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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Dick Able, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. fumpton


    yes, the last time I ran into a provider at her work, she asked me if I wanted fries with that.
  2. Dick Able

    Dick Able

    Interesting stories, but I meant meeting where you and the other person are meeting when you are both working. Not just bumping into some ho in a CVS, but actually taking a meeting at work and having one of the other people be the ho. Now THAT'S what happened to me a couple of times and I wondered if it happened to anyone else.
  3. lapdancefan


    Small World

    Not quite meeting IRL, but an interesting close call.

    I frequent the strip clubs in a town many miles away from where I live. Over the last two years I have become very friendly with a certain dancer. We do stuff friends would do normally - lunch, movies, shopping.

    In my hometown I coach baseball and I have drafted a particular kid each of the last three years because he's a decent player, he behaves and his parents are nice. One day there was something in the local paper about his mom and I see she grew up in the same town as my dancer friend. Soon after I see "mom" at her place of work and I mention that I had seen her in the paper and it mentioned the town she grew up in. I ask her if she new a "dancer's last name" family in that town. She says - "dancer's brother's name" is the father of my sister's baby. Would you like to see a picture? Now at this point I am wondering how I could have been so dumb to start this conversation, but what the hell. So I say sure. She goes back to her desk and brings back a piture of a 2 or 3 year old girl who is a dead ringer for "dancer." Now normally I have a pretty good poker face but them "mom" says - how do you know the "dancer's last name" family? Oh shit! I'm sure my look said I'm in trouble here. I said I had to get going and left.

    I can laugh about it now but all I could think of then was "mom" finding out about the hobby of the man coaching her kid.
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  4. lamont5123


    Names won't matter.

    Women come equipped with this tiny internal radar that tells them another female had their man's penis in her mouth or vagina.

    They just know.
  5. johnpet


    Which is why I never give them my real name. Just in case I'm shopping with the wife and one of the girls I've seen says "Steve?" I can say "ummmm, you got the wrong guy, my name is "*****."
  6. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I posted here once a while ago i was walking with my wife in a CVS drugstore, she was buying hairdye, and looking at all the colors.
    I didnt notice, but there was a girl standing 3 feet from us, that I saw a few times through a small agency years ago.
    She recognized me immediately, I didnt until my wife walked further down the aisle and she smiled at me.
    When my wife went to checkout cashier, I quickly, like a sneak, said hello, I had found out she rented an apt nearby, wasnt such a big deal, but let me tell you, for that first 15 or 20 seconds, the adrenalin starts to pump and your heart races.

    I asked a woman once I knew who was telling me she was thinking of opening a small business in a local area where she lived, if she was afraid any of her clients would walk in, and she said, so what, I could use the business if I open my own store. Hey, good attitude.
  7. jruder


    While walking in midtown, I ran into a 20-year old, semi-pro Asian college kid i'd been with 3 times in the previous couple months. We made eye contact, but i realized she was walking with her mom and i could read that pained look in her eyes, "don't say anything", so I was tres discreet. I saw her afterward, and mommy was taking her shopping for a winter coat. Just love young girls.

  8. Dick Able

    Dick Able

    So in the last year Imet two people from the whoring world. One was a girl who was a "companion" at a East Side prty, I dont rmember who ran them, but they were all over CL for a couple months. The other was a dude who worked in the industry as staff for a couple houses.
    I met both these people while I was working, as part of work. Can you spell s-t-r-a-n-g-e-? Im not saying more anbout details or about who these folks were, cause I think everyone deserves some privcay in their real life. But they were some fucking weird spots and embaressed looks.
    Anyone else ever have something like this happen?