Metro Bar – Paterson NJ

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  1. njbandit


    Thanks for the information. Didn't like Sunrise either when I went there. It's funny how these places try to be all upscale, in Paterson of all places.
  2. Shoot2Thrill


    To keep UG in the as the foremost authority of strip club activity an exploratory reconnaissance mission was executed at 10:00 PM Thursday December 15th or something like that.

    The ad in dancing lady magazine said upscale club so at first I thought my pro monger clothes (sweats) were not going to make the grade. Then I looked at the address of 602 River street and realized in could never be “that upscale”. As it turns out it is about 5 or six stores down from the Tropicana on the other side of River Street.

    No sign outside, just a white door with 602 on it and a Bud neon sign or something akin to that next to it. The door is locked so you have to knock. Nice enough typical bouncer answers looks at me and says you can’t come in with those pants. Referring to my Black straight leg sweats.

    Long story short, they ended up letting me in. Although, I think they expect me to dress different next time. I thought the place was very similar to Sunrise but not nearly as good and I really don’t like Sunrise all that much. The dancers seemed like Sunrise type but to me I rather find other venues than the Metro to see them. The bar layout was goofy and lap dance booths are way to close to the main bar to have high mileage. Furthermore, once inside there seemed to be too much supervision for my liking. More like a Spanish sport bar than a die hard gogo bar. As most of you know the street sucks as far as security goes so to me it looks like my last time because I just did not see any real point. I also stopped at the Tropicana and had a drink but I just personally prefer the slightly more upscale clubs although I’m sure they had something on the menu it just doesn’t work for me.