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Discussion in 'New York' started by greyfox, Apr 9, 2006.

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    Ahlam has advertised on eros-ny for a few weeks and now also has an ad under the name Manal(a bad portend,this double name sign).I had left a phone message which got no response,then an electonic mail message the next week which got no response,then connected by phone.Easy same day appointment(she only works two days a week) at small midtown hotel.She seemed pleasant on the phone but was a little too cautious when I arrived.She had me make a call from the lobby,then gave me her floor,not room,number and said to call again when I got out of the elevator.I complied and she stuck her head out of her door,smiled and waved.When I walked in I was shocked to see a little timid looking mid-eastern guy with a suit on who was walking out.At first I wasn't sure if he was a john or her "security" until she said something like,"You can give any gift you may have to him".Appallingly unprofessional,but I was in an optimistic mood,maybe I'd have a non-pro experience.Not so,unpro ain't non-pro.She claims to have moved from Teheran to London to Queens.She is young and the pix are real but has a keloid kind of scar a few inches long above her left surgically enhanced breast.This has been edited out of the pix and she said she is planning on having a plastic surgeon excise it.The boob job is nice and soft,she was well groomed and average to nice in the face with a petite body that attracted me in the first place,with a beautiful ass.I didn't even try to kiss her before the rubber came out for the bj.Cowgirl...she got tired,DATY... it tickled,do you always take so long to come?...,But since I had a V-rod I kept fucking away hoping she might warm up.She never did and I never popped.She said she regretted her inability to satisfy me.I was incredibly polite but I had to tell her that having her little man meet me was beyond the pale.She just shouldn't be working as a prostitute.$400/hr no multi-hr discount.Dollar value,poor.Trisha the SW is cuter and gives better service at half the price(except on weekends).

    I made a last minute appointment with a girl advertising as Eden on eros-ny and went over to her hotel on Lex one weekday afternoon a few weeks ago about an hour after calling her.I was in the mood for a voluptuous brunette and the girl in the ad looked great but expensive at $500/hr.I got her to agree to an option for $900/2 hr on the phone.She opened the door with a red bustier on and was spilling out of it.This girl was voluptuous alright and looked like the pictures,but not quite,and was definitely sexy.Tan,very large soft tits that felt real but based on size were probably fake,I just couldn't tell.No tats.We moved pretty quickly to disrobing DFK,BBBJ,DATY,multiple positions.She kept shifting when my fingers wandered near her anus,so I took the hint.Excellent BJ/HJ finish with great stroking between my balls and anus.I decided that one hour was fine (especially at the high rate).Sometime during her blowing me I realized that she wasn't the girl in the picture but was a girl advertising as Jeniefer on eros.When I cleaned up I mentioned it to her and she said that Eden was her cousin and that Eden also had an ad as JoBella but had to leave NYC suddenly.Jeniefer asked her for her cell phone and was taking her calls.Only thing is Jeniefer and JoBella were asking $750/hr!Eden was a bailout ad at a reduced rate for JoBella who apparently wasn't getting much business.Anyway I actually believe this story.Jeniefer is London based,not blond any more,not Scandinavian but Israeli,whose pix are real and recent.She said she wasn't allowed to state her ethnicity in her eros ad.There were messages in Hebrew I saw on her computer.She claims mixed parentage of her father being an Arab Christian and mom a Moroccan Jew.A nice smart,sexy,sexually skilled girl who was not a disappointment despite the deception.Dollar value-Overpriced even at the "bargain" rate I got,which is about the same as her London 300 pound rate.