Melanie 631-346-7673

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by eagles1234, Feb 13, 2017 at 1:13 PM.

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  1. eagles1234


    Fake site

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  2. WizardOfAhhs


    You mean escortpolice? Yeah, that's a BS site. It's funded by a pay site that you get re-directed to when you click on the "click here for more info" link.
    And you're saying that because you believe escortpolice is a real site that has real info about real LE stings. Lemme guess. You actually think Mexico is gonna pay for that wall too, don'tcha.
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  3. Supermong


    Eagles is a cop bro. Watchout
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  4. joeyboy


    googled her # and comes up with"sex offenders sting" almost as if le is watching her...anyone know about this site?
  5. SilverBack04


    I know you didn't partake in the BJ, but did she say if it's covered or not?
  6. eagles1234


    Hey all,

    So I set up to meet with her today. Quoted SS for 80 but negotiated down to 50. I got to the hotel and waited 20 min, nothing. I leave and I'm almost home, decide to call back, she picks up and apologizes, saying she was in the shower and phone died. I'm like OK, maybe another time. She said she would make sure to take care of me if I came back. So I caved.

    Back to the hotel, she gives room number right away. I walk in, could def tell she just showered. Had a towel around her body.

    She strips it off, with just a bra on. I was about to leave on the spot. Big beer belly, and skinny legs, no butt, totally turned me off. But, she smelled nice, (even though room smelled of cig), I liked her fair skin tone, had blonde hair, about 5'4, and huge breasts, decent face, seemed nice and willing to please. I was like what the hell, I'll stay, and I'm glad I did.

    I don't like BJ with these woman for a number of reasons so asked her to for a HJ to get me hard. We both payed on the bed, ah starts stroking, while I play with those big tits, sucking on them, kissing her neck. Edging my hands down to her pussy, she didn't reject it. I started to play with her clit, she was so fucking wet, could tell she was really into it, whily she was stroking me. Not rushed at all, it was hot, I almost came. She would've kept going but I said let's fuck.

    She put a cover on me and I went at it in Mish, that shaved pussy was so wet and tight, she was moaning, her face in pleasure, so fucking hot, I feel her pussy pulsating around my cock, and I couldn't hold it any longer, releasing inside.

    She sent me a pic of her face a while back, and then a different one today of her lips and tits which looked sexy.

    Tl; Dr.

    Pros- light skin, young, blonde, smelled good, big tits, not a clock watcher, let me do my thing, friendly, $50, decent face, shaved wet tight pussy, pics that are currently on w4m on bp are 100% real

    Cons-did not answer first time, big beer belly, no ass, room smelled of cigs.