Medical building parlor raided :

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    more customer records and videos.. I know that some have to produce some evidence to the "overseer" regarding the amount of traffic.. any cams sbe in the doorway not the rooms.. keep your eyes open.. you might just be in the next xxx video you are watching with your babe.. be safe
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    Cops: Hookers massaged truth
    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Staff Writer
    HAMILTON -- The goings-on at the Revitalization Center massage business in the medical office building at 1799 Klockner Road were strangely suspicious to others working in the building.

    First, visitors to the business were obviously smoking, so much so that the odor was seeping into other offices -- not something expected in a medical building. And office workers noticed high-end cars in the parking lot from morning to night and people constantly going in and out of the center.

    Then there were the strange noises and thumping music. "Like there was a party going on," one building tenant observed yesterday.

    It may have been a party to some, but a one-month police investigation found it was an illegal prostitution operation fronting as a massage parlor.

    During back-to-back raids Friday afternoon, township vice cops raided and closed down the Revitalization Center and the Holistic Center at 2400 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, arresting five suspected prostitutes or madams.

    Both businesses occupied suites in places where doctors, dentists and small businesses usually rent space. Police say both were illicit sex operations that were run by or employed Russian and Ukranian women, police said.

    At each place, investigators found stacks of cash, records of customers -- the Revitalization Center had hundreds of "clients" -- as well as videotape equipment and tapes.

    Police were unsure what exactly the taping was for, whether customers paid for their own taped performances or if the parlors possibly were selling footage to Internet sex sites.

    Either way, the parlors were doing brisk business.

    "These places don't take long to get off the ground and get busy," Detective Lt. James Kostoplis said yesterday. He said once word spreads that a massage parlor is offering sex, the business can be raking in cash in a matter of days.