Mid-Town NYC bars with Providers????

Discussion in 'New York' started by balto, Apr 22, 2001.

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  1. nycstripclubs


    If you're into the Sistas, Passion Bar (Eighth Ave & 37th/38th) has many dancers that will go home with you at very reasonable prices, if you show up late and they didn't make their money. I would try this earlier rather than late in the week. Although I have seen some hungry dancers at 2:30 on a Friday night when there are too many young broke asses in the house. They apparantly have no set hours and can leave whenever they want. Many do not provide this service, so you shouldn't insist on it. In the worst case, you can get a decent lap dance there if you can tolerate the very loud hip-hop/rap music.

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  2. hot4chicks


    My experience is that the Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel has some available ladies after 10PM to about 1AM or so. You might see them strolling CPS and 58th street, then swinging in for a drink.

    Going rate is usually around $300/hour.

    You tend not to get the hottest chicks, but the quality appears steady.
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    That is a good question about the bars...I was wondering that myself and am interested to hear what people say.
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    Indeed I am a dog but alas not a hero.
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    guy catelli

    just curious -- did you take your screen name from the statue of the sled dog in central park?
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    New to this board. I spend most weeks in hotels in midtown and have a simple (but perhaps stupid) question. Whatever happened to the good old days when you get find a nice provider offering her services in bars in the midtown area? I remember hotel bars loaded with really high grade women in the late 70's early 80's. I know the answer to the quesiton is Rudy Guiliani but does anyone have any tips on bars (that aren't too divy) where you can find a "date" This is my preferred means of connecting and I haven't found any places that tolerate this activity in the recent past.