MONNIE-oh yeah!

Discussion in 'New York' started by BigMadM, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Tall New Yorker

    Tall New Yorker

    We'll be paying by the pound?
  2. rogue


    I can concur about Monnie-

    -I saw her the other night-beautiful sweet girl-soft spoken and demure in conversation-penetrating eyes that listen to you after the horizontal frolicking is over-
    Hungry kisser and wonderful oral-but yes-she likes to fuck(boo hoo-yeah,right) and is close to pneumatic when she does it
    Her ass(great view) was only open to oral,no fingers and the other type of penetration didn't come up(so to speak)
    She will do doubles and really gives off the impression she's into it when matched with the right girl
    I like this girl, so I'll be back and we'll see

    If she can stay consistently hot IN SESSION-OMG!!

    And that's key for most of us I'd say,the "consistent" session--

    I saw one girl recently who was off the hook on our first time-and while no bb occured in either front or back door-you felt you could have, if pushed for it-

    The second session,while all the bases were covered ,was strictly business in heat and feeling

    There have only been a few that were consistent,albeit flakes and not dependable-but amazing-Crystal was one,Maria was another-both gone on to other things and/or companies--

    Megan has so far been always consistent,even in my last session with her-when she said straight away-she wasn't feeling well and did I want to cancel ?-I didn't,...she went at me like a house afire,but she really didn't feel well enough to go the whole hour-so while not a full paid for hour-thre time was full of everything you'd want-

    If Monnie turns out to be like that-DAMN!!!!
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  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    my choices now are all utr, but I remember (I mean I think I remember)brianna of aatr is very thin, but I never seemed to have a free day when she was there.
  4. Lascivious


    In the middle ages, we'll all be paying 1000 for Roseanne Barr providers.
  5. Astroboy1


    do you have any quick suggestions for girls who meet your favorite body type critera?

    something weird about our culture is making us all think that way. used to be different back in the middle ages -
  6. JoeyP



    You put it so well! My feelings exactly.

    Don't know why but it sure works that way as well for me!
  7. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    like I remember a week ago....uh......she is a tiny girl.....I dont remember any flab.......but you have to favorite body type ultra thin....I like them when they lay down their rib cages stick through....I just love thin women, its something about tiny asses......I dont know or cant explain it anyone that weighs more than 105 lbs to me is not skinny.
    There is nothing at all wrong with her body, or the girl I saw yesterday,Tiffany.
  8. lepke


    That girl is really cute..You say she is not gym tight but is she flabby in the stomache at all?
  9. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I dont know how Val does it, but I saw another 20 y/o latina today on her does val find these girls, and no one else does?

    Ill post reivew when Im alone....a total winner, an adorable, loving, wanna bite the shit out of her.....little spanish dollie.........another perfect session.....Vals hitting nothing but homeruns.
  10. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    when I figure out how to write a great review, no problem,
  11. fixitman


    Wow great review -- maybe you can teach us all how to write great reviews
  12. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    i just ahve to check out vals site now and then, then boom, it drags me right back home.
  13. anataben


    I always feel im going to go back on the straight and narrow.. and then I read a BMM review and then I start thinking...."That would be nice..."!
  14. j2000


    great review. thanks. will keep monnie on my "to do" list...
  15. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

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  16. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    so its not too tuff to see I havent been reviewing lately. Been happily fucked to my hearts content by my sugarbaby.
    Unfortunately, my girl has to attend to family business, and Im out of luck, but at least she got her priorities straight.

    So Val has this new latina, 20 y/o, monnie, rhymes with bonnie.

    Equadorian, really short, she says 5ft 3, I say yeah, maybe with a 2 inch heal, but she could be.

    for anyone that loved jenny, this girl is the exact mold, maybe a little thinner, and a bit smaller, but its Jenny II.

    Shes sweet as sugar, cute, shes not a model, but she is adorable, guaranteed if you like latinas you will be super happy.

    Cute little ass,the body, its not gym tight, but her body is pretty damn good, and she has cute little Id guess c cups, nice for a little girl.

    She asked me, thats funny, if I wanna kiss, I said no.( I asked her to stick her tongue down my throat later on during cowgirl, only cause I like to taste tongues of different types of women)

    She has no problem giving up the tongue, and the bj, well, once again, Valerie might be on the verge of a new superstar.

    Young, cute, sweet, smiles alot, doesnt seem to mind a fat fuck like me, and the bbbj was excellent. Ball licky, stick licky, under the balls licky, and nice when asked without hands, great slurpy action.

    We fucked, she seems to prefer fucking, then I asked her if I can come in her mouth, since her bbbj was just damn good, she said no.
    I begged, afterall, I married a jew, Im good at begging, I asked how much, not that I wanted to bring up the menu game during a bj, but she said 100, I told her 100 to fuck her ass, I said 50 for the bbbj all the way home, she agreed.

    And man oh man, was it a great finish, I had to stop her, she was, uh, well, she could be my future sugar baby, she is that cute and good.
    man, I luv those little latinas.

    Kudos Val, thank you for thinking of me.

    So if shes prepared she said shed do anal, I guess for a nice tip.
    I should have mentioned that I really dont give a rats ass if Im fucking her and a little has to exit, afterall, if you play in the mud, you get dirty.
    but I didnt push it, cause she was an excellent, a 10 out of 10 today.

    (on a serious note, I thought I was done with the hobby basically. Only seeing one girl, I had tamed the beast within myself, but I fell way off the wagon this week, having seen a utr yesterday, for a great time, and today, for a fantastic bbbjtc, and other fun, so I think the beast within is unleashed, and I hope I dont go back to my old ways)

    Monnie, run, dont walk, you arent going to find this combo of sweetness, cuteness, AND YOUTH, YOUTH, YOUTH, YOUTH, YOUTH, YOUTH, AND TALENT, TALENT.
    I recommend her 150% to anyone who wants to spend his time and money well.