Mini Review-Ebony Cutie Vanessa Foxx

Discussion in 'New York' started by greyfox, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    CL - Damn!

    She was posting (or someone was) on CL under the name "Unique" using her photos. Or it could have been her. I had asked around here earlier to see if anyone had seen her. Damn, I should have taken, what sounds as though it would have been, a good one for the team!

    She's on my list when she does a return visit or next time I'm in Atlanta.
  2. jackmeyoffer2005


    was this one of the girls that were busted a few weeks back in the plainview/ Jericho busts? I remember some of the girls were from the Atlanta Area?
  3. scoochamenz1


    now that's a review. thank you.
  4. greyfox


    I saw Vanessa a couple of weeks ago during her first NYC visit.She played this little game when I called for an appointment pretending to be her own "assitant",but she got busted on that pretty quickly.Asked for a reference,don't know if she verified it.I met her at her small budget midtown hotel room.
    She looks just like her pix.The reason I went to see her is that it hasn't been easy for me to find black escorts who are this lean.She had on a white party dress and black thigh highs.We sat on the bed for some chit-chat while she rubbed my shoulders,draped her legs over mine and asked me about my preferences in chocolate.She's about 24,playful,easygoing,slight Atlanta drawl,streetwise but not ghetto.Natural B or C-cup,responsive nipples,clean,well groomed,zero body fat,perfect tight ass,nice legs.A little backne,cute face,wavy hair like her pix,slight pubic stubble.DFK,DATY,BBBJ(a little toothy),receptive to anal digital play and showed a strong sphincter clench.I didn't pursue Greek since I was happy fucking her doggy with her legs held tightly together while she worked her ass,but I think it could be on the menu.Fucks well,agile,doesn't get fatigued.No clock watching.

    Very good $ value at $250/hr.I urged her to come back and announce it here.