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Discussion in 'New York' started by The Ghost of JAG, Feb 24, 2003.

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  1. The Ghost of JAG

    The Ghost of JAG


    by: charlie_sheen

    I've been reading *** reviews of the crew at Mona Lisa Models in NYC. This agency is pricey, but all of the reviews are solid. The sheer number of positive reviews made me pretty confident that I'd have a good time. All of the girls are pretty and all BBBJ. Most let you unload in their mouth and some, like Ashley swallow.

    I arrived at her location on the UES. Nice apartment. It appeared to be hers, not an agency place. Fuck, this girl was a knockout. She's supposedly got Playboy credits and I can see this. Ashley has easily the best body I've every fucked professionally. Everthing is clean and sweet - her mouth, her pussy, her asshole. I spent about 15 minutes just exploring the secrets of her beautiful, hairless, pink shithole. After that, it was on to excellent BBBJ with lots of saliva and tongue, a complete tongue bath of my balls and the surrounding area and some light rimming, but nothing like I did to her. I fucked her for a while, but I just had to unload in her pretty mouth.

    I delivered my deposit and she swallowed like a pro and kept licking up and down the shaft for an eternity afterwords.

    First class all the way and worth the money. The probelm is that it is a lot of money...

    by: fabio

    I saw Hunter at another incall years before but she knew from me the second the door opened. It took me a few minutes but I did recall her from another incall location. She has lost atleast 20 lbs. since I last saw her. It was like old friends. We talked so long that she had me call up the agency and tell them I was lost and just got to hotel, it worked.

    The only negative regarding hunter is her terribly hard implants. When she was a little heavier, they weren't so bad but now she has no fat on her and the implants look even more fake. However, she's pretty hot and gives a great session. Her pictures on Mona Lisa's site have her with a ton of makeup on which is a HUGE turnoff for me, so I contend that she looks better than her pics.

    Details: She started with a BBBJ and we proceeded to 69. BBBJ was good, slow and deep. Some attention to the balls but not much - I'm sure if I asked, she would have paid more attention. We then moved to covered missionary and doggie, where I finished. I recommend Hunter as a solid but it won't be a session that blows your mind. She's a nice, pretty girl with above average skills but nothing in this package is mind blowing.

    by: fabio

    Sarah has a great rack on her so I had to check it out. She's a pretty girl but not a knockout. I'm a pretty harsh judge but she has caps on her teeth(good job though) and she is a little bottom heavy(10 lbs less and her body would be a solid 9).

    Anyway, I called up the agency and asked for Julia. One thing I like about this agency is once they know you, they are very open and there's no bullshit. You just call up and they put you on hold (my choice) and call the girl, they tell you when she's available and where she is. That's it - no bullshit callbacks and/or waiting for a provider. Big in my book.

    I went to her apartment in midtown(sorry, I forget where) and she greeted me at the door in a teddy. Pretty girl with huge boobs in a teddy is a good start to the end of a long day. I went in, showered, came out and she started a strip tease for me. She then came on the bed and started with a BBBJ. Mind you, not the best but I would rate it a 6. She doesn't have enough suction but does try to please. It was slow and average overall. I then asked for 69 which she was reluctant to but I talked her into it. After 20 seconds she was sopping wet and moaning loudly. This went on for 15 minutes or so then I covered up and we started missionary. After a few minutes I asked for doggie. She was wet and into it so I kept on going. After a few minutes, I asked to finish on her tits so I took off the condom and we alternated between tittie fuck and blow job. She was fingering herself the whole time and still sopping wet. I finally finished on her chin and neck.

    The session was good but I can't recommend as there's better out there for $600. Bottomline, nice girl with a great rack with average skills. She speaks very limited English so it might be a setback at first.
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