Manhattan Escort Scam - Who Would Fall For This?

Discussion in 'New York' started by DireWolf98, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. BennyBlanc0


    Similar set up as diki's. I thought i had a civilian bitch. During the 1st "date" she said she wanted to go out dancing next time but she needed $400 to buy an outfit to wear. Told her to buy it & I'd reimberse her after we went out dancing. guess she never found a dress lol
  2. dikipedia


    I've never experienced this myself, but then again I usually don't use those social networking sites. In one instance I've actually had a date that said she would love to go home with me but needs help paying her phone bill so we can keep in touch after. I offered to stop by an internet cafe to pay it electronically, she suggested i just give her the cash and she would pay it the next day. I was considering it until she told me how much the bill was. I laughed and said she needs to find a new cellular provider. Needless to say, that was the end of the date.
  3. DireWolf98


    Exactly! This seems to be a recent trend in attempted scams.
  4. canweparty


    I had a girl say that I needed to paypal her the donation in full first and then we would work out the!
  5. DireWolf98


    Recently, there has been a trend of alleged Service Providers using Social Networking Sites to attract new customers. These people pose as girls seeking dates, networking, etc Then when chatting or texting, they say "Actually, I am an escort."

    I see nothing completely wrong with that except for these people demand payment in advance via some sort of wire transfer. Every single one makes that identical request. Most of them are Filipinas (scam alert) and they always quote suspciously low rates. They say, "That's my agency's policy to request advance payment and we have lots of customers." Yea, right, and I am a middle reliever for the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Can anyone here imagine a circumstance where any of us would send money in advance via wire transfer to complete and total strangers?

    IMHO, they are probably girls or guys in the Philippines or Nigeria . . .

    I see at least 99 things wrong with this, including:

    1. Rule Number One For Customers - Always give the money to the girl.

    2. Rule Number Two For Customers - Never pay in advance. The Internet is filled with sad stories of people who send money to complete strangers . . .

    3. Never send money to people that complete strangers.

    4. Never send money to people that you meet on the Internet and ask for money.

    5. Never send money to Filipinas with kooky stories.

    6. Wiring money to would add a significant security risk. Wiring money would create an unnecessary and dangerous "Paper Trail" that others could discover. Isn't that how Eliott Spitzer got caught? Of course, the difference here was that Eliott Spitzer sent money to a company that he knew, had met and trusted. He got caught by the Paper Trail.

    Someone must be getting bamboozled because I have been approached in this manner at least five times since August.

    Below please find a copy of the e-mail exchange from my most-recent situation. In this situation, "Gloria" asked me to say that someone named "Lucas" recommended Gloria (as opposed to finding her on a Social Networking Site).

    From: Dire Wolf
    To: excaliburescortcompany
    Subject: Interested in Booking Gloria

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My friend Lucas recommended your agency to me.

    Lucas also provided a strong recommendation for Gloria.

    Therefore, I would like to inquire about booking Gloria for a three-hour incall session in the near future.

    I look forward to your reply.


    From: Parial Jeffer (excaliburescortcompany)
    To: Dire Wolf
    Subject: Re: Interested in Booking Gloria

    Mr. Dire Wolf?,

    I got your email I apologize for the late response so you are the friend of Lucas yes he is client of Gloria.

    Do you like to set appointment to Gloria? for 3 hour incall session

    let me know when?? but im not convince for 3 hour session

    i will think about it..

    this the handler of gloria


    From: Dire Wolf
    To: Parial Jeffer (excaliburescortcompany)
    Subject: Re: Interested in Booking Gloria

    Hi Jeffer,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Please explain the meaning of your statement that you are "not convince for 3 hour session." You will think about it? I don't understand.

    I would be interested in arranging this session next week, once I know my schedule.

    One thing I need to know in order to plan my schedule: in which neighborhood would I meet Gloria for Incall?

    Lucas told me that a three-hour session is $200.
    What are your rates for longer sessions?

    I am sure that you can provide me with some basic information without telling me too much.

    Dire Wolf

    From: Parial Jeffer (excaliburescortcompany)
    To: Dire Wolf
    Subject: Re: Interested in Booking Gloria

    Hi Mr. Wolf,

    thank you for your reply.

    Sorry for my late response im busy and alots of booking i process this week.

    I will accept your 3 hour incall for gloria.

    Gloria rates:

    3 hour for $200 (minimum)

    overnight $900

    But you need to pay direct from the company we are not accept cash basis (hand to hand) we using money trasnfer (MONEYGRAM) for payment process. For your assurances that you will meet the escort girl you want to booked. Once you will send the money in MONEYGRAM they will give you a details REFERENCE number. You will give the reference number to the escort.

    - Jeffer