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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by trader1, Mar 2, 2003.

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  1. bigdoggie


    I have been out of NYC for about 5 months but can concurr that giving Linda a massage was one of the biggest thrills I experienced in the NYC hobby scene. She really appreciated the attention and reciprocated with great attention. Usually she would massage me until the first cup was finished then I would massage her and then she would take care of me again. It was amazing.
  2. trader1



    I've been to A & L's and have meet Bunny- She is a nice girl with fantastic options, but she is incredibly ticklish. Anything below the belt ( well maybe legs, calfs-- and she is subject to extreme laughter- Kind of destroys the mood.

    On my way out, I met with another hostess ( Australian Girl). Definately worth looking into. I thinkit's time for another trip over there...
  3. cardshark


    I also LOVE to give massage. Your 75-25 ratio is about right for me too. One of the best that I have found for giving a massage to is Linda ( from Angela and Linda ). She has a killer body, allows liberal roaming, appreciates receiving, and when it is time
    for her 25% She comes through big time.
  4. exrubbernecker


    i will ***** the all powerful slinky and ask if we are allowed to talk off board, if so you may not post my incall's name here.
    i dont want to get threatened by crazy posters because of something ive written that they may find offensive (i tend to be bluntly truthful, a luxury you have by staying anon) nor do i want any LE attention in the remote case that they scan this board.
    ill instruct slinky to send an e/m to you ,if its ok with him, that would reveal my e/m address. then if you want to come in and rub my staff members we will welcome you with open arms. i have paid for an ad on ug in the past so i think it'll be ok.
  5. exrubbernecker


    provider/client relationships arent different from other relationships between human beings. if one party treats the other with consideration and respect, hopefully they will get back the same.

    ive read many threads from guys who are so concerned about pleasing the provider, appropriate tipping, bringing a gift or are worried about being liked (as you know many men are trying to satisfy emotional needs as well as physical, some are lonely even if they have a wife/girlfriend). the truth is that while no provider isnt impressed by a generous tip or gift, its not necessary to have a good time. just be a nice clean respectful person, leave a tip that is appropriate just to say i appreciate your time, and you wont have any worry that either of you didnt enjoy the session!
  6. tekwrek


    massaging the provider

    If I get to know the provider well, I find that giving a message makes her massage that much better. Remember, the girls in these AMPs work long hours and they are very grateful for a massage. One girl even directed me how to crack her back and give a really hard massage. Needless to say, her response in kind was very pleasing.
  7. trader1


    An offer you can't refuse

    Ok Milkmaid

    Here is an offer which should be difficult for you to refuse :)~

    I pay for the time- let's assume an hour for example.
    I massage for 75% of the time
    You massage for 25% of the time
    If you don't feel better after our time together I double your fee.

    Always smiling----)~ *** me
  8. exrubbernecker


    where do i sign up??

    oh trader then you are dream client!
    id almost reveal my identity to send you to my place so we can have the benefit of having you as a member....

  9. trader1


    Let me clarify:)

    I pay to both give the girl a massage and receive one too

    I never made it out of writing 101 :)~

  10. exrubbernecker


    waterclone sounds like a client who the girls are happy to see no matter where he goes.

    he"gets it" perfectly and said it perfectly. if i'd said it id get labeled a big bitch.

    the irony is that i read hear and have heard in person repeatedly how important it is to many men that the girls like them. or they want to please us. so not only do we have to satisfy the client, explain how they can satisfy us, but now if we do like any of the session we lose money???


    i did work at a house where a LICENSED massage therapist offered an hour of his service for an hour of ours, and a few girls took him up on it. the massage he provided was a real theraputic massage, just like if you went to a real day spa. it was totally professional and non sexual. he didnt expect to get off or be a pervert on her time then get off again on his.
  11. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    A better proposal...

    How about this.

    Adjust the proposal, so the HR is only free if the provider decides the massage was worth it.

    Completely at the providers discretion and honesty. If the provider moaned and groaned and screamed in pleasure and then said "nope. Not good enough. still pay for the session" then the client would still pay.

    But if the provider honestly enjoyed the massage, and thought it was worth a discount, then that's great too. :)

    Personally, I think this is pretty silly. I'd love it, but realistically, clients pay for the providers time, and whether the provider enjoys the session or not doesn't affect the value of the providers time.

    Hell, I like my job, but I'll be damned if I am going to refuse my paycheck because of it. I was smart/lucky enough to choose a profession I enjoy.

    So, if a client chooses to spend his money trying to give the provider pleasure, he absolutely should not expect a "freebie".
  12. exrubbernecker


    Need clarification-
    Your proposal is you touch a pretty naked young woman all over and she provide you with a HR....
    for free.

    Thank you for your generous offer!!!

    ;-) MM
  13. trader1


    There was a post a couple of threads down suggesting many of the guys when giving a massage to a girl are only interested tits,ass etc.. Maybe I'm one of the minnority- but I truly enjoy giving a massage and I'm certainly not going to ask to get paid- I take the happy ending sometime within the hour- but ya know what- there is something about rubbing, feeling touching all over a beautiful womans body womans body
    Ladies anyone in need of a massage?