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Discussion in 'New York' started by Saint Bart, Apr 12, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    For Poor Saps only!

    When in South FL email me for low cost poontang! Of course the famed YMMV motto applies!
  2. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    When I come back in my next life I hope I have the financial resources you apparently do.

    What a life. Of course with my luck I'll come back as a woman.
  3. mowogman


    Great report, thanks.

    The boat is a great idea. Unfortunately, my bow-rider won't do the trick.

    I can't argue about your taste in women either, nice. I checked out the sites and fell in lust with Jenna. I see she's going to Boston. Hmmm, wonder if she gets to the NYC area.

  4. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    My February Trip Report was well received by NYCers who journey south, so here's another:

    The end of March saw your scribe enroute to Ft Lauderdale to take delivery and play with a new boat and meet with some new and old girl friends. Over two weeks of babes and boats, which would also see a non-important birthday fall in the span. Before leaving, several of Miami's finest posted special reduced rates on TBD (a Saint Bart's Day Sale?) Being a New England Yankee that believes good deals shouldn't be passed up, I made sure they weren't.

    By way of background, readers should search out my Feb-01 Miami Trip report for Saint Bart's definition of GFE. While it's a policy not to reveal details of any liaison, the overall scorecard for the 6 Miami ladies (my guest for a week from Toronto, the incomparable Farra, specifically excluded): 1: 90% GFE, 3: 100% GFE and 2: 100% GFE-Plus. And, in as much as I enjoy being a BFE, the sessions' scorekeeper tallied opposing team "bell rings" ranging from one to a self-professed "beyond count", and generally in the 3 to 5 range.

    Starting the trip off right the first night was Sabrina Nicole ( Sabrina announced on TBD a $100/hour off sale, and via emails and phone calls we agreed to two hours on the new boat followed by a visit to Wild Things Review to meet other Miami TBD hobbyists at their regular Thursday night gam. I met Sabrina in the marina parking lot and in helping her out of her snazzy white car, I was immediately taken by this former Playboy model's 5'10" height (actually taller than me in her heels) and statuesque curves. Dressed in a fully filled black bustier and tight pants that emphasized her slim hips, I said to myself "this is a lot of woman" and hoped I was up to the task. The initial embrace and kiss hello - she loves to kiss - was followed by me helping her on board. Champagne was popped and we toasted our forthcoming christening of the boat. Sabrina was excited as she had never "done it" on a boat -she's from the Midwest - and honored to be the first maiden to voyage ("Cool!").

    As we sat and chatted, I couldn't keep my eyes, then hands off this gorgeous woman. She's touchy-feely and soon had her hand up my shorts as I unzipped her top to set free her magnificent melons. We decided it best to go below, where Sabrina quickly let her pants fall to the deck to reveal no undies!!! "Never wear them" she said, even under short-shorts (What a sight that must be, I imagined). And what a treat ensued as Saint Bart lustily explored this new territory, finding Sabrina open to most every possibility, and pleased that her outgoing and expressive nature let me know that I was in fact, up to the task.

    After several hours of rocking the boat we were both fully sated. We cleaned up, dressed and headed to the WTR rendezvous, stopping first in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea to pick up porn star Blake Mitchell, a friend of Sabrina's who was doing $1,000/hour in calls thru Miami Companions. We got to WTR around 11PM to find friendly neighborhood strip club filled with two dozen TBD hobbyists. I met Bagman, Nemo, Paul of MC, Julye and Lisa. By midnight, I was exhausted by a day that began at 5AM and so left Sabrina et al and returned to sleep on the boat.

    The next night was Katia of I had wanted to see her in the past - I knew she was a favorite of Nemo's and with a special 3 hour rate offered to TBDers of $700, vs $900 regular, I set up the night via email and phone calls with her pal, Natasha, who seemed a lot of fun in her own right. Driven to the call (the only one of my visitors to so arrive), I was pleased by Katia's looks - she hides her face on the website. Appearing of German heritage, she looked a true blonde, blonde (later confirmed first hand), with a pretty face, big blue eyes and lips that cry out to be kissed - and very willingly do so. Dressed in a tight blue top and black skirt, she was a gorgeous sight to behold and then hold - and the color of my usual gift suited her perfectly. We popped the bubbly and chatted. She's been here about a year from Argentina; her English was OK, but I soon learned why Natasha handles all the initial details. It didn't matter, as we weren't meeting for an English lesson, but for French studies. At this I found she excelled and the best words to describe her conversations in both French dialects are: C'est magnifique!!!!!

    Farra then arrived from Toronto ( for a week highlighted by a four day 400 mile boat trip to Key West, a tangle with the legendary rough waters in Miami's Government Cut as the outgoing tide was running into a wind from the East, and a threesome for my birthday. We had hoped NY's Shauna ( ) would be available as a Denise Richards look-alike treat - a dream of Farra's and I'd be very happy to see Shauna just to sample her nationally ranked skills - but this plan was spoiled by an illness in Shauna's family. The good news for Miami is that she'll be down for the second week of May and then permanently beginning June 15.

    So, as it was my birthday, and I had wanted to see Ling/Yoko from for some time, we were glad she was available. We had decided the boat was too small for three, so I booked a room at a close by motel. Yoko had invited us to her home for even more comfortable surroundings, but as Farra's plane left the next AM, we declined the big screen TV with porno movies, etc. Ling arrived in a black skirt and bustier outfit that beautifully displayed her assets. She's actually smaller than noted on her site, but this only enhances the look - tiny, yet busty Asians always having great appeal to me.

    We had booked 3 hours and after the initial pleasantries we were into the fray. Of course, 3-somes are the great male fantasy and mine was enhanced by my great affection for Farra and the sense that we were both doing Ling in a joint effort. Farra's idea of a strawberry laden shortcake proved to be a great improvement over my usual chocolate birthday cake - and the places it was served from were each an erotic and tasty treat! Your scribe's endurance put both to the test and even when Farra took a short break, Ling proved to have the stamina to keep up the pace. After two bottles of champagne our marathon ended at midnight with everyone totally sated. Ling went off into the night, and I made a note to take her up on her special price for all night - for less than the price of a good hotel and several hours with another quality escort one can have Ling for all night at her home, which respected 3rd parties have told me is very nice; I was surprised when she said there are actually few takers.

    After Farra left, I took a day off (to mend my despondent heart); feeling a return to action a better medicine, I then resumed with several treats from the agency that sent me the wonderful Kylie on my last trip to Miami (and if I had more time, Kylie would have been great to see again), They had several new treats, Megan and Jenna, - I was anxious to sample and enjoy both to my utmost, and I did!

    First up was Megan, who displays a mane of blonde hair on the site that I had to know first hand. She arrived in a close fitting short silk dress that as we strolled down the docks my wandering hands could find no "bumps" under. The bubbly was popped. We talked boats - she knows her way around them well, her dream boat is a 65' Hatteras, perhaps the ultimate sports fisherman, but at $2+ million new, her wants are beyond Saint Bart's boat budget. The conversation was laced with much laughter, kissing, and touching; as we sat close, but opposite each other, I was finding out by touch and visual glimpses that under the dress was nothing!! God, I love these Florida women - they know how to dress to capture this guy's full attention. We went below and started the serious fun. Delerium's Karma was on the CD and its semi-religious music ranging from Gregorian-type chanting to several cuts assisted by the purity of Sarah McLachlan's soaring voice inspired us to hit higher highs as well.

    The next night came Jenna, who's new to the biz, but certainly not new to the sport!!!! Stepping out of her SUV she's has a pretty face and a lean and lithe model's physique, honed by a few years of dancing. Dressed in an orange tube top and a tight knee length skirt, she looked like the tropical delight she proved to be. We were quickly on the boat, sipping bubbly and then exploring each other in greater detail below decks. Jenna does not know the concept of rest between rounds and after the first, the previous ten day's activity was weighing heavily on your scribe. But when the Rolling Stones cycled into the CD (was it "Start Me Up?"), yours truly was inspired by the energy of these 50+ year old guys; the "group" effort was led by Jenna's personal attention - I got started up, and we were entwined for more. We had so much fun that we ran over our two hours by 30 minutes. She said she'd really been "done" by Saint Bart and was thinking of taking the rest of the night off. And, Saint Bart was done too!! But, when she called in, the agency had set an appointment an hour later, and so with a kiss she was off into the night saying she'd do her best to do her best. And, Jenna's best is awesome!!

    Last, but certainly not least, was an unexpected visit with a blonde beauty that was in the biz in another city. She was TBD ranked and Saint Bart had tried several times to see her without success, and then she disappeared. A friend in common told her I was in Ft Lauderdale, her new home. To my delight, she called to say she was available - I immediately seized the opportunity and scheduled her for my last night of playing, before I took the boat to Palm Beach to visit with friends for my last days in Florida.

    Nikki arrived in a sports car many lust for; a beautiful blonde that defines voluptuous (think Marilyn Monroe), she was wearing a short black dress and looked hotter than the day time high-80s temperatures I had been enjoying. Our preliminaries ran longer than usual as I found her conversation interesting - she knows boats and travels a lot (laughs a lot too), and I wasn't worried about the clock as we were having dinner after playing. A trip to the head saw her return in a lacy black negligee that revealed just enough to command us both to go below for private play. We began with my taking her for a French voyage and after a surprisingly short time (based on the expectation I had from our on deck conversation - God, I love a challenge) she was seeing stars. Without missing more than a beat, Nikki said it was herturn to take me on a foreign journey! And, travel first class we did - through all the standard positions, but with Nikki they all seemed to take on a new level of ecstasy.

    Nikki's only returned to the biz on a part time basis, and you'll have to take a chance on her sight unseen - there's not going to be a website or email addy soon, but if Saint Bart's "Seal of Approval" has any value to you, dear reader, don't miss her!!!! She can be reached at 954-290-2129.

    Summary: Another fantastic trip south - so great I looked at some condos!!! What a great place to play this sport! Warm days and nights and even hotter women!!! Not a single regret about any I saw - every one well worth a repeat visit!! As an interesting aside, I asked all the local ladies if they also liked women - I was thinking for the future as Farra returns to join me for 5 days mid-May before the boat is shipped North - 5 of the 6 said "absolutely" and one admitted she had just returned from Jamaica's Club Hedonism where she had done as many women as men. And, two points contrasted with my visit of several months ago: First, in most cases there was no request for an ID to prove I wasn't a cop - maybe the boat proved I wasn't . Even better is #2, and since I don't think this violates my don't reveal too much guideline - but a lady does need to have her options, so YMMV - everyone loved French kissing!!!!!

    (The last comment is for Carl M, in thanks for his recent help)

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