Mav and K11 visit Panama and I live thru their E Mails!

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    Well, we made it here. We got in around 10:30 last night, and to the hotel
    around 11:15. K11 and I decide to go out and see what was going on. We
    went to the most "famous" place here which is called Le Palace. It is a
    strip club. There is no cover charge and they have a special deal for
    Americans, $20 gets you all you can drink for the whole night. That was the
    first bit of good news. The first bit of bad news was that any drink you got
    for a girl cost $13.00, and the girls all ask you for one. The second bit od
    good new is that the girls were incredible. There were at least 5 nines or
    tens on a wednesday. All the girls are from Columbia. I meet Melanie and she
    was easily a ten. She sat with me for about an hour and had 1 drink. They
    have lap dances there for $10.00. The second bit of bad news came when I
    asked her how much to got back to my hotel with me. I alsmost fell over when
    she told me $130.00 for the house and $200.00 for her. I told her no way.
    Later she negotiated, but only down to $130.0 for the house and $150.00 for
    her. We stayed about 3 hours, I drank 6 drinks and we left. When we left
    there we meet a cabbie named Tony. He speaks pretty good english and knows
    where to go. We told him that the place was way to high, and he said he
    could take up to a place thta was $60.00 for 1 hour. He took us to a place
    called River Place. It was 3 in the morning ad there were about 7 girls
    there. I saw one girls I liked, but K11 wanted to go back to the hotel.
    When we got to the hotel I told K11 that I was going to go back to River
    Place and all of a sudden he wanted to go to. Of course when we returned the
    girls I wanted was busy. Tony told us he had another place to take us so we
    went. I don´t recall the name right now but it had about 8 or 9 girld there.
    None were 9´s or 10´s, but there were a couple a 6´s and 7´s. At this point
    I just wanted a Massage, I didn´t care if she was a 10. I got a girl called
    Lucy. She was probably only a 6, but gave a 10 in servece. I gopt a great
    massage followed by some wild into it sex. She had fun, which made me have
    fun. It was worth all $60.00. Today I am going to check out some other
    action. K11 is sleeping. I am going to walk around and see what I find.
    The hotel here is nice, but of course K11 is bitching because it is not a
    true 5 star. The great thing about this place is that they have FREE
    internet service. I will write to you later and let you know what I found.
    . I am going to do a long post on my trip later.I´ll
    talk to you later.


    The beat goes on!
    I am now at number 2. I went to another massage parlor this afternoon. I
    found a "diamond" in the rough. I went to a place that they called a
    oriential massage, the funny thingis that there were no orientals. I foun
    this 24 year old Panamanian girl. She was nice. Great body, pretty face,good
    service. $50.00 complete, the beat deal by far. Also found a deal on lunch,
    2 hamburgers and 2 pepsi,s for $2.00. I just came from upstairs where the
    maid was cleaning my room. I am trying to set the ground work to get her to
    come back for a massage. K11 is sick in his room. Talk to you


    ps. you gotta love the free internet

    Mav undone!
    This is defenitly not the place to be for "cheap" action. I may go to
    Cardegena with K11 if he can find a cheap flight. I am going to contact
    one of the guys that a WSG poster uses locally. He bring you girls from 7`s
    and up from local towns for $25.00-$40.00. His services cost $50.00 for a
    week. Lonnie and I may split it if he stays here. I figure it is worth a
    shot until I get to know this place better. There is an incredible women
    working here right now is the business center. She has got to be a solid 9.
    I may try to talk to her when I am done. The "regular" girls in general here
    seem very cold and uninterested. Maybe that will cjange in the next few
    days. There is only 1 computer working right now and I am "hogging" it. HA
    HA HA

    Day number 2:
    Yesterday I had #3 at about 6:00. I call up an agency that came directly to
    your room. Again the price wasn´t cheap, $75.00 for 1 to 2 hours, but it was
    easy. The first girl that showed up wasn´t to my liking so I turned her
    away. The second girl they sent was NICE. She was a solid 8 Panamanian girl.
    The mix of the local girls is very interesting. This girl was French,
    American Indian, and Asian. She had an incredible body. The service was good
    not great. She stayed about an hour and a half and I sent her on her way.
    After my session I went to the casino downstairs. While on my way I saw 2
    local girls in the lobby. I stopped and talked to them and found that one
    spoke fluent english and the other one spoke fair english. Neither girl was
    a knockout, but they were solid 6´s. I woke Lonnie from his all day sleep
    and we took the girls out to El Panama Hotel which has a nice casino. I was
    pretty shot from 3 hours of sleep, so we left at 1:00am and scheduled a
    meeting for today at 2:00. The local 6´s were the best deal so far. I put
    $5.00 in the slot machine for the one I was with and left to play on my own.
    When we cashed out she had won about $15.00.She tried to give the money to
    me, but I told her it was hers now. You would have thought that she just won
    the lottery, she jumped up and thanked me all for a $5.00 investment.

    I am going to head over to another massage parlor right now for the "lunch
    special". I figure that I have to try ever parlor at least once. I only have
    about 2 hours until my 2:00 date.


    Day #3
    Well you can chalk up numbers 4,5,6 and 7. I went to the massage parlor with
    the "lunch special" and it was terrible. There wasn´t a girl I would fuck
    for free in there. After that I went to the Hotel El Panama to look at there
    rooms. While there I notice three attractive locals n the lobby. As I walked
    by one caught my eye and smiled. I went to the front desk and was told that
    they couldn´t show me a room for 30 miniutes. I sat down near the front desk
    and one of the locals came to talk. From what my terrible Spanish skills
    could decifer, she told me to meet them in the casino, of course one not to
    be rude I had to go. I went to the casino aprox. 5 miniutes later and found
    them playing nickle slots. I told Alexis, 18 Maria, 24 and Rosa 24, that I
    had a friend at the hotel amd that I eould go call him and return. I went
    and called K11 but of course he was sleeping. I returned to the other
    casino and told the girls that my friend was sleeping, but did they want to
    go to the hotel until he woke up. The agreed and we all went back to the
    Contential. When we got there I called K11 again and he aid he was going
    to take a shower. We´ll one not to waste time I asked the girls if I could
    take there picture. None of the girls wanted there picture taken , but after
    a little coaxing the agreed to one a piece. After the girls started a pillow
    fight and beng one that doesn´t like to be left out, I joined in. Well after
    a few miniutes of that It got interesting. I was playing wilth one and her
    shirt "accidentialy" came off. Well next thing I know we are all naked for
    an hour of pure pleasure. After we were finished the girls were hungry so we
    ordered KFC for them and a Pizza for me. While waiting for the pizza K11
    calls and tells me the girls that we had a date with at 2:00 were here. By
    this time it is 3:10. I told him to tell then that I had left and stall and
    that I would let him know when the other girls left. He agreed and said he
    was going to get them in the lobby and bring them to his room. about 5
    miniutes later the pizza guy called so I went and got the pizza, well
    "asshole" K11 hadn´t went down there so the 2:00 dates were the when I
    got down to the lobby. I did some lying about having to do some work and
    told them that I would come to K11s room in a half hour. When I got back
    up stairs?my" girls were finishing there lunch. After they finished they
    left and said they would call me later. So after they left I went and found
    Lonnie and the girls in our hotel casino. We played for about an hour and
    then went back to the room. I was tired and just wanted to lay down. Well
    layning down turned into a massage and you know what happens after that. So
    I ended up havng a little fun with Belinda. And now I am *****ing you while
    she sleeps in my room.

    So inconclusion, there are deals in Panama. You have to look for the local
    "semi-pros". My whole afternoon ended up costing me $9.89, the cost of the
    chicken for the girls. No that is a deal. If you and me come here we could
    have success just off locals semi-pros. If you know alot of Spanish and are
    American you can´t go wrong. I at least have part of that down.

    I´m not sure what we are going to do tonight. Hopefully Lonnie can get his
    ass out of bed. I believe he is finally having some fun right now as we
    speak. I´ll write to you later to tell of my next adventure.

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