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Discussion in 'New York' started by Saint Bart, Feb 20, 2001.

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  1. lauren


    Re: Saint Bart replies:

    st. bart DEFINITELY speaks the truth, and (for all my "sisters" out there) he's 100% BFE -- highly recommended!

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    And Carl, don't forget those are 150 CANADIAN dollars which presently are about $100 U.S. dollars.

    P.S. Don't forget to report in.
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    With the Canadian exchange rate you should make a killing. Went to Montreal, you get total GFE for $150 smakers same here is$ 300-400+- and those French Canuck accents- OH My GOD! Toronto might be slightly higher! Give all the gory details upon your return. Happy hunting bro!!
  4. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    Saint Bart replies:

    Carl M: I felt your pain as I saw your posts before I left for FLL on Thurs. But actually, my best experiences were with agency gals who also can be found as indys - it wasn't easy, but now you've got their info for next trip. And, it had nothing to do with luck - just tireless research followed up by "in deep" - I mean "in depth" field work.

    HBD: Nothing but the truth, the whole truth. Feel free to contact any of the ladies, or my former ATF who's in your midst in NYC, or any of the guys or gals on Boston TBD. Why wait till fall? It's a $200 plane tix and a $100/night room.

    Have fun - If there's any demand I'll post my upcoming mid-march 3 days in Toronto - any of you guys go north? Altho this has to be a conditional promise to post as I'm "falling in love" (again?) with a gal up there as we trade multiple page emails. She might well replace the other 4 ladies I'm planning for the roster.
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    SB: excellent post. I find that there is nothing like reading someone who is articulate and observant (I trust that you aren't making up any of the details), and has a light touch. Good on ya!

    I only wish I were going to Florida before this Fall.
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  7. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    I know there's alot of traffic between NYC and Miami, so I though you might like this report I've also posted on TBDs in Miami, NY, and Boston, my home board.

    Before heading for a fabulous 3 days in Ft Lauderdale, with late morning and evening liaisons bookending afternoons at the Miami Boat Show, your scribe attended to the necessary preliminary of getting his
    GFE meter properly calibrated. How better to do this than by visiting with Boston's best (in alphabetical order): Ashley ( and Danielle (the original) at Once calibrated, yours truly was in great shape and looking forward to meetings with five new ladies.

    It's not my style to detail the events that transpired with any specific lady - those are ours alone to know. But, to give an idea of the service levels I encountered, the 2001 Saint Bart requirements for 100% GFE include french kissing, dining, and BBBJ. Anything less is not
    GFE, and is denoted by a 10% reduction from 100% for each aspect denied. Anything more than 100% GFE (use your imagination - it could be XXX, or as simple as her last minute decision to sleepover), is said a
    "Plus." The overall score: two were 90% GFE, two were 90% GFE-Plus, and one delivered the home run: 100% GFE-Plus. (Remember - it's a YMMV hobby and to preserve the ladies' options, I won't reveal anything

    Aside from the Boat Show, the trip was to investigate possible playmates for my return the first two weeks of April when I take delivery of a new boat in Ft Lauderdale. In general, my encounters were excellent. Three I would see again and one has already reached my ATF list. I guess I was generally a hit too, as four of the five ladies claimed "bell rings" ranging from two to six over the allotted times of one to four hours. (I know, this is always suspect; but there are
    subtle ways to tell if you're paying more attention to her than yourself- if you want GFE, you've got to be BFE!) The delightful cast, in order of appearance:

    Tara: Find her at: and On my list but missed in my October 2000 trip (Report filed Boston TBD in November), I'd been intrigued by this lady's unusual willingness to reveal her face as well as body on
    the web. Both are beautifully magnificent, and even more so in person. The MC website says 5'4", 110#, and 34D-24-34; no argument from me! We had a series of phone calls and emails over the month prior to our
    meeting and I had found her openness and candor a breath of fresh air in a biz where people too often blur their face and even after we've met still seek to hide their true identity (I always give my real name, and
    think I have as much or more to lose as anyone I see). Tara actually arrived a couple of minutes early for our 8PM date and found me just out of the shower and still in my robe. I opened the door to find a beautiful statuesque woman, I'd guess 28 - 30, clad in a short brown sweater-dress. She has almost waist length brown hair with blonde highlights, a beautiful face and a perfectly manicured overall presentation. I said I should get dressed to properly greet her; she said "don't bother", so I didn't. After the initial formalities, and
    since we were already old friends and she was comfortable with me, we soon began with mutual massages (no panties under the dress and only a
    thong line to "mar" an all-over tan were real turn-ons for me); and then on to the evening's musical program. For our visit I had stocked up with Veuvre Cliquot (which, unknown to me, is her favorite), plus some
    high sugar fruits we could feed each other during our concert's several intermissions. And what music we made - each crescendo topped the prior as we moved in perfect harmony! We snacked and talked during recovery periods, and the openness I had found earlier continued. The lady is totally at ease with herself; she'd be completely at home at a black tie event or on a nude beach! We discussed many things, personal and
    general, and never once did I get a non-committal or evasive answer.
    For those that don't get to Miami, Tara travels once a month, usually to NYC, DC, Chicago, and sometimes Boston. Clearly a woman that has no trouble attracting clients at home, she travels to enjoy a new and
    varied menu of partners. God, I love a lusty woman that's hungry for sex like a man!

    Kayla: From I opened the door to a wholesome looking blonde beauty, about 5'7" and 34D with slim waist and
    hips. I soon learned she's from up north and in the area for grad school. Dressed in chinos and shirt, if she'd had a book bag I would have thought she'd come straight from class to my room! She's in the biz for extra spending money and for things she doesn't get from her boyfriend. I wasn't clear whether she meant sexual or material things, but not wanting to waste the time to ask, I touched all the bases (home plate several times) to be sure she was well satisfied. We had earlier
    talked of possibly extending for an extra hour, but as she was partially out of commission after the first (hope the BF didn't mind that night!), a second seemed pointless. Kayla's a very sweet gal, but I guess the
    boyfriend thing made her more business-like than my other ladies. I don't think it was the YMMV god frowning on me, as that part was pretty good; but who knows?

    Lola: Phone #: 305-502-6999. She's featured under a different name by one of the top Miami agencies, but I found her by luck as an independent (which I prefer, as we can get to know each other over the phone and
    make arrangements direct). She too had been on my list to see last visit. Lola is a spit-fire Latina from a privileged background; she's classy, with a sexy voice and accent. Exotic and very pretty with dark brown hair; she's about 5'3, 110#, slim, yet busty. I'd guess
    early-30s. We'd talked several times by phone prior to my arrival. Lola had been easy to laugh on the phone and now she was all smiles as she stood at the door in a sexy skirt and sweater ensemble. As we got to know each other better over a glass of bubbly, I found her witty, worldly, and well-traveled. She said my looks reminded her of the headmaster of her private high school; when she learned I'd been a college professor for years, she instigated many professor-student jokes
    and scenarios. Had she been my student, this professor would have broken all his vows to never touch the merchandise - saying "no" to this
    seductress would be impossible. Our chemistry neared spontaneous combustion and the chatting turned to caressing; she likes to be tenderly touched, stroked, and romanced before the main event. But before I got far in removing her clothes, she adjourned and quickly returned in a sexy black negligee. Lola looked irresistible, and she was! Over the hours that
    followed, the professor had his way with the student and she willingly earned a report card filled with straight A's! Be prepared to be transported to new heights by this fun and erotic lady!

    Kylie: From (also known as 007 Escorts). At 5'2", she was the most petite of my ladies, but packs a busty body (34C-23-32) into her 105 pounds. Running 15 minutes late for
    our AM meeting (Standard Escort Time, I've found), she had called several times to update me on her progress. I opened the door to find a very trim former dancer, mid-20s, with long blonde hair framing a pretty face; she was wearing a two-piece exercise suit that was perfect for the workout I had planned. We had little time for pleasantries and were soon enjoying an exercise duet that bore multiple fruits. Alas, the sands of time ran out too quickly and we were soon off on our respective
    ways. Later, in a very sweet move, Kylie called and left a message; she thanked me for the good time (including the belly button tickling) and hoped she'd see me in April. Kylie: If you're reading this, know that
    your wish is my command.

    Sandra: From: Well known for (and proud of) her oral skills, I scheduled Sandra last, thinking she could wake the "leading actor" if he was exhausted from attending to the previous
    ladies. It was a good decision. Full service herself, we did partake in all; but her aforementioned abilities are superb and despite the several days of evening and matinee performances by "Mr Big" (as some call him), Sandra got him to rise for two curtain calls to close out my visit. Awesome!

    Conclusion/Summary: Be prepared to have your ID checked. The "heat" must be on as three of the five wanted to see my Driver's License and one also wanted to see my plane ticket home - a first. (Is Rudi Guliani
    moving here?) No question Southern Florida is Escort Heaven as the warm days and balmy nights stir one's blood; fortunately there's a great many delights to be had to quell one's hunger for romance. Next for me is
    two weeks to recuperate on my namesake island, then followed by 3 days in Toronto. Here the Dollar goes 50% further and while the nights aren't warm, the ladies are; they'll keep me satisfied until I can get
    back to my new-found friends in early April.