Mexican Coke in NYC??? Made with real sugar not corn syrup!

Discussion in 'Food and Wine' started by bangbroads, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. rodinz


    interesting thread. im a Pepsi guy but i mostly drink diet Dr. Pepper cuz it tastes better than diet pepsi

    any thoughts on sodium benzoate in your soda? or aspartame in your diet soda?

    grats to you curious on 6 years here!

    "Because they make our horns turn yellow." too funny!

    im gonna look for passover coke soon and try it myself. is this only in supermarkets or are then in like bodegas and duane reades?
  2. curious


    Something a little shoe polish couldn't fix?!?!?
  3. EddyBearNY


    Happy Birthday to me!
  4. EddyBearNY


    Some diners make there coke really good.
  5. EddyBearNY


    In the DR the coke is much sweeter. Twenty five years ago it was amazing, I found it to sweet. Although not as sweet as before, it still beats are watered down version.
  6. elmo16


    Because they make our horns turn yellow.
  7. elmo16


    When Coca-Cola came announced the introduction of New Coke, I stocked up on the original version. New Coke came out, everyone hated it, and Coca-Cola brought back the original Coke, except it tasted different. I looked at the ingredients, and I noticed that the ingredients of the new Classic Coke were different from the original Coke. As I don’t have any more pre New Coke cans left, I can’t tell you exactly what they are. I just remember that the old original Coke listed their syrup before sugar. The new Classic Coke lists High Fructose Corn Syrup before their syrup (which is the key ingredient of Coke). High Fructose Corn Syrup is cheaper then Sugar, and it’s a lot cheaper then Coca-Cola’s secret proprietary syrup. Everyone was so glad to get the original Coke back that they didn’t notice or didn’t care that Coca-Cola changed the formula.
    A key ingredient of Coca-Cola syrup is the Saskra Fortissima root. This plant grows alongside the Coca plant (and only alongside the Coca plant), the key ingredient of cocaine. The DEA began spraying coca plantations in Columbia; they also killed all the Saskra Fortissima root plants. Diet Coke doesn’t contain Saskra Fortissima root.
    Coca-Cola is about to change the formula of their flag ship product, and this time there will be no going back. They might try the “New Coke” trick again, and then reintroduce "Coke Classic” again, will see.
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  8. curious


    According to wikipedia, this year it's April 19th.

    (egad: Today marks my sixth anniversary of posting here... Yikes!)
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  9. DaveNJ


    When does Passover start this year?
  10. justme

    justme homo economicus

    I can't believe I never saw this thread. People looking for cane sugar Coke are better off with the Passover version these days. The Mexican bottles now indicate that they are sweetened with HFCS or sugar. So I suppose it's now a lotteria whether you'll get the sugar or not.

    I've claimed for years that Coke could offer a glass bottled, sugar version, label it Coke premium (or whatever) and sell it for twice as much and people would buy it.
  11. Ozzy


    The major difference bet Coke with or without sugar is the after taste.

    I already mentioned this up in the thread someplace... If you want Coke with sugar buy the kosher for passover batch. Should be hitting the shelves any time now.
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  12. podpea


    If Pepsi has the lower brix, why does it taste a little sweeter? Is it lower acidity?

    Coke with sugar tastes better to me, but that could be a placebo effect... and it's not a big difference anyways.
  13. paulbunyon


    Nice sumnation daeng! I kind of figured there was a financial reason for going to HFCS. No way Pepsi or Coke is going to go back to the much better natural sugar for the large majority of its markets when you are talking billions of dollars.
  14. daengman


    Several comments.

    The standard for sugar content for Pepsi Cola is 11.3 to 11.5 Brix. (Brix, named after a frenchman, is a measure of sugar solids in a solution. So 11.3 Brix means that there is 11.3 grams of sugar per 100 grams of Pepsi Cola.). The standard for Coca Cola is 0.2 Brix higher than Pepsi Cola. Both Coke and Pepsi agressively monitor all their bottlers to insure that they meet company standards and the compliance by the bottlers is at least 98 to 99%. A person will rarely get a Pepsi that has a higher sugar content than Coke. Also, few individuals can distinguish between sweetness levels of less than 0.5 Brix.

    Will Coke of Pepsi bring back sugar (sucrose) sweetened Cola or any other beverage? Not likely. The HFCS in a 12 oz can of Coke (approx 42 grams)costs about 1.8 cents. The cost of an equal amount of sugar is about twice that at 3.2 cents. In the US Coke sells the equivalent of 125 Billion 12 oz. cans. If you do a little math, Coke saves over $2 Billion per year with HFCS. If they were to switch back to sugar, their bottom line would take a $2 Billion hit each year. Show me a CEO or Board of Directors that would accept that kind of unnecessary hit.

    As far as banning HFCS, there is no credible evidence that HFCS has any adverse health effects based on its' composition. That's not to say that people that consume excessive amounts won't have health problems, but the risk is no different than consuming an equal amount of sugar. Also from the political side of things, the chance of a ban on HFCS is,for all practical purposes, zero.
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  15. bangbroads


    Anybody notice when you go down South how much better the Coke tastes?
    I recall in FLA n GA that it was so sweet and had a clean aftertaste.
    I really wish Coke would bring back the original before 1985- No HFCS.
    I have a feeling HFCS will get banned soon anyway like Trans Fat and they will be forced to go back to sugar.

    I hate Pepsi but I had one at Jackson Hole off the tap and it was decent.
    I don't know what it is about Pepsi but there is a strange taste to it. Maybe its the extra sugar they throw in compared to Coke.

    I had the new 7 up with all natural flavors, really good. 7up destroys Sprite.
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  16. donquixote04


    He shoots. He scores.
  17. robnotbob





    March 19, 2007 -- Why is this Coke different from all other Cokes?
    It's kosher for Passover.

    And even non-Jews are thirsty for the limited batch of Coca-Cola because of a very special ingredient - it's made with pure sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

    "I had somebody with an Indian accent call me one year to ask when Passover was so he would know when to look for the Coca-Cola made with sugar," said Arlene Mathes-Scharf, who runs the kosher food information Web site

    Jason Perlow, 37, founder of, a New York metro-area food blog, said he got thousands of hits when he posted an alert on March 12 that the kosher Coke had started appearing in local stores.

    "These are people who love Coca-Cola as it used to be," he said. "Sugar lends a different flavor. It's not as sweet and it's much fizzier and foamier."

    Coca-Cola used sugar as a sweetener before it switched to high-fructose corn syrup in the 1980s.

    Harriet Tolve, spokeswoman for the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of New York, said that for "at least 20 years," it has been making the kosher-for-Passover beverages "in addition to our regularly produced product."

    Passover, the eight-day holiday that commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, begins at sundown April 2 with the first seder.

    During Passover, Jews cannot consume "chametz," defined as five grains -wheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt - that have come in contact with moisture for more than 18 minutes. Many Jews observe an additional Passover prohibition that includes rice, lentils, beans - and corn.

    Locally, Coca-Cola's Passover products, which are certified by the Orthodox Union, have a distinctive yellow cap on the 2-liter bottles marked with an O circling a U next to a P and the words "kosher for Passover" in Hebrew. Cans are embossed to show they are kosher for Passover.

    Pepsi produces a kosher for-Passover soda, and many other companies modify their NOproducts to meet the requirements of Jewish dietary law, said Menachem Lubinsky, editor-in-chief of, a food-industry newsletter.

    "They can notice a significant bump in sales because of their kosher-for-Passover status," he said. "If they were not kosher for Passover, they would experience a drop in sales for an eight-day period."

    That's because "almost 70 percent of American Jews participate in at least one seder" and many non-Jews attend them, he said
  18. justlooking


    Yeah. I sort of remembering hearing about somebody going to the Second Avenue Deli and ordering CHEESE blintzes, and then wondering why they tasted funny.
  19. donquixote04


    Ah, the good old "fence around the Torah" reasoning. Thanks, beep9, for the refresher.
  20. beep9



    Lady Masquerade: Please don't take this as a slur.... It's more of a flame.

    The perils of modern education. There's a difference between open-minded and ignorant. You can get a doctorate in literature now and not read Blake.