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  1. sakatz


    Re: Pure Bliss (from The American Sex Secene 5/02)

    I went to the Chelsea location about 2 years ago--I didn't realize it was called
    Bliss or anything else for that matter. Sexy blonde, terrible massage, fs available. But she had just had a baby and warned me that there was much she couldn't do so I passed.

    I forget how much it cost. The place was nice, but the street is a little dicey--near the projects on 9th Avenue. It makes calling from the corner a bit scary.

    Personally, I always like the RMPs in the midtown area--they advertise in NY Mag and are generally in the 50s or 20s near Lex. Take your pick--cute, friendly girls and usually pretty liberal within the confines of the strictly no-FS places. Although I'd like to find a decent place that offers both.
  2. mydesign


    Re: ice world!!

    been on the joketime thread, eh green?
  3. mongerdeux


    Contact info?
  4. From recent experience, this is accurate except in one respect: it does not always lead to FS.
  5. Tom0504


    Pure Bliss (from The American Sex Secene 5/02)

    Area of 29th St. and 3rd Ave.
    212/213-2977 or 212/213-4480
    "Rates: $1.3 /30 min or $$/hr"
    "About 5 cute girls. Almost always begin their sessions with a sensuous massage, this always leads to FS. Open 9am-mid, 7 days. Call hour ahead. 2nd loc. 18th & 9th Ave."

    No personal experience, just passing along latest research...
  6. Re: clp

    Just do a search for cute little pussycats or look for posts by April, who runs the joint. Or, if you're lucky, just look at the banner ad, as she is one of those rare shops who financially supports UG!
  7. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    ice world!!

    That is one of the coldest things I have read here in weeks, and unfortunately it reminds me of a really bad joke:

    A travelling salesman walks into a whorehouse and says to the Madam, "Here's a thousand bucks, I want the worst lay in the place."

    "For $1,000, you can have the best lay," the Madam replied.

    The man answered; "I'm not horny, I'm homesick!"
  8. paladin


    Check Again

    You might want to check Julie's again. Recently she's been coming up with top-notch young talent. Halley, for example. ;)
  9. sonic5



    Is it possible to get an address or phone number thanks
  10. Couple of responses

    Skagen: Julie's is fine, but this is the Spa board, no? Haven't ever had a massage there worth repeating. Julie's is a hike from midtown, especially from the East Side.

    Zipper: Secret or no, I never see it mentioned on this board. As for Corporate Secrets, I like it plenty. But if I find myself aroused while I'm there, as I often do, I have one choice: HR. Bliss has options, which I prefer. (Which I know contradicts the above, but whatever.) And, contrary to your experience, I've found the masseuses at Bliss to be as attractive, if not more attractive, than the ones at Corporate Secrets. Bobby's excellent (@ CS) but Sabrina was 5'10", modelesque, and gave FS. I would give CS the edge on massage quality, but on ladies it's at least a dead heat.

    Finally, I think I was mistaken about prices (mea culpa): $130 for the half hour and $160 for the hour. So, competitive with CS, although not cheaper enough to make a difference. My price included tip.

    Carl M: Again, a hike. But from what I've seen on the board, a hike worth making! The other problem, though, is that CLP isn't open until eves. My hobbying is strictly a daytime activity.

    Thanks for the tips, guys. What about expanding beyond those commonly mentioned places though?

    One other rec: I've had good luck at a MP called 59th Street Beauty Salon, on Lex. west side of street b/w 58 and 59. Russian place. Great HR and superior professional massage, much better than CS. No F/S avail, however. Highly recommended within those parameters. 1 hr. costs $70 plus tip, which I usually leave $60. (Does that sound right?)
  11. zipper


    bliss advertises in the back of new york magazine so they shouldnt be considering themselves a secret
    for what you are spending there i would reco the slightly more economical charms/corporate secret
    the rates are a little less at $140 half, $170 hour complete, no hassling for tips though i always leave one
    the quality of the actual bodyrub is nearly always comparable to a professional swedish massage since i believe many of the staff are actually trained and licensed
    the selection of girls is the best ive found in the nyc spa scene
    and now that theyve opened the second location its not as hard to get an appointment
    i tried julies back in my f/s days and while they are very nice,reasonable and accomodating i found the selection of women to be a little too old for my taste
    i have old at home, i dont need to buy it
  12. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    You can go to CLP in Brooklyn(2 blocks off the subway) incall for $200/hr and if Aprils in the mood and your nice to her you can get a double of GFEs!!
  13. skagen



    That HJ place is not really good value. For that price you can go to Julie's, right in midtown and get a half hour or $150 or a full hour for $200. And you wouldn't be wondering what you're going to get.....
  14. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm in a bit of a budget crunch. So, lately I've been pursuing more HJ/etc. shops than escorting...

    That said, I plead guilty to keeping my rolodex to myself. Yet here I am every day, scrolling for little scraps of information.

    Bottom line, I say, I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

    Here's one I've not seen mentioned publicly in a long time:

    Bliss. First floor of an apartment building in the high 20s, East Side. I think they have a companion shop on the West Side in Chelsea. I've been going there a while, with great success. Staff is usually young and attractive. New gal named Sabrina, tall thin black modelesque, was a great recent experience...

    Nude massage is mediocre to good, with HJ finish. Costs $150 for 1/2 hour, $$ for the hour, or thereabouts. Extras negotiable, though FS is not always guaranteed.

    Phone is 213-4480. You may have to social engineer your way in the door, as it's a bit of a secret. Often they ask who recommended them to you.

    I've got others, but would like to see if we can get a few more folks to share their favorite places. Peronally, I'm still looking for an AMP that rivals Fantasy Modeling in Bridgeport. Any takers?