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  1. donquixote04


    I have a few (thousand) questions. Thanks in advance.

    How much are the flights?

    How good is the quality of the chica's?

    How about accommodations? Regular hotels? Guest houses? Restrictions on bringing in guests? Are the rooms air conditioned? Is it impossibly hot in the summer?

    How good are the english skills in Cuba (for those of us who are lousy in Spanish)?

    Are the police lenient? I had heard that times were great until 2002, and then there was a massive crackdown.

    Is the dollar accepted universally? Are payoffs needed for police, immigration officials, airport security, hotel security, etc.?

    Apart from leaving/returning from Mexico (or Canada) what other steps are needed to be safe from the US State Dept?

    I'll probably think of more questions, too.
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  2. daengman


    Pussy in Cancune is expensive (relatively), the towns away from the tourist areas have poontang for much cheaper.

    But if you want even cheaper pussy and you are somewhat adventurous, you might try what I do when I get to Cancun.
    Cancun is a short hop from (Shssst, I don't want to say this too loud) Cuba.
    There are 3 or 4 flights a day (Mexicana is probably much safer than Cubana)
    On Havana's Malecon many girls can be found and 2 or 3 Lincolns cna provide you with a very good time.
  3. drobbins


    A friend who just got back from Xcaret, south of Cancun, had some good news to report. In the small towns there are some hot Mexican mami's to be had, all in the $30-$50 range. Said he had 2 of them that did not disappoint, but I dont like to post many details that are only heresay. I am planning a trip there soon myself, has anyone else been down that way? I hear its nice.