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  1. nabbeun


    perhaps ct places will do what they did in hawaii when faced with similar ordinance: the places are no longer 'massage parlors' but places for 'relaxation'. signs on the wall stictly say that no massage is available.

    they give you a place to lie down and rest. they have table showers and some have a dry or steam sauna. and a pretty young attendant brings you soft drinks and takes care of any other requests you may have...

    squeezing one pressure point just results in a bulge in another area, but doesn't squeeze down the overall level of activity...
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  2. Jack_Maehoffer


    Officials considering massage regulations :

    Police Chief says other towns are finding that more and more massage parlors are operating as fronts for prostitution.

    Township officials are working on updating local laws to give police and health officials new tools to use in regulating massage parlors.
    The steps are being taken based on the request of Police Chief Robert Gazaway, who noted other communities have discovered more and more massage parlors operating as fronts for prostitution.
    He said such a business would prove difficult to prosecute should it open in Hillsborough.
    "By instituting an ordinance, it will enable us to have control over all the massage parlors in town," said Chief Gazaway.
    At the Nov. 22 Township Committee meeting, Chief Gazaway suggested the Township Committee create an ordinance to help regulate any massage businesses in Hillsborough.
    He said that the Police Department and Health Department were working together to determine which one should be in control of checking on the businesses.
    In a phone interview last week, Chief Gazaway said he brought the need for regulation to the Township Committee because of the illegal massage operations that were found in other towns, including Manville and Springfield.
    "Probably sometime in January or February we'll ... bring our findings back to the Township Committee," said Chief Gazaway, noting the ordinance could place jurisdiction for the businesses with either the Health Department or Police Department.
    Recently, four massage parlors were closed in Springfield when the establishments failed to obtain the necessary permits to operate, but recently enacted laws there may help Springfield officials close more.
    According to Springfield Township Administrator Ed Fanning, officials were able to shut down the parlors on Dec. 8 and are investigating seven other similar operations based the on regulations that took effect in Springfield on Nov. 21.
    Mr. Fanning said that under Springfield's new township regulations, massage parlor employees must submit to a criminal background check, be fingerprinted, and have their photographs placed on file with the town. Those who perform massage must produce proof of having at least 200 hours of training.
    "This situation is not unique to Springfield. This is a concern throughout the state," said Mr. Fanning.
    "There has been a fair amount of activity in regulating massage parlors for the past few years. It's not a new issue," said Deborah Kole, staff attorney for the New Jersey League of Municipalities, pointing out that many municipalities have these types of ordinances.
    "I think there may well be two purposes for these ordinances. The straight-forward aspect is to protect the health and welfare of the citizens," she said. "This would also be a good way to ensure that these places aren't sexually oriented by requiring certain standards."
    She said some of the ordinances have required massage therapists to be licensed.
    "If you have someone who is licensed, then you're going to have someone who is a legitimate, trained massage therapist."
    "It's something we need to take a look at — I think this is a good idea," Mayor Bob Wagner said after Chief Gazaway's presentation.
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    Dammm!!!!! there goes my 5 minute drive to r&t wonderland
  4. RoosterC74


    Again, look at the location of the place. It is a pretty simple fact that rich, conversative folks, do not like this type of stuff in their own backyard. Look at the God Damn Local Taxes they are paying to live in those communities. And the salary of the local LE Officials in those areas are paid by the local taxpayers.
  5. megajimbo69


    From Today's Journal News....

    2 women charged with prostitution

    (Original publication: December 29, 2005)

    AIRMONT — Two women have been charged with prostitution in a police sting at Comfort Spa.

    Ramapo police began surveillance of the establishment at 304 E. Saddle River Road after complaints from area residents and business owners who said women were engaging in prostitution there, Detective Sgt. John Lynch said.

    "We've been keeping an eye on the spa for about a year," he said. "It took us a while to figure out if there was any kind of pattern."

    Undercover Ramapo police officers entered the business Tuesday and asked for massages.

    Two women working there offered to perform a sex act at the end of the massage for money, Lynch said.

    "The theme of it was the massage includes a sexual act with an expectation of a tip after the sex act," he said.

    Younghee Kim, 42, and Soonja Kim, 45, who both said they lived in Queens, were charged with unauthorized practice of a profession, a felony under an education law that requires massage therapists to be licensed by the state, and prostitution, a misdemeanor.

    A third woman was charged with the same education law felony when detectives returned to the spa yesterday looking for the owner, Lynch said.

    The woman, Meishan Jin, 38, of Palisades Park, N.J., offered the detectives a massage and she attempted to escort them into a massage room.

    Each of the three women was released on $500 bail pending an appearance in Airmont village court at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 5.

    Police are continuing their investigation of the spa. Lynch said the owner also may be charged.
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    Another piece of info. Put the Place in Blimpy Town in the middle of Morris Ave. in Springfield or in Westfield, and it will get closed down in a month or so.
  7. RoosterC74


    They key is the sex industry can be quite open and public if not in the wrong location. You cannot advertise nor show it off in the middle of an affuent and very conservative Union County, Morris County, or Monmouth County Community. It just ain't going to work. Places that exist in Colts Neck, Springfield, Westfield, etc. just ain't going to last because of the culture of those types of communities. For example, Stacy of Toms River has a place that hidden back off of the road, in a less affluent community, and will probably be far more successful. Add to that Viv's Place in Millstone.
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  8. Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork

    I’ve been to one of the place which was just closed back in the summer of 2004. It was next to a window store. The place was your typical NNJ AMP in that all you were likely to get was a good massage and a HJ. When you get a table shower and she pay little or no attention to your asshole …. then you know were her tongue is not going to go. The place was very clean and very discreet. The women were late 30ish at best and 40ish for the most part. You would not know the place was there unless you were looking for it, in fact I had a hard time finding it. I firmly believe that the crack down in massage places and strip joints is the next level of the culture war. You have feminist on the one side who wish to abolish all aspects of the sex industry. The women who are willing participants in it are too stupid to know that they are being exploited by men…. as they make six figures. And you have the religious right pushing their moral agenda. Both have the ears of prosecutors and politicians. If this is not put in check in time they will criminalize every aspect of being a man.
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    Dustin better start offering some happy endings or permit some utc roaming!!
  10. RoosterC74



    I agree. The less in clear vision the better. Still a tough place to exist in.
  11. petehanse



    Sometime if the place is tucked in back of a Bldg with no signs and no newspaper ONE I know in Springfield .......the chances for a long life are greatly increased!
  12. RoosterC74


    Again, this is pretty damn simple. If you are going to open up a massage parlor, and some of them open up on the main street in town, I would not suggest an affluent suburban NJ Town such as Springfield. You see these things take place time and time again. The end results is almost always the same.
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    Prick!-Stay out of Connecticut!
  14. Jack_Maehoffer


    SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Acting on new ordinances requiring massage parlors to obtain operating permits, Springfield officials closed four massage parlors on Dec. 8 for failing to comply with these new regulations.

    The establishments closed were Sun Master Spa at 245 Morris Ave., Wellness Center at 226 Morris Ave., a Four Seasons parlor at 656 Morris Ave. and another Four Seasons at 11 Dundar Road. Sun Master Spa is the only of the four seeking to remain open, while the others are closed permanently. The remaining parlors in town began hurrying to comply, but, even so, a fifth such establishment was closed on Dec 13.

    Some of these massage parlors are suspected of being fronts for prostitution and other illicit activities. The new law also requires massage operators to provide more thorough identification and proof of training.

    At the Township Committee meeting on Dec. 13, committee members discussed the issue with the citizenry present. They indicated that some 67 violations were discovered since the new regulations took effect.

    Dustin Blanchard, a legitimate massage therapist with a business located on Morris Avenue, complained to board members that the permit fees required would be damaging to his business.

    Blanchard claimed the permit fees amounted to $700 annually and were the highest he’d ever heard of.

    Township officials maintained that ordinances regulating massage parlors are not a new or unusual course of action for a municipality to take and the fees put into effect in Springfield were recommended by the Union County Prosecutor’s office.

    Earlier this year, the prosecutor’s office sent a letter to all towns in the county suggesting massage parlors be regulated and offering examples of other towns’ similar policies as possible guidelines to follow in establishing their own laws.