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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by nycresponder, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. nycresponder


    due diligence..

    There's usually not a lot of due diligence going on. I've searched the boards here a bit for some information on some of the girls, but for the most part I go in with my eyes open and see what's up.

    I think Maria is the only one that's been a bit of a disappointment, and the only one that's been a one time thing, that I've written about to date.

    I've walked out of one place when they pulled a modified bait and switch (the girl I wanted was there, and accidentally came into my room but they refused to honor the appointment I had with her, insisting she had another client that she was just beginning with. I'll post a stand alone posting on this place later on tonight.

    I've had a few repeat visits, although part of the fun for me is the variety. It's just living out a bit of a fantasy and enjoying the ride. My tme here is limited, I'll enjoy it.
  2. genius


    It means that the girl just doesn't lie there admiring the paint job on the ceiling and asking you if you are done yet while you are plugging away.

    Supposedly a GFE act is good enough so you think you are actually having sex with someone who actually cares about you and/or is hot for you.

    Personally, when I wanted that I would go to my gf. When I'm interested in a pro, I just want her to be enthusiastic, proficient and give me my money's worth.
  3. RuffToy


    NYC question for ya

    Do you just take a chance & dive in head first (pun intended) with some of these girls posting on CL or do you do your due diligence (as best as possible) before contacting them and setting up a visit?
    Your reviews are very thorough and appreciated, just seems that many are less than stellar experiences, a one time thing. Have you ever walked out of an appt once you got there and saw the merchandise?
  4. dumpav2


    what the hell is that term of GFE??

    I thought it mean FS with bbbj and bbfs and DFK whole nine yard!?
    (that what gf do? right?)

    How the hell a HJ provider call herself GFE?? Does your GF give you just HJ these day?
  5. nycresponder



    I'm not big on the AMP, don't really like seeing others or being in a larger environment where the privacy level isn't pretty high and the volume is way too high for me to feel comfortable.

    Was hoping she'd be an attractive and relatively cheap way to go in the neighborhood, but it doesn't seem that way.
  6. manohgod2


    Wouldn't it be funny if he was BMM in disguise.
  7. UG Staff

    UG Staff Staff

    Barely one month into the year, and I think someone's already got Rookie of the Year locked up.
  8. fortydog


    Thanks, saw that one and was curious. That seems like alot for a 1/2 considering the multitude of AMPs and other options in the neighborhood.
  9. nycresponder


    She advertises as a 31 year old Russian lady; 120 pounds 5.4 blonde, blue eyed, GFE; offering sensual and nude massage with light mutual touching

    Standard two call system gets you down the block from Penn Station in an office building; her 'spa type room' is an office with a massage table within a larger suite of offices. No shower or bathroom readily available although I'm sure there's a public restroom on the floor somewhere.

    She's probably a bit older than 31; smallish titties that droop a bit and she's not really all that attractive. She got nakes right off the bat and walked around in heels throughout. Massage was weak and pretty uninspired. No attempt at sensuality throughout or playing with the boys while on my stomach. Wasn't even really hard on the flip but she worked to address that manually. Completely open to pretty in-depth roaming and didn't push me away or make any effort to remove my deeply buried fingers.

    She cleaned both of us up with some baby wipes and alcohol. It was $100 for the half hour, I guess in a pinch it's fine, but nothing amazing.