Midnight cowboy in austin

Discussion in 'Texas' started by farishta, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. farishta


    Note: Written by a traveling new yorker.

    Well, I'm in Austin, TX on business, and, cruising the main drag of 6th street, I noticed an incredibly obvious place called "Midnight Cowboys". No way, I said to myself...it's right in broad fucking daylight on a street that has more people walking around than 5th avenue.

    Well, I did some research, and, yes way.

    It's actually a pretty notorioius place, the only amp (and yes, it's an AMP) to survive a huge raid. I'm guessing the Austin LE figured that 1 was enough, and anything past that was just too seedy.

    I got some good tips surfing another MP board--don't go around front, go through the back alley to the green awning. Cost is $60-75 for massage, bring cash for extras.

    The good--for being so out in the open, this place is very up front and doesn't dick around. I actually got an ok, if short, massage, but when you're on the flip, as long as you've got the dough, you're good to go (that phrase is copywritten by the way, don't try to steal it).

    I opted for a CBJ and HJ; the provider had decent, if not identikit technique, and used a good amount of oil for the HJ--the damage for extras was 60...more than likely too much, but I figure first-timers have to go the extra mile.

    The bad--my provider was probably a 4. Not a bad looker...if she lost about 20 years. Also talked...I like it when my GF talks...not my provider. Sorry if it's cold, but I'm usually just like "shut up and pull".

    Also, if you don't know the super secret bat-cave entrance, you'll redefine Obvious if you enter this place on the street. Even if you do know the super-secret bat cave entrance, it's better if you don't *know* anyone in Austin--a bit hard to explain why you're coming out of an Alley.

    Anyway, as an aside, Austin in general is a cool city. I've been in NY long enough to appreciate getting the fuck out once in a while.