing precipitously watching that backside in motion, so it was lucky that her room wasn’t far down the hall.

    Once she locked the door, we embraced and kissed like two old lovers. We’re so familiar with each other, we just sat on the couch and, as usual, yakked away for quite some time. I began taking my clothes off and so did she, not missing a beat with her continuous chatting. If I can find a fault with Mandy, it’s that she’s not a very sensuous undresser. Unless I disrobe her myself, the clothes just seem to fall of her and, although I just love watching that happen, I’ve never seen a real striptease from her, though I’ve really never asked; something to put on my To Do list.

    We got on the bed, naked now, her on her tummy and me on my side facing her, and continued chatting. Eventually, I noted the hour to her and, surprised, she agreed it was time to get to work. As she began to get up, I told her to remain there, prone, then moved in back of her, gazing at the sight of that magnificent body. Now, I know that Mandy’s in her early fifties, but when she’s lying face down, stretched out with her legs splayed, her tawny brown hair rolling down those fair shoulders, skin tight and unblemished by any ink or piercings, her spectacular ass, soft and full, those shapely thighs and legs, her petite, manicured feet, she might as well have been a 22 year old supermodel on a Sports Illustrated fashion shoot laid out on a beach in Aruba! And on this day, everything in this vision of loveliness for me was centered on that magnificent bottom.

    I moved between her legs and buried my face between those beautiful pliant cheeks. It was late in the day, but there was no hint of any offending odors. Mandy was, as always, fresh and clean. The smooth softness of that ass is indescribable. My hands groped her soft bottom as I licked at her anus. She squirmed ecstatically, while the volume of her moaning grew as my stiff tongue probed the yielding orifice. I lifted her hips a bit to access her beautiful vagina and craned my neck to gently lick between those fleshy, moist lips. She started slowly humping at my face while I raked my nose firmly up and down the furrow between her twat and anus as best as I could in that position. Normally, I’d have Mandy flip over on her back, making it easier to orally sodomize both her holes, but I was absolutely transfixed on that ass! Everything today would be with Mandy laying right there on her tummy, butt up.

    Once I straightened out my neck and popped the vertebra back in place, I got into position with my pelvis over her ass, reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand and squirted a generous quantity between her ass cheeks, then, placing my dick between those soft, plump cushions, rode up and down in the valley. We often do that and I ply the tip against her butt hole, but it never goes in – this is Mandy, you know. After several long minutes in this heaven on earth, I reached for a cover and continued, moving my way down until my dick found its way into her steamy hot cunt. Mandy gave a start and moaned, “Oh God, I love when you do it this way!” I think she did because as hard as I thrust into her, that’s how hard she pushed back at me. We kept at it for a long time, Mandy giving as good as she got, when her breaths became short and she uttered, “Yes, yes! Oh my God, I’m cumming!” After a few short twerks, she fell quiet and then, in a satisfied murmur asked, “Did you feel me cum?” Honestly, with a bag on my dick I really can’t tell, but it’s nice to think that she did.

    After a moment, I picked up the pace once more and within a few minutes, it was my turn. Mandy sensed I was coming close and pressed up, knowing instinctively the perfect cadence and where to apply just the right pressure to bring on and extend the most intense orgasms. My penis began throbbing deep in her womb and it seemed to go on forever as she kept squeezing her vagina tightly around it. Unfortunately, I didn’t heed the “Do not dawdle once you’re done” maxim because, as I laid upon Mandy, nuzzling in her beautiful fragrant hair, kissing her neck and ears, my infinitely happy but pitifully shrinking penis slipped out, leaving the condom inside with a river of cum pouring out forming a milky reservoir between her tightly closed legs. She croaked, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” as I ran for a washrag to mop up the puddle. “I swear I thought you peed in me,” she said with a forgiving smile, retrieving the now empty bag from inside of her. We both laughed, me apologizing for the accident, she apologizing for making me do all the work this time, and we headed for the bathroom to wash up.

    Another wonderful session from a truly amazing woman. Only one position, no blowjob or much of anything else, but I wouldn’t have traded this time with her for anything. Every session is unique and perfect in its own right. Mandy recently celebrated a birthday and I told her it’s like she doesn’t get older, she just gets better. She’s been my ATF for five years running and is just about the only provider I see now. No reason to see anyone else.

    Good news for the Mandy-curious; she has been taking some new clients of late. Texting is the best way to reach her. It’s rare that you’ll get her just when the urge hits you, so it’s always best to try and book with her well in advance. Since hotel rooms are so expensive on LI during the summer, if she doesn’t have a full roster that day, it may not pay for her to work and you’ll be out of luck. Likewise, many days she doesn’t work for health or family reasons, so it may take several attempts. Be persistent, but don’t be a pest, and always be a gentleman. And NEVER ask for pictures. That’s a foolproof way to get blacklisted. She doesn’t even send pictures to her regulars. She’s very cautious and if you ask too many questions or come across as an ass, you’ll never see her. But if you meet her criteria and get an appointment, as many have found, once you meet her she’ll become an addiction and you will most certainly be back for more.
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  18. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    Mandy Chronicles 17.5.23 - Part 2

    I took her place and Mandy crawled between my legs, kissing my thighs, then the tip of my ever hardening penis, finally enveloping the entire organ in her warm, wet mouth. As I’ve said before, she doesn’t just suck a cock, she makes love to it, and no one does it better than she does! For the second time this day, her tongue glided over the underside of my dick, flicking repeatedly at the sensitive junction of the crown and the shaft, causing me to swoon with pleasure. The sight of her beautiful head bobbing back and forth with her mouth encasing the full length of my stiff penis, her amazing green eyes staring longingly up at me and that magnificent smooth, flawless body laid out in front of me is nothing short of the stuff that dreams are made of. Mandy often provides me with a little extra service because of my frequent flyer status and the fact that we’ve know each other for quite a while. She pressed at my thighs and I pulled my legs up, giving her unlimited access to my ass. No one can rim like this woman! Once she got “in the groove,” if you will, I had to ask if it was her tongue or her finger that far up my ass, but since I noticed one of her hands clasped tightly in mine and the other sliding slowly up and down my cock still slick from the blow job, I managed in my state of delirious euphoria to mumble, “Never mind.”

    When Mandy finished orally probing me, she asked if I wanted her on top, my usual choice. On this day, I chose to start with missionary. She got on her back and I positioned myself between her legs, running my naked dick between her moist pussy lips, as we usually do. The feel of riding between those smooth lips is indescribable and the urge to plunge in unprotected takes all of my willpower to resist, but we’ve built up a trust that I will not break. She enhanced the effect by reaching for the lube and squinting some on her pussy, then some on my dick, rubbing the latter with one hand, then fingering her own twat with the other, I’m not certain for her pleasure or mine but, God knows, I was loving the show. There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than listening to Mandy’s moaning and watching her writhe ecstatically as her fingers alternate between rubbing her shiny clit and soft, thick lips then dipping deep into her steamy, wet cunt. Reaching the point where I simply couldn’t take any more stimulation I turned onto my back and, not missing a beat, Mandy climbed up on me, continuing to slide my dick between her slick lips, cowgirl. Watching that lithe body rocking back and forth with her face grimacing in ecstasy had me grabbing for the condom on the nightstand. She paused while I applied it and then continued sliding my dick between her lips until, with a gasp, she finally let it find its home. Thankfully, the cover blunted some of the sensation so I was able to enjoy the amazing time my cock was having deep in her womb. Mandy alternated between an up and down and rocking, sliding motion, all the while moaning and staring down at me with those smoky green eyes as I fondled her perky little breasts. Despite the condom, I was reaching the point of no return and requested that she turn around for her signature RCG. In no time at all, Mandy’s magnificent ass was staring me in the face, bobbing up and down as her pussy consumed my rock hard dick. She uttered, “Oh my God, it feels so good! Come with me baby!” As hard as I tried to hold back, the sight of my covered dick, shiny with her juices, plunging in and out of that wet peach of a cunt framed by those luscious ass cheeks had me shooting out a torrent of hot cum that filled the bag. Mandy sensed me cumming and squeezed her vagina tight against my squirting cock while she continued pressing her crotch firmly against mine until the last drop was milked out of me. She climbed off to get a washrag and removed the condom, admiring the load she’d just wrung out of me. “I just love the way I can give you so much pleasure like that,” she said, coming back into bed and snuggling with me, extending my exhausted, contented condition for several more minutes.

    From start to finish, this woman would not let up and gave me 110% of her attention, energy, and enthusiasm. This was a one-of-a-kind session with Mandy, but they all are. How many providers can you see for five years running and the visits keep getting better? It amazes me that, for someone who just turned 53, Mandy remains a beautiful woman with an amazing little body, she’s still on the top of her game and she absolutely relishes the work that she does - and it shows!
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  19. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy


    Mandy Chronicles 17.5.23 - Part 1

    A few weeks ago, about an hour before our scheduled date, I got a text from Mandy saying her eyes were burning and she could barely breathe from her allergies so, much to my regret, we had to cancel. The next week, it was her pooch who was sick. Happily, when I heard from her last week, she said that everyone was feeling great and she looked forward to seeing me. I held my breath until I got to the hotel, hoping nothing would get in the way of seeing my ATF this time – two weeks without Mandy is way more than I can bear! At the appointed time I got her text with the room number and down the corridor I charged. When the door opened, there stood Mandy with an inviting smile, her long honey-brown hair flowing down soft, smooth bare shoulders exposed through cut-outs in her tight, low-cut black top. The cleavage between her cute little breasts, always accented to great effect by a push-up bra, enticed me the moment I laid eyes on her. And, as usual, the slacks she chose beautifully highlighted her tight little figure. This woman knows how to dress smart and sexy and oozes sensuality from every pore! All I could think about was what was in store once I got inside that room and she locked the door behind us.

    Wasting no time, as the door closed, her arms embraced my neck and she planted a long, deep kiss on my lips that seemed to last forever. I dropped the bag I was carrying and my hands began groping her everywhere. Mandy released herself from my lips and rubbed her face all over mine as I began kissing her neck and lightly chewed on her ear lobes, gently licking her ears with my tongue and softly whispering sweet dirty talk to her to which she responded back in kind. I kissed her neck again and, sliding my hands under the waist of her pants, began kneading her ass cheeks as she moaned with pleasure. The fingers of one hand reached deeper down, sliding with a brief pause at her anus into her crotch feeling the warmth of her moistening pussy when she stiffened with a jerk and exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re making me so horny!” Things were already getting so hot in the first three minutes of seeing her that I was seriously at risk of leaving a big wet spot in my trousers, so I reluctantly separated from her, took a deep breath and sat down on the bed. She sat across from me and we began our usual casual conversation of all the mundane things that transpired since I saw her last. I had a few snacks for her and a belated Mother’s Day card intended for some weeks before with a few scratch-offs that she always loves. Did you know that Hallmark doesn’t make Mother’s Day cards specifically for MILFs? Might be a great niche market opportunity for some entrepreneurial monger out there.

    After a few minutes chatting, Mandy suddenly commanded, “Get over here! I need to see you naked.” I got up, kicked off my shoes and began unbuttoning my shirt as I approached her sitting on the bed. She quickly undid my belt, unzipped my pants, pulled them down, then my underpants and suddenly, stepping out of the clothing, I stood in front of her, naked, with my throbbing penis in line with her beautiful face. She looked up at me with a coquettish smile and then began to plunder my cock. I felt as though I was in one of those POV “Clothed Female, Naked Male” fetish porn flicks, staring down at this gorgeous vixen, her head bobbing back and forth with my stiff dick, gleaming wet from her spit, gliding in and out of her warm, welcoming mouth from its head to its hilt. Mandy would pause to kiss the head and rub the slippery shaft with her clenched hand as she stared up at me with a tantalizing smile. She spit on her fingers and put her hand between my legs that I gladly parted to ease her access. Her wet fingers moved under my balls and then between my cheeks, massaging my asshole then pressing firmly but gently to the first knuckle as I spread my legs further apart. The sight and sensation of my dick filling her mouth and her finger prodding at my yielding sphincter was becoming more than I could handle so, for the second time this session, I pulled away to prevent me finishing way too early, defying Mandy’s “Thou shalt not cum in my mouth” edict.

    She rose and I began helping her off with her clothes. I love standing behind Mandy, removing her bra, then cupping those wonderful little breasts while holding her next to me tightly, nuzzling in her lush, full hair, just inhaling her sweet scent and watching us in the mirror as she squirms against me. Mandy stepped out of her tiny black thong and pressed her naked butt against my cock, lifting herself up and down on her toes as my dick rode the channel between her smooth as silk cheeks. I pushed her toward the bed and we both laid down, embracing one another and kissing with the passion of a couple of teenagers on prom night. I rolled on top of her and spent time nibbling gently on each nipple, enjoying their pebbly texture as they grew harder between my saliva soaked lips while Mandy moaned a common refrain, “Oh God, I love when you do that to me!” As I moved further down her soft, inviting body, she wiggled in anticipation, smiling down at me in that sexy way that she can. When I reached the junction of her thighs, I stopped to gaze at the beautiful sight, gently spreading the meaty lips, listening to the moist flesh parting, then nudging the yielding flesh to expose her glistening smooth, pink clit. As always, she was perfectly clean and fresh and smelled like absolutely nothing at all. Mandy moaned as I blew lightly on her exposed cunt and then shuddered when I began flicking my tongue on her stiffening clitoris. My tongue sank deep into her wet vagina and I raked my nose against her clit as I lifted her thighs, placing her legs by her shoulders and began licking at her tight brown knot, depositing liberal amounts of spit on her tender sphincter. The tip of my tongue rode the channel between her anus and clit repeatedly while Mandy’s eyes closed, her head swooned in the pillows and her moans became louder. I moved a finger to her anus, slick with my saliva and gently massaged the tight orifice, applying gentle pressure, just pressing the tip into the stricture. She doesn’t do well with ass play, but after so many years together, we’ve built up a rapport and she probably puts up with it for me more than she thoroughly enjoys it. I continued lapping at her now soaking wet twat and, as we approached her desired rhythm, she urged, “Oh yes, yes! Just like that, yes!” After a few moments more she began trembling and moaned, “Oh my God, I’m cumming!” Her legs clenched tightly around me as her hands grabbed hold of my head and pulled me in closer to her crotch. Her vaginal juices flowed copiously and took on a slightly bitter taste as she spasmed repeatedly, then grew still. It was quite a show and, although I’m sure she’s faked orgasms with me before, this one seemed the real deal.

    Mandy’s head rested quietly on the soft pillows. She displayed a look of total contentment. Her eyes were closed, she wore a satisfied smile and relaxation poured over her beautiful face. I made my way up next to her, nuzzling against her, softly kissing her on the cheek and losing myself in her thick, fragrant hair. She put her arms around me, squeezing me tightly to her. As we laid there, her blazing green eyes grew wide and she asked, “Where did you learn how to do that?!?” Since it’s pretty much what I do every time I’m with her, I just smiled. She laughed when I suggested we rent ourselves out to couples, shaking her head dismissively, insisting she wanted me all to herself. I should be so lucky! Then she commanded, “Now you get over here!”
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    I have seen mandy a few times recently as well as 18 or so months ago. She is a special lady who is one of the only providers I met who truly enjoyed the work. Her bbj is awesome and seeing her in cg/rcg is usually enough to finish me but somehow restrain- I channel my inner chi and flip to miss then doggie if I am lucky. Conversation before and after is always easy and flowing somehow and is never forced. Not more to say that others haven't. She is not young but looks awesome and does not show age at all pm her body. Service is first rate and she is first rate.
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