Mika & Remi Both Stole Money!!!!

Discussion in 'New York' started by AnAffairtoRemem, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    never saw her.
  2. fumpton


    how about Jenna? I've been hoping Val sends her to Manhattan.
  3. flabbergasted


  4. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    if youre talking about vals girls, uh....if you like them ultra thin, see Brianna.
    Too bad Mikas gone, but lets move on.
    Catch Heidi, shes always been my favorite.
    If you enjoy an older women, one whos only concern is to make you happy, sherri is a most accomodating woman.
    Im out, Mika was the last escort Ill ever see.
    My mind isnt into this much Im just trying to think of all of Vals girls.
    Dawn, another accomodating girl, one of the younger ones, but not really thin, great tits, handles everything but greek.
    if you hit me with names, Ill try to remember.
  5. manohgod< my bad I guess, I assumed your "Preach On" comment was sarcastic and the " what goes around comes around" was meant as a warning to Val.
    Also my post should have been directed more at >>lou & Schmooz I guess

    BMM<< seriously any suggestions??
  6. lepke


    Val I still love you baby...I haven't been around much (football Season) but I still want to give you a screaming orgasm...I will keep my eye open for those 2 bitches..You know that if they surface on LI someone here will spot them..Ug the smartest cats in the game..You are so hot when you get angry........Lep....
  7. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    none of this is any suprise, it goes on everywhere, at every level.
    In every business. When money is involed, people try to make it fast and easy once the legwork has been done.
    Ill tell you something I dont understand at all.
    Ive seen as many of AATR girls as any person alive. Probably more than anyone else, how come not one of them ever offered me their private cell numbers?(saw maybe 12 of *** girls, not a one offered me their private cell)
    Saw 15 of aaaplatinum girls, never got offered a number.

    Im a little upset that they thought so little of me after how generous I was with all of them.
  8. Thorn



    Seeing the supplier of something you want as the enemy is never a smart move, and I would hope the guys here are smarter than that.

    There are the rip off artists that exist among agency owners. Kevin, formerly of of NJE, springs to mind as a good example.

    I am not, in general, an agency type of fellow and I have never been a client of yours, but there are people I trust who have told me you are one of the good ones and I believe them.

    I was saying this earlier today on another board, there are basically three agency owners I would trust to be candid with my wants and know they would be candid with me in return. April has retired, you would be one of the other two.

    Keep on being a straight shooter and giving the straight skinny as much as you can. I am sure your customers appreciate it.
  9. manohgod2


    No Beef here, what prompts you to say that?
  10. fumpton


    and not because she can put some huge nuts in her mouth?
  11. PS << I would consider Val more the Squirrel than a Rat, because of the pretty tail of course.
  12. <<< Matter of fact , I just got a bonus and although I just had a sweet date with my UTR girl. I think a treat may be in order. BMM any suggestions???
  13. a very simple example is that you wouldn't call a squirrel a rat. They are related in a lot of ways and from the same species but you have 2 different terms because there are some very stark contrasts to go along with the similiarities. I believe the same applies for the working girls who do this. There is no 1 term that describes them all because they while having one similarity(sex for $) perform the transaction in a variety of different manners & frequencies. Therefore there are/ would & could be terms that apply specifically to each.
  14. manohgod<< just wondering, what's your beef with Val/AATR???
    Have always felt that it's rather expensive but have never been dissatisfied the few times I treated myself. At the very least with her you know that , You get what you pay for.
    Val Is not a pimp, I hate the way people decide on their own when it is ok To Generalize a terminology. The creation of language is designed specifically to use different words(terms) to differentiate between different things. The term pimp is not an all encompassing word to describe anyone who assists another in recieving payment for sex, it carries with it it's very own connotations and circumstances that are different from the way Val conducts business.
  15. Daddycool


    Like others said there is always two sides to a story.

    There are always three sides to every story

    your side, the other side and then the truth.
  16. Rokin


    Val. If I save up my $$$, one day I would love to use your company's services. The problem you are having is the result of the criminalization of a business that should be legal. Because it is not legal, none of the participants to the transaction have the normal redress to the court system for breach of contract remdies. We are all left to fend for ourselves and share information/experiences to avoid problems before they happen.
  17. sallysts



    Val tried to tell us about her business, and I for one am interested. Sure she is a pimp, no guestion no debate. But some folks use her becasue they trust her to make good which you cannot do with a street pimp or an independent. No one is holding a gun to our heads to use her. But if we do we expect her to make good and she does, I guess, having never used her my self.

    Thanks for giving us a little inside into how it works, and thanks for warning us about two chicks who might rip us off too.
  18. Rust


    I tend to think that most girls who work for an agency are just too naive or green to know how to advertise for themselves.

    Agencies are just glorified pimps.
  19. Astroboy1


    i never been aatr-too poor/too cheap-but just from what i see here many mama can learn smart biz practice from u. most certainly.

    i dont understnd why girl rip u off for coupla hundred, risk her rep-when she make that less than 1hr just lying on her back. make no sense-
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  20. manohgod2


    Preach on Val! There is no doubt what goes around comes around.