Massage place in ironbound

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by coreman, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. nbveteran


    I used to go to this place when it was Asian/Latina owned by Tina, a great looking Chinese woman. You can park across the street in a lot one block towards the railroad tracks for 5.00, or at least you could when I was going there in 04. Theres a good chance of finding a spot in the streets behind Fornos restaurant also.
  2. teleman69


    I believe the addy is like 40 ferry st. The place has been open and closed a few times. Not sure of the reasons why. Worst part is, its typical ironbound, nowhere to park.
  3. coreman



    I'm not sure what or if this place has a name. But it is located on Ferry St. in the ironbound section of Newark. Says near newark penn station on CL. Its a safe area. They'll tell you the address when you call (number is in the ad).

    This place more or less is run the same as Verona and Heavenly Exit - although it may be a budget version (not the same super hot women). Still the place was nice on the inside. You walk into an office-like complex and down the stairs (remember that). The door of the place on the inside is directly next to a place called "nubian chiropracter center" - and I made kind of uncomfortable eye contact with someone working there.

    Anyway, when i met my attendant, I was slightly disappointed, she had a nice body, blonde latina, but she was older, maybe 42. No ts. Still she gave a nice and relatively long sensual massage that led to a topless HJ that was pretty good. I'm fairly sure that there was more on the menu, but i settled for the HJ. Anyway, it was 60 door 60 tip (less then i expected for the topless bj compared to the other places I compared it to.

    On the way out I saw a hotter, younger european looking woman so this place has potential. I will return.