Mini-reviews:Hotties Anna Marceau & Vanessa

Discussion in 'New York' started by greyfox, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. ChuckUFarlie


    Excellent review, thanks. Anna sounds like a good find. I may give her a shot. I'm sure she's gonna become quite popular.
  2. fumpton


    thanks for the review greyfox. I was thinking about seeing Anna. I will definitely see her now.
  3. greyfox


    Anna Marceau-agency girl,incall at various Manhattan hotels,usually Wednesday & Thursday booked easily through woman who goes by name Marie.Anna's pix are real and recent.She has wavy dirty blonde hair now which has some lighter streaks in it but otherwise looks like the pix.Tall,thin,runway model proportions about 5'10",long legs & arms,narrow pelvis,flat tummy,late 20's,belly piercing and some ink on her left shoulder.Very nice face,kinda resembles a younger thinner Virginia Madsen but with a gummy smile and fairly hard implants(she's not perfect).Sometimes she'll have some vodka,other times not.She also smokes and may ask if she can cop a smoke in the bathroom sometimes.

    All acronyms.She was receptive to anal play one time I saw her but not on another day.She seems insecure despite her good looks and is a bit disorganized and has an emotional lability and fragility and a docile,slightly submissive personality.Her mood has varied from very anxious,to melancholy,to happy during the times I've seen her.The anxiety and melancholy seem relieved by sex.I could tell her body felt different,warmer,less tense as we had sex,and she is extremely responsive without being fake.She'll fuck you hard if you want,and ask you to fuck her hard if she wants it.We went from GFE to PSE, from gentle making out to "spit in my mouth and fuck me hard" as the sesssion progressed and she became more comfortable with me.The sex ranged from great to incredible and one occassion was as good as I've have had on the best nights with girlfriends.Intense,spontaneous,in a zone where you do and say things that are out of the ordinary and much less inhibited than usual.A lot of my response to her is no doubt due to her pushing all of the right psychological buttons for me,but I think it is not calculated at all.

    I know this sounds a little over the top,but I think the sex with this girl is great,if you like a tall,Paris Hilton thin,neurotic sweet girl who needs to fuck.She hasn't been working long so the inevitable burn out,jaded attitude &/or increased rates haven't occurred yet.
    A very good dollar value at$400/hr or $750/2hr(I think this rate may have just gone up)

    P.S.-This is the agency that has Gwen late of April's Elite listed as Cloe on their site.Apparently she is not currently active with them.

    Vanessa(ipsigirls)-This seems to be an agency that pretends that the girls are visiting indies who only use a common "booking service".Molly(MsGoodGolly)uses the same agency.Any illusion of that was dispelled when I tried to extend the session and the whole issue of two hour vs. one hour rates had to be verified by the appropriate person through several phone calls.The appointment is handled without a problem by a woman whom I imagine looking like Aunt Bea in Mayberry.Vanessa usually works in Detroit but comes here occasionally.

    Pix(pic) accurate,recent.Resembles a younger Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Grey on "Grey's Anatomy") blue/grey eyes,angular face with sensual mouth and nose,about5'8",thick straight shoulder length auburn hair,natural B cups,sexy hips a little wider than torso ,solid legs,flat tummy,body toned but not hard,very nice ass,small pelvic scar (bad car accident with surgery,so the story goes) two Chinese characters tatted on lower back and ankle.She seemed a bit aloof at first but warms up quickly and is very hot and responsive.Deep slow DFK,likes to show you her tongue and tease with it,whispers dirty things to you,and has that narcissistic mirror thing.Agile enough to turn from from CG to reverse CG with a 180 turn on my cock so she could watch herself in the mirror.Enjoyed lubing her fingers with saliva(I love spit) and fingering her ass in this position.Says Greek is a possibility(? more money,I didn't pursue it)Takes pride in being able to get you off.Interesting to talk to during downtime.Better than average $ value at $350/hr.Worth watching for a visit from her.

    Recently noticed Monk's fave Sofia of Miami Companions had listed rate increased to $500/hr.I would put both of these girls at a similar or higher level of looks and service.ChuckUFarley, if you were willing to spend $400 on Daphne you really should check out Anna.