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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Trent2461, Feb 17, 2003.

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    Jesus Christ Trent. I'm tired just reading the post. How the fuck did you manage all that fucking ??? (LOL)

    Question. You use the expression "All GFE services were provided".

    Mind explaining what that means ? I love Montreal.
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    Congratulations are in order. I caught your San Fran trip report last night and found it very useful. Then I spotted this. I know it's hard work but someone has to do it!

    I'm surprised no one had added to this post. But thanks. Montreal is on my list
    when the weather warms.

    Meanwhile keeping clocking those frequent hobbyist miles.
  3. Trent2461


    Montreal Trip Report ......

    Hi All,

    The last 3 days in Montreal have been wonderful. I can’t help but wonder what it will be like upon my return next month. It’s funny how the term YMMV is so accurate in this hobby. We all have experiences wither good or bad to draw from, and expectations for the future based upon current reviews and our desires of fulfillment at what ever level they may be. Well having been to most party cities in the world, I found Montreal to be very much the same.

    Since no two people act the same together, I have always found the reviews to be a relative gauge of the ladies personality and the zone they were in with that person on that given day. The ladies people liked the most, I like the least, and vice versa. It’s probably mental on my part, because I have such high standards. I mean the ladies do everything the reviews say, but something is lacking.

    Lately, I’ve been having thoughts about the whole “GFE ” thing that everyone man wants so badly (including myself) and wonder who are we fooling? One, it never really happens mentally, and two, we’re playing Russian roulette! If she’s doing this to me, she’s doing this to everyone else 3-5 times a day. Most of the time, I don’t fool myself into thinking I’m special or different, but sometimes it really is. I just click with someone, and we usually become great friends also.

    I was talking to Stripper Lover on the phone in MTL and he said to me, do girl friends DFK? I said “yes”. Do they give you “BBBJTC”? And of course I said “yes”. Do they give you “DATY”? And of course I said “yes”. And he said well that’s what I want. I suppose most men are willing to roll the dice.

    Anyway I digress…… I flew into MTL Friday morning and had a full reservation schedule of ladies lined up for the weekend.

    First up was Jackie of Allissa’s Escorts. She was ½ hour and came in this lame excuse for being late. I almost told her to take a hike. She is very attractive, and this svelte exotic way. Tall for an Asian lady, but otherwise built the same. Asked about restrictions and was told everything was on the menu except Greek. Even though I wasn’t looking for Greek, this statement surprised me because I knew she provided this. The session was very loose and flowing. We did the usually, shared some wine, did the chit-chat thing, then went on to the fun and games. All GFE services were provided as specified, so most men will be very happy with her services.

    Next I saw Sabrina from Asservisante because Annie, and Anabel were not working that night. But would be in tomorrow night. Martin the owner is just as cool and helpful as everyone say. His descriptions are accurate, and his ladies are young and nice. Sabrina was a young brunette with brown eyes, attractive, and very accommodating. Again everything was on the menu except Greek. So glad I’m not a hard core Greek fan. (*smile*) Her breast was a little saggy to be so young, and I could tell is was because she probably went around without wearing a bra. All GFE services were provided as specified, so most men will be very happy with her services.

    I was on a roll so I called Millennia Escorts asked for Trina, a long blonde haired, blue eyed beauty from the EU. Even though Trina was very attractive when I opened the door, she did not look like her photo. Her hair was much short, and her measurements were larger than 34C-24-34. We shared some wine, talked about East Germany were she came from, then she went into the bathroom and came out in this sexy lingerie. I didn’t ask her about restrictions because of the vibes that were flowing. She was hot, very into the session, and a good time was had by all. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

    Saturday morning 8:30am and I’m a hurt puppy. I shower and get ready for Lea, one of the girls of Chloe of Montreal. I opened the door to room and was not impressed. I thought to myself “this can’t be the girl on the website” She was tall, say 5’-9”, and built thin like model and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Her face was cute, but the acne and braces were not doing it for me. Yes, I know she was 20, but she looked like she was a very tall 16, with a nice rack. Beside her English was very weak and I was tired with a slight hangover, so I gave a $100 CDN and told her I wanted to pass on the session. And then I went back to bed to get some rest for my next reservation with Kristine of Montreal Stars at 12pm noon.

    Noon, Kristine of Montreal Stars shows up and she is just a beautiful as everyone says. In fact reviewers have told me that she is one of the most beautiful escorts in MTL but she is not a GFE at all. (YMMV) I have some music playing and we share a bottle of sparkling water. We hit it off from the start and I immediately know why she getting the bad rap. She’s model tall, strikingly beautiful, strong willed, highly intelligent, has confidence and I’m sure she intimidates a lot of men, but I like women like this. The whole session was amorous and sensual. Two great minds at work on each other, one trying to please the another. It takes a special person with a great mind to get into Kristine’s zone. But the experience is there waiting to be plucked like a flower. I ended the evening by seeing her again for an additional 2-hour, and our second encounter was even better than our first.

    Next I see Tanya of Montreal Stars. I hear she is suppose to be super fine model material and totally GFE. Well she gets there, and all though she is very attractive, she is hardly model material. It’s the same person that’s in the pictures, but her pictures make her look better than she really is. We talk about MTL at night and the best night clubs to go to over a glass of red wine. The games begin, but I’m just not into this zone for some reason. She has a nice smooth rack and it would be perfect except for this scare that runs down the middle of her torso from a surgery. This doesn’t take away from anything, I was just making a comment. All the reviewers love this lady and she lives up to her review on performance. I have no complaints that I can put my finger on, but something was lacking for me. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

    Next I was suppose to see Chanel of Montreal at 5:30pm. I made the appointment via ******. She confirmed, and gave me her cell phone number. I called a few times. But she was a no show. It was just as well because I was a little tired anyway.

    Later I call Martin on Asservisante and ask if Annie came in he advises me no, but that he has some one name Marie a part-timer who is working and is extremely attractive. I tell him to set it up for 8pm. Marie walks in and is very beautiful, with a radiant smile. We share a glass of wine and talk and joke like old friends. Marie has a beautiful flawless body that begs to be caressed. Martin was sue correct about her. We had a wonderful session, but she was a little to quite for me. I knew was into everything from her body responses and what was happening, but I kept wanting to say let it go vocally. All GFE services were provided, so most men will be very happy with her services.

    As I stated earlier I ended my evening with a 2-hour session with Kristine of Montreal Stars and had another wonderful time. As a general rule I never do repeats, but there is something about Kristine and I that just clicks and she is now on my ATF top 5 list.


    I tried to book Kristine of Montreal Stars again this morning at 11am but was advised she wasn’t working in the morning. So I hung out for the rest of the day before flying back to the USA. I started to try another VIP from a new agency called Peaches. They wanted $500 CDN for 2-hours for this super fine Russian mode. Well this was the highest agency I checked with so I passed. I also tried to hook up with Model Jessica but she had finals this week so she wasn’t available until Sunday evening after my flight out.

    This ends my trip report to Montreal. I’m going back next month. Stay tuned.