Miss China

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  1. Jack_Maehoffer


    Good luck!

    I still want to meet for those drinks.. Take good care my brother..
  2. barba


    i think he's gone to mount olive.
  3. ZagatMP


    Best of luck POPs. You were defintely one of the guys that shared good info. U will be missed. Peace.
  4. billyS


    Bye Pop

    Good luck Pop. You were one of the nicer guys here. I'll always remember you gave me that LMP on 222nd street. Lily I think her name was. Thanks for all the info Pop.
  5. Traderdave


    Pops- Thanks for the memories (Mammories)
    I Have to make the trek to Flushing. You've been great with all the heads up stories. I actually think I almost bumped into you at Region Beauty when it was going strong. Hell you can still post. I'm sure you have some great stories. All the best!
  6. Taffyman2005


    you will be missed
  7. popeye


    3 visits-

    Young girl in her early twenties, suspect a few years out of high school. Can’t recall her name, but I think it may be Linda or Judy. She is the phone girl. Average face, kind of elfish; with a beautiful nubile tight body- I just love it. Her look reminds me of the girls in the Japanese cartoons, boyish yet girlish at the same time. She is petite and very compliant. Provides a very enthusiastic CBJ, the closest I have ever come to popping while this is being performed on me. She just doesn’t quit and appears to truly enjoy it with me. You can enjoy CFS in multiple positions with her, and she displayed tremendous endurance with me. We were at it so long multiple lubing was required. She complained I was too heavy for her, otherwise no other complaints were registered, just a trooper. The pussy is tight and muscular. If you are of reasonable girth you can feel her muscles through the condom. I’ve stroked this one in a myriad of ways and have enjoyed it extremely. During one visit it took me forever to complete things, and she just kept at it till I was done. This one is my favorite of the lot. Never tried to ask for additional tips. She may be hard to see, because I think Papa-san reserves her for special clientele, and also she is the phone girl.

    2 visits-

    Mid thirties lady, and I can’t remember her name. Besides she barely speaks any English- almost fresh off the boat. I previously reviewed her here. Okay looking, to the point of being cute, with bad dental work, and a very feminine body. She has curves in all the right places, a very feminine figure, akin to Bruce’s chick in Pulp Fiction, which is something not typically seen in Asian women. One could describe her as MILF in stature, very soft lines. Upon her disrobing I immediately had a raging erection, such body types put me over the edge- I love feminine females. Apparently, you have to ask for CBJ otherwise not offered. Pretty much undressed lubed and was ready for action. Second time with her had a very different feel, first time reviewed previously in this thread, I suspect she was relatively new when I first met her, or had a diet that didn’t consist of American sized bananas. Pussy definitely felt like it had much more mileage on it, not as fresh feeling as the first time. However, it still felt very pleasurable, and I had to restrain myself from popping in a flash. No additional lubing was required. She enthusiastically offered multiple positions, and was very friendly and accommodating. Liked to cuddle and snuggle. Downside is after the ride was over she tried to ask for additional tips. This is a no-no in my book. Which immediately makes me remove her from a favorable recommendation.

    1 visit-

    I caught this ones name- Lucy. Quite attractive, to the point I’d say almost hot. She has a very nice body, reddish tinted hair with streaks in it, and a much more toned body than the last woman reviewed. She also has a butterfly tattooed on her shoulder-i forgot which one. But you can't miss it. She is in her mid thirties, and professional in her disposition, yet liked to cuddle and be friendly- not too jaded. This again is a situation where CBJ would have to be requested by the patron, otherwise lubing and CFS readily is given without much preamble. I suckled and fingered to get us both in the mood. Upon mounting, I drilled fairly deep, and kept hitting bottom. Her response was amazing, because she went nuts and clutched my cheeks and held them down. While flailing and shaking like crazy- I guess she liked it. She became very responsive, and extremely wet. Unfortunately I was drilling and pounding for quite some time, till the condom dried her up. Additional lubing was required when we changed positions. In the new position she became wet quite quickly and it felt so good I popped uncontrollably. A very good ride indeed, and she looked like she had been well f**k*d afterwards. unfortunately, she attempted to get additional tips from me, at which point I just got dressed and left. I told her next time I won’t pick her. Her loss.


    My friends I have to thank you for all the memories. This will be my last post on any such site as this. Recent events in my life have made me painfully aware of my addiction to this hobby. Some may call my condition sexual addiction, which is something I thought inconceivable. However, the evidence is there, and I now have to correct things in my life before they are beyond salvage. Hopefully, I still have a shot at redemption. Stay well all and play safe. Thanks for this experience; it’ll be very hard to forget this place.

    Best regards to all,

    Pops- out!!!
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  8. DL110


    Thanks Pops.

    How late were you there when you seen Jade?

    Hopefully they will talk to this ABC and give me the address.
  9. popeye


    The word envy comes to mind.... as much as I like Asian Poon, I still like inexpensive Poon the best!!!

    Regards good buddy...

  10. pinga


    Pops, glad you enjoyed yourself. Chinese poon is what I missed last two months but I got a dilemma now. I keep thinking of what I have to pay here versus what I would be paying back in Lima and its killing me. Will have to take another trip most likely to Philippines and then back to Lima.
  11. brucelee


    [. (unless she is butt ugly) much of the chinese/malay places in brooklyn are like that.[/QUOTE]

    Mr Hai: what the latest news with bkly ? I'am a bklny guy myself.

    I haven't gone to any of them for 3 months. Places were getting raided by LE. Did I ever tell you guys I go caught in a raid ? : ) . What's your experince with them ?
  12. popeye


    Yes to the first two questions, and not sure about the last, but believe canto is what they were speaking...

  13. concept153


    Hey Pop,
    So this place is in Chinatown around Eld***** ? Is the place an apartment setup ? Cantonese speaking, I hope and not Mandarin.
  14. popeye


    Name: Jade

    Schedule: late evenings

    General Comment on the Place:
    If this place has lice, I haven't caught it yet. Although it looks like it should have lice and other buggers. A total dump, but with some pretty decent talent. I've been there twice, sampled two, viewed four providers and they all looked very clean.


  15. vorhaut


    can't strike a match with oily fingers and motor oil takes forever to ignite. Use a lighter ... and lighter fluid, bend forward a bit to make sure it flares up the butt crack like a chimney :)
  16. ViagraMan


    when i was much younger, probably in my very early thirties, i caught the crabs from a working girl who was dying of cancer. i guess she didn't care she had them. her place was on 42nd street on the west side if i remember.

    by the time i hit the subway to go home, i was scratching my crotch because of the itch. i didn't know until i got home and picked off one of the buggers. i went to an all night pharmacy and got some lice liquid. i placed it full strength on my pubic hairs and went to bed. for weeks later i walked with such pain from the resultant burn on my skin there. gave new meaning to the word crust.

    i ought to go get a bottle just in case. the pharmacy is not open 24x7 anymore.
  17. vermeer


    splash some motor oil on your balls, and light a match.
  18. vorhaut


    Did you ever use bug spray and watch the ant slowly die? The shampoo is petroleum based, the crabs can't drop away, they stay stuck to your hair/skin while they die. Trust me, you don't have to have all that many before you start crawling up the wall yourself. You want to go through that three times without guarantee that you got all the eggs out of your hair? One shave and it's all gone :)
  19. brucelee


    rubbing alchol might kill the crabs, but it does not kill the eggs. that's why you have to use two or more applications. The second applications kills the
    crabs that was in the egg during the first application.


    That might make the girlfriend suspicious.

    The shampoo works, but not on eggs. You have to use it for a few days, to kill them as they hatch.