ManhattanBadGrl Controversy?

Discussion in 'New York' started by nycjohn25, Aug 29, 2001.

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    Im a Yankee native that now lives in Atlanta and i met Ginger this past weekend when she was here in Atlanta and i can tell you that she is not a hard body but not BBW and she is all that and then some. The Best ORAL XTC i have ever received bar none. She kicked everyones ass that i knew here in Atlanta. She likes talking dirty, looking at you and going at it all day and she does it to completion and likes facials and encourages feedback and multiples so i say RUn not walk to go see her. She is young but the conversation carried out with her does not strike me as a youngster and she looks a little older but she is very intelligent. Anyone that wishes to dispute this claim feel free to email me at and ill be glad to answer any questions. You guys in NYC have 1 HOT Tamale and if i was there mopre often or she was here id be broke. I have found my cookies and cream and she is DA BOMB and AWESOME. Rates are reasonable and im already trying to schdule my next appt when she comes here again.
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    wsb, ZoeBBW was sponsoring Ginger, not Zoe of Sterling's
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    Is this Zoe of Sterling??? If you are going to put up that kind of post, please either post a link to the thread or provide additional info.

    In any event, I am forced to once again ask the question: Are you really shocked to learn than an escort service engages in bait-and-switch??? GR engaged in bait-and-switch as a regular business practice. Johns hardly ever complained though since the girl that actually showed-up was as good, if not better than the pic. I personally only like to deal with actual recent pictures b/c I am very picky, but FWIW, bait-and-switch does not necessarily equate to bad service (although it seems to in this case).

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    With all there is to choose from in NYC, I am left to wonder why anyone would even consider an escort or agency that has even a whiff of dishonesty or impropriety connected to them. Whether or not any of this is true, I personally would steer very clear.
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    Is any of this true? I got this from bigdog. Was wondering if there was any truth to it?

    I wanted to see her this week. But because of this, I'm hesitating

    These comments pertain to what I see as B/S surrounding Ginger's newness, age, appearance, and innocence where Zoe's claims Ginger does not know as much as lets say Zoe, or any other SP in the business for a few weeks or even months. First off, I made an appointment with Ginger a little more than a year ago. At that time she used the same photographs she uses now, and also claimed they were no more than a few months old. Well, when she presented at my door at the time I kindly gave her carfare and sent her back to where she came, she claimed to be an NYU coed living in the dorms. Over a year ago she was well on her way to BBW and looked very little like the pretty face in the high school photograph she sent out then, which is the same photograph Zoe sends to this day. This by the way, is the alternate bait and switch approach to snaring clients; Ginger has eaten all the bait and made a switch in physical appearance. I have no idea of what the relationship (business or otherwise) between Zoe and Ginger is, nor do I care, but it does seem awful funny that Zoe is promoting Ginger as heavily as she is. And I feel Ginger is not new, is not 19, or knows as little as Zoe claims she does. It is so funny to see the cookie crumbs all over Zoe's face, and her post as she states above "...anyone else and you would have been safe." Surely we can expect a response once Zoe wipes the crumbs off of her face and her computer and resorts to telling us of what a lovely sweet young thing Ginger is, and what a terrible man I must be, flame on Zoe. I make no claims as to the type of service one would receive from Ginger or Zoe. What I do know is the Ginger that presents in person is years older, and many sizes larger than the Ginger presented to prospective clients in photographs. And I for one have a very hard time with Zoe's claims of innocence. Lastly, why is it that the better regarded providers are not posting day, after day, after day, is it because they don't have the need and have a steady stream of clients? What is it about a bottom feeder that is so annoying? I know; they are always in the way!