Memoirs of a Geisha

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  1. RoosterC74


    I think that if you look throughout history you will discover that prostitution has existed in almost all societies. We, here in the USA have added are own spin on it.
  2. oddfellow4870


    I just finished watching this film and was really taken by the unique place the Geisha played in Japanese Society.

    In our parlance, Geisha seems to be striving to be someone's exclusive mistress, who combines elements of companion, performer, symbol of desire and sometime sex partner.

    Although the Geisha is not courtesan, those who "owned" them, sold them to the highest bidder for their first sexual experience. They are carefully packaged and presented at public events to maximize their appeal and value. They are certainly slaves of a sort, but in a different classification than a simple whore.

    The degree to which we do not understand Geisha is crystalized in the film when an American has a chance to have sex with the main character, but seems to view her as simple lay. "Are we going to do this or not?" is his very practical reaction to her reluctance.

    The Japanese noble who corners her on a false pretence, tears her clothes off but just wants to look and touch her a bit, though his desire for her is evident.

    Clearly, results oriented Americans who want to have a maximum experience with as many initials as possible do not have any way of accessing Geisha.

    But the film reminds me that mystery and desire can be their own rewards. The film did not get consistently good reviews, but I found it fascinating.
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