Mineola: Review

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by flyaruba, Feb 23, 2003.

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  1. dirtyjoe


    BillyS, see my review of Happiness below...
  2. billyS


    Frankie, any signs this could be a FS place once you visit alittle more? Did they infer that during the tug?
  3. flyaruba


    A new ad in Newsday poped up! Called "Happiness" 466 Jericho Tpke Ph. 516-294-1027. North side of Tpke next door to a lamp/lighting store.
    Open the door from the street and come upon another Doorbelled door. Old lady answers, leads me to a room. I ask if you want they fee now (by the way 60 1 hr fee) She say another woman will come. 1 min later Rachel comes in, petite nice looking, great english.(this is a Korean place" I pay Rachel, and leaves, I get "confortable" 2 min later another woman comes in, this woman is Joanne, She is avg height/weight, nice rack looks to be a 36B. late 20's Get a ok rub, and we talk alittle, By things ive said to her, she knows im not LE, finished with a tug, lite upper roaming, (very smooth skin i might add)
    gave 40 prize at the end. total 100
    Id go again, as i live pretty close, May try Rachel next time,but Id worry about LE at this place, there always were 2-3 places in Mineola (jericho and LIRR station area's) all closed down, now years later this place pops up.